Forex Affiliate Links Affiliate Program: Earn Money with Cloud VPS Forex & Baremetal Trading Server


Gainserver Representative
Hi everyone,

Are you a trader, EA developer, or may be a publisher, blogger, influencer, or website owner looking to boost your income? We have an exciting opportunity for you! Earn Money with Cloud VPS Forex & Baremetal Trading Server.

The commission plan is very attractive, there are 3 commission schemes:
  1. Pay Per Lead, earn up to $1.2 USD for every verified client registration.
  2. Pay Per Sale, start earning with 12% per sale and its recurring.
Our services are highly sought after by traders using expert advisors, featuring a comprehensive suite of services:

  1. Single Threading technology to conserve resources while running MetaTrader.
  2. MetaKeeper EA, an EA tasked with monitoring the status of your trading account. It ensures that the account always logs in using the best server from the broker.
  3. Auto Login & Startup, to help activate the MetaTrader program as a startup, so it automatically runs if the server is rebooted.
  4. Overload alert, sends alerts about server overloads to your Telegram or WhatsApp, keeping you aware of any overuse within the server.
  5. Network Monitoring System alert, to provide notifications through Telegram or WhatsApp in case of server downtime.
  6. VPN L2TP Active. Functions as a VPN server that can be used for VPN connections from your PC or Notebook.
  7. Portable MetaTrader 4/5, a pre-installed platform optimized for a lighter, portable mode of use.
  8. Webhook API, for integrating MQL Language with Telegram or WhatsApp or for TradingView Webhook alert integration.
How to get started:
Visit our website to learn about our services and find out more about our affiliate program, click here!