Remove your emotions as much as possible.

Indeed as human nature has emotion, it is a normal feeling, however, at least we try to control emotions to avoid bad decisions with plan trading.
Only EAs can trade emotionlessly like most people in this thread are saying I don't think you can remove all emotions from trading but I suggest you control your emotions well
Removing emotions as much as possible is crucial in trading to make rational decisions. Emotions like fear and greed can lead to impulsive actions, while a calm and disciplined approach improves the chances of sticking to a well-thought-out trading plan.
Emotions play a significant role in Forex trading. Many traders fall into the trap of making impulsive decisions based on their emotions rather than relying on sound analysis and strategy. This can lead to devastating outcomes.

When you let your emotions take control, you may find yourself chasing after losses or being overly cautious when it comes to taking successful trades. Fear and greed become the driving forces behind your decision-making process, clouding your judgment and leading to poor trade execution.

To avoid emotional trading, it's crucial to stay disciplined and adhere to a well-defined trading plan. Take the time to thoroughly analyse market conditions before entering any trade, rather than acting impulsively based on momentary fluctuations.

Additionally, implementing risk management techniques can help curb emotional responses. Setting stop-loss orders and profit targets will give you a clear exit strategy that takes emotions out of the equation.
Agree trading without trading plan is a disaster, I guess you can ruin your account same week as you started, especially if you engage in revenge trading. Many newbies overestimate their ability to control their emotions especially when they lose a lot and in a short period of time.
Managing emotions is crucial in day trading. Research, trade cautiously, and practice to minimize risks. Emotions impact decisions; control is key.
I would argue that it's important only in case of the day trading, because emotions control play the role in general, regardless of the preferred trading style.
If you are a positional trader and keep your orders open for a certain period of time, any kind of bad news that somehow touches upon the price of the asset where you have the open order will result certain drawdown that can easily lead to a stop-hunt. In this case, you will be outraged :)
Revenge trading is the worst thing ever happened to many traders. I guess, it's impossible to revenge the market, because it's stronger, bigger and more influential.
All this emotionally-embellished stuff never leads to smth positive. That is the reason why it's advised to learn emotions control first, how to control your desire to revenge, to outplay the market, to blame it and os on.
In that case chances of success grow exponentially, or at least they don't decrease.