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Discuss SolidECN.com

General discussions of a financial company

Explore New Ways to Fund Your Trades!​

At Solid ECN Securities, funding your account has become more accessible and diverse! Now, you can manage your funds using over 50 cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Zilliqa. It's all accessible right from the Dashboard> Account funding.

Why the new options?​

We want to make your trading as cost-effective as possible. With rising blockchain transfer fees, traders are looking for better alternatives. That's why we've expanded our payment methods to include a vast selection of cryptos.

Choose Solid ECN for your trading needs and enjoy the benefits of our cryptocurrency payment options:​
  • Secure Transactions​
  • Private and Confidential​
  • Completely Decentralized​
Join US, EU, and worldwide traders already enjoying these benefits. With Solid ECN, experience unparalleled market transparency – ensuring fair and manipulation-free trading. Dive into the future of forex trading with Solid ECN!​

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Refund Policy

We know that online services can't always be perfect, especially when your money is involved. That's why, at Solid ECN Securities, we stand by your right to a transparent and fair refund process—introducing our Solid Refund policy designed for your peace of mind.

If our services don't meet your expectations or don't work as promised, you can easily ask for your money back. We've kept our refund policy simple because your security and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Remember, if something's not right, you're covered. With Solid ECN, you're always in safe hands.​

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Discover the Future of Trading with MetaTrader 5!​

Join us at Solid ECN and step into the world of advanced trading with MetaTrader 5, the latest and greatest platform on the market!

Why Choose MetaTrader 5?​

MetaTrader 5 is not just a new version; it’s a whole new world! Unlike MetaTrader 4, designed mainly for Forex, MetaTrader 5 opens doors to trading CFDs, Stocks, and Futures. It's perfect for those ready to step up their trading game. Our survey shows that beginners and pros are switching to MetaTrader 5 – see what you're missing!

Why MetaTrader 5 Stands Out:​

  1. Enjoy a broader view with 21 time frames, compared to only 9 in MT4. Perfect for in-depth market analysis.
  2. More control with six types of pending orders – that’s two more than MT4!
  3. Get real-time market depth within your charts, a feature missing in MT4.
  4. Stay ahead with the built-in Economic Calendar.
  5. Choose your trading style: hedging or netting. MetaTrader 5 supports both.
  6. Dive deep with 38 technical indicators, 44 analytical objects, and endless charts for unparalleled market insights.
  7. Benefit from advanced features like partial order filling policies and a multi-threaded strategy tester – elements MT4 can’t match.

Important Update:​

The makers of MetaTrader have announced they’ll stop updating MT4. It's clear – the future is MetaTrader 5.

So, which platform are you using, and why? Share your thoughts below!

Beat Inflation with Solid ECN's Smart Solution!​

Worried about inflation eating away at your savings? Solid ECN has got your back! We're offering a game-changing solution with our multiple wallet options. Now, you can safeguard your assets, investments, and earnings by keeping them in the world's leading currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Choose from:​
  • Euro Wallet​
  • US Dollar Wallet​
  • Pound Sterling Wallet​
And that's not all! Dive into the world of trading with Solid ECN and explore over 250 products, including Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies, all with a Bitcoin-based account in a genuine ECN setting.

Join Solid ECN today and start trading your way to success in the best environment possible. Your future self will thank you!​

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