Where to start

Dear Dutchy86,

The good way for learning is by understanding the basics of line, bar, and candlestick charts, and familiarizing yourself with key patterns and trends they show. Then, practicing with a demo trading account while utilizing online educational resources.
It's cool that you advise to trade on the demo, I also keep the same vision.
Some traders believe that demo trading is just a waste of time and in my opinion there's a kind of rational kernel. The biggest flaw of the demo trading - psychology. You can't cognize all the essence of real trading while on the demo, because you are predominantly emotionless. So that is the reason why I would advise not to stay on the demo for more than a couple of days and transition to life account as fast as possible.
I endorse your words. Negative experience is also an experience and it should be treated like something to avoid.
Well, precisely speaking, it's advised to do everything to avoid negative experience, but we are all human beings so it's almost impossible to evade the damage from it. People learn by mistakes, that is a fact. No mistakes, no learning, hence - no development. Trading is exactly that sphere where this rule reveals itself as I believe.
Reading charts is one of the more demanding exercises in the world of trading, it is a task that experienced traders have difficulty learning. The problem is that to chart read you must fully comprehend how the forex market works.

Chart reading is not something that can be learnt through trial and error, the only way is to try to find a genuine forex tutor/mentor who can teach you the right procedures to achieve your goal.

The only problem is that genuine tutors and mentors are very trying to locate and can be a bit pricey!

However, the best of luck!
No one's gonna do anything for you. You have to do everything yourself. And the chance of success is very small. You have to realize that right away.