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    aslowas$20 is offline Another beatsforex spam account - these morons never learn
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    Default WARNING...!!! We Sell A Lot of STOLEN Fx Robots just for $20 each!!

    beatsforexdotcom has a lot of Fx Robots and sell them all as low as $20...
    you can visit it if you like.

    We've been spamming the FPA's forums since February of 2009. We're stupid enough to break forum rules and break the law. We also hope you are stupid enough to send us your money before we get shut down for good.

    If you buy from us, you might get lucky. Some of our fake and stolen products may not have too many viruses inside. We don't care. We just want your money.

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    Thumbs down – Spammers and Scammers

    Instead of making a new thread, I decided to post this in the same thread with the most recent spam that posted to the FPA. – Spammers and Scammers

    At least twice a day, I do a quick run through of the forums looking for spam. The part that annoys me is that I set up whole areas in the Commerce Zone of the forums where people can advertise products. There's even one part of the FPA's Classified Ads where non-forex products can be sold. If it's legal, you can advertise it for FREE – if you have the brains to put it in the right place.

    Even this wasn't enough to discourage some spammers, so I set up the Spammers Hall of Shame to try to discourage them even more. One company still didn't get the message. first spammed the FPA in February 2009. They did it several more times that year. In January 2010, they did it again and became the second company to join the Spammers Hall of Shame. At that point, I emailed them and told them to stop before it got worse. Instead, they tried to sell illegal copies of software in an Education folder in the forums a couple of days ago.

    It ends now. I asked the FPA Scam Investigations Committee to look at this and they issued a scam finding against I've reported them to a couple of the companies they were ripping off. Those companies are going after the BeatForex PayPal accounts and are trying to get the webhosting pulled out from under these criminals.

    Please don't support software pirates like these. If you want to try an EA, get a real copy. At least you'll know it's probably not full of viruses. You'll also be able to get whatever support the real company offers. Criminals like those behind BeatsForex can only exist if people buy from them.

    FPA Scam Finding against

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    Thank you sir for the "reveal" the scammers....keep it going....i hope,everybody in this world now that "scammers" like that "not appleid" in this world of forex.....Thanks again

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    Good job guys.

    I have always said that if these guys would put as much time and effort into marketing a real, quality product as they do trying to scam and sell their rip-off products they would make a lot more money than they do this way.

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    marjiemiller is offline Private, 1st Class
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    Just 20 minutes, could save you $20!!!!......why not a stolen ad slogan to go with it?......and they'll go to jail for just $20 too!!!! Now there's a big thinker...

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    Yes Sir, In fact, that was why I post yesterday
    Independent Consume Action Against Upsell

    The best way to stop illegal and dishonest act is by action

    Everything we do counts!


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    Anyone want to start a betting pool on how long until these morons get a new webhost and start spamming the FPA again?

    People like this need a lengthy prison sentence. Afterwards, they should be banned from using the internet. Any further violations should be more prison time and removal of fingers.

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    Gilgamesh is offline Recruit
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    The reason I won't buy these is not that they are pirated, but that almost all commercial robots are useless


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilgamesh View Post
    The reason I won't buy these is not that they are pirated, but that almost all commercial robots are useless

    Exactly. THAT is the point!

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    I Linlithgow is offline Recruit
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    Hi, what about this site?

    forex- ea

    rg L.

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