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Updated: Sep 26, 2016
3.497 · 430 REVIEWS
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Exness are online forex brokers. Exness offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and MT Mobile forex trading top platforms. Exness.com offers over 50 currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.


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3.497 · 430 REVIEWS
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BRasilia, Brazil
Sep 21, 2016
Registed user

Exness change automatic your Leverage on High news. :(

On last friday, the market is very risk, but the exness every on high news said on 15 minutes before - the leverage FOR this PAIRS GBP for example is changed to 1:200 - god my account is 1:2000 he changed autmatic... and cannot be close de orders, afters several minutes my account is low and i got close the rest of negative orders. I never see this on the brooker. the same account on Forextime its ok, and reversal on monday. so whats is - i call on chat and the
look on bellow the chat

my leverage is 1:2000 - on high news.. you change to 1:200 automatic

i receive de the email saiding the leverage 1:200

i have two account on xm and forextime brooker and i never see that is.

Eliana Pereyra
Correct Mr Carlos, this rule makes it possible to reduce your risks if the market situation develops unpredictably during significant economic events.

Eliana Pereyra
This rule takes effect 15 minutes before the publication of the news and continues to apply 5 minutes after the event.

Moreover, when the specified period has passed, the margin on positions opened during the period is recalculated based on the amount of funds in the account and the selected leverage value.

on last black friday eur gbp and eur usd...

i deposit the money do copensation but not possible and lost the money... cause the leverage... changed.

my open positions i closed manual or more bigger loss

Eliana Pereyra
I am going to pass your comment to my team
End of chat...

More one client... lost... the broker win.

Thanks a lot exness

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Sep 23, 2016:
Dear theoFXS,
I appreciate that you have shared your experience here.
Indeed, the margin requirements are adjusted at all Exness Market Maker accounts as per the highest leverage of 1:200. This takes places 15 minutes prior to a high impact news release and lasts for 20 minutes.
As my colleague informed you in the chat you have posted, 'this rule makes it possible to reduce traders' risks if the market situation develops unpredictably during significant economic events.'
For more information on Exness margin requirements and leverage rules, please visit our website here: https://www.exness.com/forex/leverage/.
Sargodha, Pakistan
Sep 16, 2016
Registed user

7011784 i have all my proofs that Exness scam me they cannot pay withdraw now stay away

My Account NO is 7011784.I can trade over exness 4 years i cannot got any problem Recently i can deposit with skrill 250$ and start trading.I can got trading and profit up to 1k and withdraw.But i can shock to see my withdraw is rejected i can go to spport they told me you cannot withdraw today you can withdraw tomorrow then i can wait tomorrow next day my withdraw is again reject i can go to support they told me that skrill complain my deposit you can wait 24 hours.Then i again wait today i can again go to spport they told me that you can send card copy which i deposit over year ago.My question is i can deposit and withdraw skril 20 to 35 times in year so whats wrong now even i cannot remember which card i can use.They got sccamed me.Do not work with exness now they can run now and stop paying clients withdraw.

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Sep 19, 2016:
Hello, Ehsan Elani.
Thank you for sharing you experience in Exness with everyone here.
Further to what I have replied in this post http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/exness-scam.47136/#post-257118 I have to add that your withdrawal has been successfully processed as we have received the letter from your payment system confirming that your payment system account that has been used to deposit to Exness account 7011784 is in good standing.
The request to provide the photographs of the bank cards that you used in Exness were made by the Financial department for verification purposes.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate let me know.
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Sep 12, 2016
Registed user


I have a note on this broker about of trade execution
I have a live experience and documented by pictures

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Sep 14, 2016:
Hello, RMB2016.
Thank you for your message.
Please share your experience here or at georgii.bartenev@exness.com.
I will be happy to assist.
Athens, Greece
Sep 7, 2016
Registed user

News announcements high margin, no indices

Exness would have received a 4 star review by me, but recently the company decided to make all the news traders clients go away, increasing the required margin around the news announcements(almost every hour lol) x10 times (!).

Dear Sirs, your company doesn't offer indices trading (which are the most dynamic instruments) and this was a big minus, you now don't offer forex trading during serious events (of course the margin required is TOO high) which is the second most dynamic trading opportunity available . Better close the company at all after that, you are going to lose all your clients.

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Sep 9, 2016:
Dear BlackViper,
Thank you for the review. I really appreciate that you shared your opinion here.
I would like to point out that the reason behind the introduction of the rule was making it possible to reduce traders' risks if the market situation develops unpredictably during significant economic events.
Furthermore, the rule is in place only for 20 minutes around a high impact news release, from 15 minutes before the release till 5 minutes past the release. Outside the 20-minute period the margin is calculated according to the leverage set by the client and the actual equity at a trading account.
Apart from that, I am grateful for your suggestion regarding indices trading. Please rest assured it will be considered.
Thank you again for your valuable review.
Nairobi, Kenya
Aug 25, 2016

Exness is a good broker fast withdrawals(instant),Quick execution,excellent customer care.Most people hear are very well newbies and don't have sufficient experience in the Financial Markets nothing but deluding themselves they will overnight millionaires.

The downside about this broker that i decided to leave it,they decided to reduce the leverage from 1:2000 to 1:200 during news releases.I have been in this industry for a while and i can tell you that these are the most profitable times in the Forex Market if you know what you are doing am a news trader and this couldn't work for me anymore goodbye exness.

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Sep 1, 2016:
Hello, Peter Muraya.
Thank you for your post.
First of all, I am very grateful for your positive review.
Secondly, regarding the matter in question, I have to point out that it is the margin requirements that are increased, rather than the leverage being decreased. In fact, the leverage itself stays the same. This is very important because it means that positions opened outside this period will not have this measure applied to them.
Furthermore, this measure is in place only for 20 minutes around a high impact news event, 15 minutes prior and 5 minutes past the news. Outside this 20-minute period, you can still use maximum leverage values as far as it is allowed by the leverage rules (https://www.exness.com/forex/leverage/).
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me
Aug 24, 2016
Registed user

I was surprised to see so much of negative comments. It's over 5 years since i am trading with them & so far everything went smooth. There were some server issues which propped up during this period which affected my trades but all were compensated by them. During brexit there were some big spread & gaps but everything is back to normal after some days. I have seen lots of newbies which comes, fund their account, suffer losses & then start blaming the broker.

Ask anyone who is trading with exness for more than a year & you will receive positive feedback from the majority. Without any second thought i will strongly recommend this broker to anyone.

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Aug 26, 2016:
Dear Manav,
thank you very much for your glowing feedback!
Clients are everything for Exness.
Nigeria, Nigeria
Aug 13, 2016
Registed user


This company has a lot of off market tick on their chart and they use that to rip off clients and they don't honor stop losses set by traders if you check their revies here and in forex factory you will see a lot of proof and then pretend to be good by refunding a hand full of clients who go public with their complaints and the rest who have no idea on how to channel their complaints forfeit their money , i believe that's not where a serious minded trader should put his hard cash if your looking at longevity, honesty and transparency in business, i strongly advice clients should stay away from this scam of a broker.

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Aug 24, 2016:
Hello, iEVOLVE.
Thank you for the review.
Exness has a number of quotes providers (among them are European banks for Market Maker accounts and two liquidity providers (FXCM Pro and ADS Securities) for ECN accounts). Let me assure you that we are always ready to present relevant proof in case the client believes their trade was executed at a non-market quote.
I would appreciate if you could provide the numbers of the trades that you consider to have been executed at off market quotes. You may send them here, in a personal message, or at georgii.bartenev@exness.com.
As far as execution of stop-losses is concerned, the slippages are possible at price gaps during high volatility spells. However, Exness has long been using the gap level rule that minimises the number of slippages. More information about it can be found in our Contract specifications: https://www.exness.com/forex/specifications/. Needless to say that while all stop orders slip against the trader, all limit orders bring extra profit.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
, Malaysia
Aug 4, 2016

I would like to know if its normal that Exness executed my buy stop, when the highest point of price was 150 pips away. Their customer service responded to me in their scripted answer where if there is a gap, etc etc. However, there was no gap, the price was no where near to my buy stop, yet my order was still executed. This is ridiculous. Yes, during low liquidity, this may happen, but 150-200 pips away? There should be a limit come on exness. why not execute an order there is 500 pips away and claim there is low liquidity.

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Aug 9, 2016:
Dear Subtle, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I would like to ask you to provide the number of the trading order you are referring to. You can contact me here or at georgii.bartenev@exness.com. Looking forward to your reply.
east borneo, Indonesia
Jul 17, 2016

I have started trading with Exness since December 2015, even my losses are bigger than my profits due to my learning process of trading forex but i enjoy trading with exness. i experienced an issue with Exness on 5th of July which blown my account but they paid the compensation in a week, after a problem with trying to WD the compensation to prove that the compensation was WD able, finally i succeed and up to the 3rd WD. Here is the thread http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/exness-blew-out-my-account.46220/ Even with this issue i still feel confident to continue trading with Exness. 1 suggestion to Exness is to increase the maximum WD for Fasapay.

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Jul 18, 2016:
Dear astrolabe80, thank you for your positive feedback! And as for the Fasapay withdrawal limit, I have asked the Financial department if it is possible to lift it.
Nairobi, Kenya
Jul 5, 2016

Exness has been manipulating trades for some time now. This time around I was there and this is what happened. All of a sudden there was a bearish candle that went 1600 pips. I saw a huge loss in my account only to notice EU had dropped. I wish I could attach the image to illustrate what they are doing. I warn everybody using them. My account equity was almost 90% going by the time I realised.

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Jul 7, 2016:
Dear Clement, thank you for the post. I understand that you are referring to a spike that occurred on EURUSD charts on the 5th of July. If you are, please provide the numbers of the orders that were executed there. Needless to say that such execution is considered to be incorrect, and we take all necessary measures to compensate. My email is georgii.bartenev@xness.com. I am looking forward to the numbers of the orders to pass them to the relevant staff. Thank you.