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Updated: May 1, 2017
3.465 · 368 REVIEWS
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Exness are online forex brokers. Exness offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and MT Mobile forex trading top platforms. Exness.com offers over 50 currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.


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3.465 · 368 REVIEWS
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Apr 28, 2017
Registed user

Scam broker, think twice before you choose Exness

Worst service ever by Exness

My email was hacked & I was unable to login to my account 10647023, I couldn't do any recovery because my email & phone information was modified. Exness refused to solve the problem because my account is unverified. This is bul*** because before I use their service, Exness support told me that Perfect Money user don't have to verify in order to trade in Exness.

My case was put on investigation by their useless specialist over 1 month without any solution given, I was out of patience and emailed them once again, and finally they told me my account was terminated by them without giving any reason, the balance in my trading account reverted back to my payment wallet that already hacked by hackers.

Their service seems good when you are using their service, but when problems involved, it's time to say goodbye to your account & money. Beware of this scam broker.

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Apr 4, 2017

A lot of slippage during news events & worst customer service managers without helping the customers

There is a lot of slippage during news release. Sometimes, it seems they intentionally trigger out our orders,though I am a daily & newsnews trader.If it was possible to provide screenshot,I would have showed you, how they just manage the whole game.They have come only this far,for their immediate withdrawal or else they do not have even qualified customer managers, who just try to put things upon you means blaming you,without recognizing their faults.

Until & Unless they fix all of their issues,you should stay away from them

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Apr 3, 2017
Registed user

Exness is a scam broker. My account faced zero balance fully wrongly and that was made by Exness.

Exness is a scam broker. Exness sent a mail to me 22 November 2016. Exness says via that mail that was they were diccision that stop out limit is 0%. but Exness did not follow it. My account Number is: 7095960. Last 27 march 2017 my account faced zero balance. I think Exness willingly scamed with me. my account balance was 16458.78$. My full balance shown Zero. exness shown that trade was stop out different time. Many times Exness bound to me trade. if I don't many trade they said to me, my account will be disable and my withdraw amount will be locked. they says that otherwise my account will be permanently disable. when a client entry many lots therefore exness increase their spread and shown stop out. That is very harmful for a trader. My account faced zero balance fully wrongly. Its made by only Exness. if you investigation my account then you clear like water that Exness made a zero balance my account. It was their personal benifit. Please refund my balance how much amount shown stop out made by exness.

Guwahati, India
Feb 24, 2017
Registed user

not really happy with them

Funding by wire needs sooooo much days.
Support is acceptable.They need some push always to finally fund the account.
I trade with small amount only since i list more than 10k all together.I never got any gift from them.Not one single cent.And i always list.
NO Support or training in over 5years

lagos, Nigeria
Jan 4, 2017

exness is the worst and scam broker i have ever seen, you can never win with them, no matter your trading strategy, they could just pretend and let u make one profit and then trade against you in your next trades, they also manipulate thier charts, ive compared there eur/usd charts withs that of about 6 major different brokers at the same time 4 hr chart, and i noticed that thiers were totally different, very cunny broker, sometimes they will freeze a currency pair order and then your chart will not be moving or your wont even be able to close your trades, they a big scam Money makers. i will never ever ever use them again.

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Jan 20, 2017:
Hello Uzo, regarding your comments, I would like to address each of them.

First of all, as you may know, Exness uses matching principle, meaning that clients' opposite positions are matched inside the company. With matching we have minimized the conflict of interest between the Client and the Company.

One of our priorities is to provide excellent trading conditions. You may visit our website here https://www.exness.com/news/ to find out more about our recent trading improvements.

Secondly, regarding the difference in charts, I understand why it may exist indeed. This is because server time at different brokers is different. For this reason, if you compare H4 charts, you will certainly notice the difference, but if you compare H1 or less, there will be no difference. This is especially noticeable when, for example, one broker's server time is GMT+0, while another broker's is GMT+2.

3. About the freezing charts, I can assure you that technical issues are extremely rare in Exness. If there is one, we will treat it with a great deal of attention. I would appreciate if you could provide more information so that I could further check the situation. You can provide it here or at support@exness.com, so that I could check further.
Madina , Saudi Arabia
Dec 4, 2016
Registed user

Exness good forex broker

Hello traders exness good forex broker fast deposit and withdrawals I have experience 2 years I never had any problem all most every thing good God bless all

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Jan 20, 2017:
Thank you, tanveerpk33, for writing this comment. I are glad to hear about your good experience with Exness.
If you have any questions, just let me know about them in this thread.
Kuala lumpur, Malaysia
Dec 2, 2016
Registed user



I have registered My Account with Exness long ago, Unfortunately I could't get the chance to experience this broker, The problem is this broker doesn't cooperate with clients at all, they do not approve my account, I have send them my the scanned copies of my passport dozen of times but the reject and say it could be a facke dox so take a picture by a camera and sent it back, I did again and agian with a camra and mobile and despite sending it along with my National Identity card they still never approved the account its almost more than one year. the bad thing i ever seen is they even never bother to to inform you the reason or the alternate solution, everytime I have to go to live chat and ask them that why hasn't my account been verified yet and they start asking to send the dox again on chat as attachment even i did that many times still no action. I don't know they consider every client stupid or newbie probably, I have been trading for the past six years, and having accounts with XM, FXTIM,OCTAFX, HOTFOREX AND much more regulated brokers, they never had any single issue to get my documents verified and here exness seems to be extra smart or regulated that all other brokers are stupid and exness is the one for which my dox seem to be fake, may be in dream. Remember! you are surviving totally based on the clients activities, if you are rich enough and don't need to help clients then get out of the business and lock the store, if you are in the market just becoz of clietns, then respect and help and accept the genuine documents, for me to travel all around the world my passport is valid and for you it is fake, i would say stupid broker nothing else. no single email regarding the issue no single call, just keep sending fooling promotional emails and i straightly kick them into the trash box without out reading. I don't even care if my this statement does hurt anyone of you guys, the truth is that I have provided all the genuine dox with high quality scan and photos everything, and their excuces are stupid reasons are not going to stop. so I would say Hotforex, xm , octafx and fxtime are the best, the rest are just scamers and dealing desk just to hunt people's hard earning

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Dec 13, 2016:
Thank you Prince87 for bringing this to my attention. I am glad to inform you all the information about your document status is available in Settings section of your personal area.

We are permanently improving our services and developing new ones to provide our clients with best trading conditions.

Please also note for most of electronic payment methods, you can deposit and withdraw with no limits even though your personal area is not verified at all.
Minas Gerais, Brazil
Nov 15, 2016

Terrible service Exness - Terrible

My account # 675821 is blocked more than 120 days, a total neglect of exness always inform that they are unblocking but until today nothing, they do not call their customers I need an urgent solution, customer support does not solve anything...

Support never solves

I have passed your request to the appropriate department after this is considered and the issue is solved you will get email reply from us. Protocol number: 20163656519022; Return forecast 30 days.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation.

Best regards,
Julia Kozlova
Exness Ltd. (NZ),

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Nov 23, 2016:
Hello, wilney dantas.

Thank you for the review.

I must say that I was trying to connect together all pieces of information you have provided (both here and in an email sent to our upper management), but try as I might I was unable to do so.

And here is why.

First of all, you claim to be our Brazilian client. However, account 675821 is registered from Pakistan. The other account provided in the email is also registered from Pakistan. Both accounts are registered under emails different from the one your email was sent from.

Secondly, the ports of the trading server provided in the email are incorrect. And so are the phone passwords provided for both accounts.

Moreover, the address the email was sent from is not registered in Exness database. In other words, there is no Member area under this email and nor is there a trading account under the same email.

Apart from that, I understand you copy-pasted a fragment of an email apparently sent to you by one of our Customer support representatives within about the last 120 days. Yet I have to point out that I have not found this email in our database.

To make matters worse, the footer used in the copy-pasted fragment of the email has not been used by Exness since 2014. ‘NZ’ from the footer stands for New Zealand, which has long ceased to be the country of our registration. Now ‘VC’ is used instead and stands for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. However, our email footers don’t feature these two letters at all. We simply write this:

Georgii Bartenev
Exness | Support Team
E-mail: support@exness.com

Furthermore, I’d like to inform you that the two trading accounts are not blocked. They are both archived as unused for over 1 year.

Based on these facts, I am afraid I fail to relate this case to Exness as the situation you have described both here and in the email does not match the facts.

If you have any other details of this matter, I would appreciate if you could share them with me here or at georgii.bartenev@exness.com, so that I could check further.
kohat, Pakistan
Oct 30, 2016

exness is best broker

wrong that exness is scam

i am working with exness last 2 year i can not face any problem regarding withdraw.the withdraw is instant in skrill.
i suggest to every one that work with exness

Feb 27, 2016 - 5 Stars Number 1 broker in the world , Proud to be the trader of Exness, reasons are below
1.Excellent customer support , Online 24/7 (you can see their fast response here on this site, reviews by people Below and Exness response too)
2. Automatic Withdrawals (Money goes instantly to your Account , No tension of third party involvement between you and the payment processor)
3.Very Low Spreads for major pairs
4. Fastest execution of orders
those who gave complaints against this broker are the paid scammers.i am sure about this.

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Feb 29, 2016 Dear Hassan Shahzad!

We are more than just pleased to hear that!

Thank you very much!

rajasthan, India
Oct 25, 2016

scam broker exness

totaly scam broker my name is surendra singh account no 7275039 i deposit in my account 3000 usd and now there lot size issue in cent account so i request for withdrawal but 4 time i request and they reject my withdrawal they force me that trade in your account with exness but there lot not working ... please dnt work with this broker 

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Nov 2, 2016:
Dear surendra ,
Thank you for letting me know about it.
I have checked your situation in detail.
Please kindly note that, according to p. 1.4 (e) of General business terms in case of detecting doubtful operations on the client's account The Company has the right to block all Client's trading accounts as well as trading accounts of Clients involved in the conducting of these operations.
If you're taking part in any bonus program in the Neteller payment system, please let us know.
There are 2 options available for clients in this situation - you can start trading on your account, or we could withdraw and block your account.
At this moment, as we see your withdrawal was successfully accepted.
If you have other questions - please do not hesitate to contact with me ksenia.knyshenko@exness.com.