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Updated: Oct 17, 2017
3.582 · 377 REVIEWS
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Exness is an online forex broker. Exness offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and MT Mobile forex trading top platforms. Exness.com offers over 100 currency pairs, gold, and silver for your personal investment and trading options.


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Exness.com profile provided by Alexander Pyrsikov, Sep 19, 2017

Exness is a leading international forex broker offering online trading services in over 120 financial instruments, including forex currency pairs and CFDs.

In 2016, Exness recorded a trading volume of USD 2.4 trillion and total client withdrawals amounting to USD 323 million. All key performance indicators are published on the Exness websites on a regular basis, following quarterly and annual audits by Big Four audit giant Deloitte.

Exness Limited offers its clients a variety of electronic payment systems, with additional local payment methods. Electronic deposits and withdrawals are carried out quickly and without manual processing by financial department specialists, and are available 24/7. Furthermore, clients have no limits to how many deposit and withdrawal transactions they can make.

Trading conditions at Exness are known to be some of the best in the industry, with low spreads, ultra-fast execution, free VPS hosting, no restrictions to trading strategies and a vast range of trading tools to utilize.

Support is available 24/7 in English and Chinese. Multilingual support in additional 13 languages is available 24/5.


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3.582 · 377 REVIEWS
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Accra, Ghana
Oct 14, 2017
Registered user

Cannot find the funds I deposited in my Exness account.

A deduction has been made frm my bank acct, but not reflected on Exness acct pls assist. My personal page on Exness says my transaction was rejected by my bank. But the same amount was deducted from my account the moment I made it.
I tried depositing one earlier that day and was told it was rejected, and no deduction was made but a deduction was made for the second transaction plse, assist am new to trading and so far my experiences with brokers are not good.
Thank you

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Oct 16, 2017:
Dear Eshun,
Kindly contact our live chat support via the following link:
And provide your account number and phone password and explain to the agent your issue. If any funds have been deducted from your bank account and they are not credited to your Exness account, please provide the agent receipt of the transaction as well.
Rest assure that with the above information and details your request will be processed.
You can always contact us via mail at:
agadir, Morocco
Aug 28, 2017

hy my name is Mohamed Arjdal .. i work with Exness 1 month ago .. I have encountered a problem. The company has withdrawn $ 100 from my account in the bank without being reached by my account in the company ... I explained the problem to the support team more than three times but they did not reach a solution .. I have pictures of the operations of the company and a picture of the total operations in the bank . .. It is sufficient to prove this statement

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Sep 4, 2017:
Dear Mr. Arjdal,

I have checked your issue and have seen that our support has provided you with the solution since 18th of August. You have used CC to make a deposit into your Exness account, however, when you requested a withdrawal, the system detected an issue and was not able to send the funds back to your CC and our financial specialist has recommended you to use any Electronic payment system available or wire transfer to request for the withdrawal and it will be processed from our side.

I believe that the issue is with the card provider, maybe an issue occurred during the withdrawal process and this is why, when our system detected it, the withdrawal was not processed.

I am sure if you just follow the instruction that were sent to you by email from our support team, you will be able to process the withdrawal with no issues.

If you still have any other inquiries, please send me an email to forums@exness.com
UAE, United Arab Emirates
Aug 5, 2017

Real I'm surprised Why this company get on 3.5 stars
yes the Withdrawal is very good,You will not find a problem with withdrawing or depositing money
But you will find other problems more important
1- Their support does not know anything about trading , I still remember the last time I talked to them,I told him sir that the price moved more than 40 points In other companies (Because I work with 3 other companies)
but your company only moved 15 points
"Sir, we are different from other companies
Wrong to compare between me and other companies
I could speak and speak,I could give him a lecture in circulation
But he is an idiot,He just wants my money
2- When looking for licenses for this company here ( https://register.fca.org.uk/shpo_searchresultspage?search=exness&TOKEN=3wq1nht7eg7tr )
You will find 2 names,the first: Exness Europe Limited
(Postcode: EC2V 6DN)
Reference number 730729 ,
status : Authorised
the second name : Exness (Cy) Ltd , Reference number 606828
status : EEA Authorised
The problem is when you want to open an account , You will not be able to open in Exness Europe Limited
You will always find this site in your face exness global limited(CY)
You will not find the site name in the licenses
Summary:This company is suitable for beginners
Either if you really want money,Stay away from this company
There are many companies that respect your mind
And have strong licenses


Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Aug 10, 2017:
Dear Ahmed,

I would like share with you some details to follow up on your concerns.
First, about Exness support team, they are all trained to answer all questions related to company products and solve all technical issues.
Their answer about the difference between Exness and other broker is not wrong as for any market maker broker, it is not possible to compare their quotes with other brokers.

As for the FCA license, Exness Europe Limited (EEL), has received approval from the FCA to upgrade its permissions to a full scope, "IFPRU €730k" license. We are still preparing for the UK operations and the account opening under Exness Europe Limited will be available soon. You may refer to this link to see news published on our official website: https://www.exness.com/news/article/exness_upgrades_fca_license_and_prepares_for_uk_operations/

Exness offers registration under 2 entities for now, Exness Limited which is an International Business Company in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Exness (Cy) Ltd which is a member of the Exness Group; authorised and regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), License number 178/12.

If you wish to be registered under Exness (Cy) Ltd, you may refer to this website: www.exness.eu and if you wish to be registered under Exness Limited you may refer to this website www.exness.com (Both entities are under Exness group)

You may refer to this link to check all licences and regulations: https://www.exness.com/about_us/legal_information/

And we will be making an official announcement once UK operations are ready for our clients.

If you still have any other concerns, do not hesitate to send us on forums@exness.com.

Best Regards,
Exness Representative.
Hyderabad, India
Jul 19, 2017
Registered user

Exness overall a good and competent broker

I have been trading with exness since over 4 years. I have never faced any problems with my withdrawals and they are always in time.
I have used their over leverage of 1:2000 and lost much money but that is due to my own trading quality.

Anyhow I would like to appreciate their few changes that I noticed which are in favor of their clients. Firstly spreads dont widen much unless a very odd and important news takes place. I noticed better order execution speed and less slippages. Overall exness is a good broker to trade with. Thank you

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Jul 21, 2017:
Dear Gadalay,

Thank you for your feedback.

In fact, Exness has launched a series of trading improvements in the past few months like reduction in slippage numbers, stop-out at 0% and reduction of delays in order activation as well as the unlimited leverage.
All these improvements were announced in Exness news section and can be found here: https://www.exness.com/news/

We are always happy to hear the feedback of our clients in order to keep improving our services and product accordingly.
Alegria, Algeria
Jul 17, 2017
Registered user

They reduce the leverage when news trading!!!

Exness has let me down, that's very bad for a news trader.

I suck at technical and fundamental analysis but at news trading I do trade well and make some good profit from the new. Today, July, 17 at 23:45 when trading on the CPI of NZD (QoQ) and (YoY) I set 2 pending orders one for buy and for sell position, when the results of the indexes came out the price went down with more than 40 pips and Exness did not execute my order. I use a leverage of 1:1000 or 1:2000 but when the news come they always reduce the leverage of the users and all orders are executed on on a leverage of 0:50 only!!

If I am willing to lose my money I don't need the broker to behave like my big brother who thinks he know what's best for me.

Shame on you Exness, really shame on you.


Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Jul 21, 2017:
Dear Sido13,

We have reviewed your post carefully and we would like to inform you of the following:

During the publication of high-level economic news, margin requirements for new transactions are calculated based on a maximum leverage of 1:200. The change in margin requirements can only occur for the positions opened for the instruments affected by the published news.

This rule takes effect 15 minutes before the publication of the news and continues to apply 5 minutes after the event.

This rule was introduced to reduce the potential losses our clients may incur in the event of a price gap at market opening and is officially published on our website: www.exness.com/forex/leverage/

As for your pending orders, we have tried to investigate and find your account number in Exness and track the orders you are posting about here, and have found the following:

On the 17th of this month, at 22:43 GMT, you have placed 2 pending orders, one buy stop at 0.73420 and one sell stop at 0.73144.

The buy stop order was cancelled from your side as the prices went down and the price you set was not reached at all.
However, The sell stop order price was reached and when the system automatically set it for execution, it was cancelled for the reason "deleted [No money]" and this is because the price was reached during those 20 minutes before and after the news release, the margin requirements for newly opened positions is higher at that time and therefore your order was not executed because the funds you had were not efficient to cover the margin of this order.

If you have any other inquiries or any further details you would like to share with us in order to assist you, do not hesitate to contact us on forums@exness.com
Abu dhabi UAEU, United Arab Emirates
Jul 7, 2017
Registered user

My issue was resolve! Thank you Mr. Ali

Once again i thank Mr. Ali Amine of exness support team for his sensible reponse to resolve the issue i raised. I trusted exness from the beginning. I will invite more friends to trade with exness. You have my 5 stars!

Thank you

Jul 6, 2017 - 5 Stars Guys, i raised a complain to exness regarding one of my trades dated June 20 where in there was sudden change of price compare to other brokers price. After weeks of follow up, finally one sensible reply from Mr. Ali Amine that rectified the issue.

Thank You Mr. Ali Amine for your clear and honest response. I was trading with exness since long time and i trust you more than any other broker. That's why i was disappointed when i received the explanation of your colleagues to the said issue. I never experience this kind of issue since i started trading with you that's why i was disappointed when i experienced it.

After your clear technical explanation and giving the full refund, i give you my full trust again. Thank you very much! I give you 5 star!

Harmonic Trader

Jul 2, 2017 - 1 Star They started to carry out stop loss hunting. For GBP/CAD pair the 20th June 00:55 EXNESS - 5 minutes Candle is having 20 pips more compare to other brokers. In a matter of seconds exness price fluctuated more than 20 pips. The pair was trading at 1.6831 and suddenly went down to 1.6812 and hitting stop loss and instantly went back to 1.6830. While other broker's candle shows a low of 1.6829 on that time frame. if you compare the candle of exness from other brokers it clearly shows the difference as you can see the very long wick.

When i raise a complain through email regarding this clear stop loss hunting, i got nothing good responses as what we expect from a traditional cheater, i mean traditional broker.

if you have time guys to review and check the candle i mentioned then you will see the clear manipulation. i have screenshots.

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Jul 4, 2017 Dear Harmonic trader,

If you can provide further details about your trading issue to our support team or to me, I am sure they will be happy and capable to assist you.

I will be more than happy if you can send me the details of your issue to forums@exness.com and I will make sure to track your issue and help you.

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Jul 14, 2017:
Dear Harmonic trader,
We are glad that your issue was solved .
We are always ready to assist you. Thank you for your review.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Jun 25, 2017

Unclear opening procedures

Documents verification is terrible. Company's feedback on the docs are automated & vague without any clear identification of what is required! Also, the company is not accepted electronic docs. It seems the company is still in the era of the paper printed utility bills instead of the system generated docs which is a trend that is not that new! I didn't face such complicated & unclear docs verification in any of the companies I deal with. Instead I opened an account in FXTM. Already I have an account with HYCM.

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Jul 4, 2017:
Dear John,

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Our document verification process may take time as you have mentioned, but this is only to stay assured that all our clients' data are genuine, safe and secured. We send emails describing rejection reasons and yes we do not accept scanned or electronic documents in Exnes Limited but we verify documents very frequently and if you contact our support team via live chat they can assist you and verify on the spot.
I hope that this confusion did not make you change your mind about Exness and if you have any inquiries or if you face any issues, do let us know.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Jun 14, 2017
Registered user

Terribly long verification process

I'm unable to verify my documents with exness, I have submitted my ID first then they requested me to upload a higher quality scan, then I uploaded higher quality scan that never been reviewed, I tried to contact them using contact us form more than 3 times but not a single response.

Reply by ExnessInd submitted Jun 16, 2017:
I would appreciate if you could provide more information like account number or personal area email,so that I could further check the situation. You can provide it here or at support@exness.com or srikanth.debattula@exness.com so that I could check further.
Jodhpur, India
Jun 10, 2017
Registered user

Exness – not that bad!

Exness is one of three brokers which I am using. Here, I am using a long term strategy, so I can say nothing about slippage during news which some traders are writing about. I’ve been with them for quite some time and with my trading I am making around 800 USD per month on average, sometimes more, sometimes less. I did not face up with any problems in execution, deposits and withdrawals are quite okay too. Online support could be better.

Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Jul 4, 2017:
Thank you for your review. We are always happy to hear our client's feedback.
Apr 28, 2017
Registered user

Scam broker, think twice before you choose Exness

Worst service ever by Exness

My email was hacked & I was unable to login to my account 10647023, I couldn't do any recovery because my email & phone information was modified. Exness refused to solve the problem because my account is unverified. This is bul*** because before I use their service, Exness support told me that Perfect Money user don't have to verify in order to trade in Exness.

My case was put on investigation by their useless specialist over 1 month without any solution given, I was out of patience and emailed them once again, and finally they told me my account was terminated by them without giving any reason, the balance in my trading account reverted back to my payment wallet that already hacked by hackers.

Their service seems good when you are using their service, but when problems involved, it's time to say goodbye to your account & money. Beware of this scam broker.

Reply by hassansafdarali submitted Jun 16, 2017:
Dear Meraki Trader ,

I understand your frustration and the Situation that leads to Account Termination

Please be informed that on many occasions we have notified all the clients and partners of exness to switch to SMS as Security Type instead of Email .

Also we have strict rules on changing security types because of our clients security

I am sure you would have appreciated our rules if it was one of the hacker who was trying to Change that Email to another .

In such situations Both the company and user have to make security precautions
e.g: Securing your Payment Accounts , Verify your exness Account . and use High Priority Security Types

We have Written 10 Working days Notice Period for every Termination of account and as promised the Fund would have been transferred to the same account it was originated from .