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Updated: Aug 31, 2016
3.83 · 417 REVIEWS
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August 19, 2016:  HF Markets fined €105,000 by Cysec. CLICK HERE to verify.
Part of HF Markets. Related sites include OptionTrade.com

HotForex's representative requests that anyone having issues please include the account number in the review.  This should result in many issues being addressed more quickly.

Hot Forex are forex brokers. HotForex offers the MetaTrader 4, MT Mobile, and WebTrader forex trading top platforms. HotForex.com offers over 8 currency pairs, cfds, metals, oil, indices, and shares for your personal investment and trading options.


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3.83 · 417 REVIEWS
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punjab, India
Aug 29, 2016
Registed user

vey disappointed

i have been with hotforex for 2-3 years but this is the first time i'm not getting my withdrawal. yesterday on 28 august 2016 , i requested for withdrawal of $100 , but now its monday 29th august , after 24 hours i hv not got my withdrawal.. i have contacted them via quick chat but they are telling me that i did not do any withdrawal on that date...i have sent them all the proofs ...even then if they dont send me my money to neteller then i will do public all the proofs..my id is 114632 and the mt4 account for withdrawal is 1107554

Aug 29, 2016
Registed user

Using Hotforex for 9 Months, so far so good. Made 2 small withdrawal, i small account user.

HCM, Viet Nam
Aug 26, 2016

Stable and Fast Withdrawal Broker

I have joined hotforex for 1 year and so far not having any issues in trading. They also provide various types of accounts and helpful things as Market Reviews and Webinars (through my inbox). The key point is their withdrawal service, its taking less than 2 days to arrive in my Skrill account. I successfully withdrew more than 5 times and no hassles.

Islamabad, Pakistan
Aug 22, 2016

I started my trading career last year on a friends recommendation however the first trading experience wasn't that much good as i thought it would be but after that I started trading again and choose hotforex company and so far nothing to compliant about. The trades are easier to execute however i also wanted to high light that the platform may show requotes on the most busiest days but i think it's acceptable.

The customer services support is quite helpful and their turnaround time is really fast. The spreads are really tight and leverage is also good which really helped me earn good profits while trading on London sessions with GBP. I usually ask for withdrawals at the end of every week and they are usually processed conveniently.

While trading with them i have noticed that my trading skill has been improved as I used to learn more strategies and practicing them on demo account in my free time. I think that a decent broker can be really helpful in earning money as well as developing good trading skills.

I am also planning to get an EA coded and trying it on their platform however i am not sure when i will be able to run it as it is still in compilation stages so i will update my progress here when i finish it. With all the above statement I think I am only able to give them four stars at the moment but I will keep reviewing them in future as well.

Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Aug 22, 2016

good broker, cheap CFDs

I have premium account there its quite flexible comparing to US stock broker I use for futures, you can set up leverage, combine raw spreads and commission and even use fixed spread (which I haven't tested yet). My experience with them limits to one month but its quite pleasing, though I haven't withdrawn any profit yet. Some CFD contracts on currencies which they offer is much cheaper than respective futures so I will probably increase my exposure with this broker soon. For now I rate them 5.

Adana, Turkey
Aug 21, 2016

A sure way to get scammed by irresponsible @^#%'s doing everything to get your money

I made a post before telling about HotForex criminals.
Now I'm on vocation and reading this: atozforex.com/news/breaking-cysec-fined-hotforex-for-misleading-investors/

I can tell that HotForex is involved in way more worse things than described in this article. And like before, that is why I know many positive reviews on FPA are fake.
I have reason to believe HotForex is using 1) an IP changer to submit fake positive reviews or 2) they bought positive review package/service somewhere. Maybe they even do both.

More than 95% of the brokers out there, including the big names, are scamming their clients in various ways that rookie traders don't even know how to detect.

CySec regulation is worth nothing. don't fall for it. UK and Australian regulations are the least worst of all. U.S. regulation is also okay, but be aware that even one of the biggest U.S. brokers is also doing nasty things under the eyes of the U.S. authorities.

I don't want to recommend alternative brokers as a good broker today can start doign nasty things in the future. So there is no guarantee. The safest way to trade is via a large local bank. Many brokers have offshore subsidiaries that are used for money loundering and to protect them from you getting your money back when they scam you. You CAN'T get your money back.

kharkov, Ukraine
Aug 11, 2016
Registed user

terrible customer service

My account id is 54210. Last week i found out that i could not withdraw from my account anymore. I asked why and i was told i need to provide POA documents again which i already provided couple of years ago when i opened my account. I sent document and got no reply for almost a week. i had to write the customer service and i was told they don't work with Ukrainians anymore and i should take my money back and close my account. I asked for the withdrawal of my affiliate profit which i got no reply for days. I wrote them again and then they decided to tell me to wait couple of days and they will take Ukrainians again. This broker seems like a broker against customers making profit and I'm already totally scared of their fast decisions of not taking and taking clients back when it turns to getting your money back.

, India
Aug 3, 2016

HF's Indian representative, Partibha from Gurgaon, told me to get me a solution. But neither she could get the money nor she ensured about trading platform. It means, They will keep freezing platform during news. You cannot close or open trades , neither you can place/delete any pending order.

Jul 20, 2016 - 1 Star Again HotForex did not allow placing of sell stop orders of GBP/USD in both accounts , account no. 1101204 (shailesh kumar) and 1101199 (Raju Kumar) at 4:29:04 AM(hh:mm:ss) (Newyork Time) because there was a news named ad 'Claimant Count Change' at 4:30AM . I have attached screenshots of both accounts in my reply in the related thread, in which I have highlighted expert(EA) logs. Go to http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/hotforex-freezed-platfrom-during-news.46293/ to view the thread where i have filed case. Or go to Forums -> forex scam warning & trders court -> Scam Alerts -> HotForex Freezed Platfrom during news (name of my thread)

2016-07-18 1Star They froze platform last week and thus they restrict clients from placing pending orders. Details of email which i wrote them : Buy stop of GBP/USD was placed in each broker (each account of clients in various brokers) at 1.32450 thirty seven seconds before UK Interes rate deciiosn 7AM (NY time) Thursday , July 14, 2016. It was executed at 1.32465 and closed at 1.33972 in Roboforex with positive slippage in closing price because TP was 1.3345 (honest broker) It was executed at 1.32472 and closed at 1.34074 in M trading (honest broker too) It was executed at 1.32441 (positive slippage in execution) and closed at 1.34078 in ADS securities (honest broker) This Buy Stop could not be placed because your platform was freezed before 6:59:23 (hr:m:sec). So I am gonna tell what could be gained which was not gained just because of four unethical freezing. In HF Sv account.1101204 (of Shailesh kumar), order size was 0.1, if it was executed even at the worst price 1.32472 (execution of M Trading) and closed at worst price 1.33972 (closing price of M Trading , profit would be $150 . In HF Sv account.1101199 (of Raju kumar), order size was 0.1, if it was executed even at the worst price 1.32472 (execution of M Trading) and closed at worst price 1.33972 (closing price of M Trading , profit would be $150 . Either you add $150 in each of these two accounts or we will close account. You should not only just reimburse, but also fix the freezing problem. They neither reimbursed the money nor they told to fix the problem. They finally told that they have right to restrict clients from placing stop order. Initially they fooled me saying that it happened due to off quotes but we all know off quotes does not affect placement of stop order specially when stop order is being placed 20 pips far from current market price I am gonna file a case here at FPA with all log files and screenshots.

2011-07-19 No Rating Same problem with me But they are STP and they promised to fix it. Sometimes it happens. I have been trading in HotForex for last 4 months. And i had this problem just once a time . And they have promised to solve . So i think i should stay with the company and you should also . They have solved my all issues of past. And personally i believe that they are gonna solve this issue as they promised. 2011.07.19 09:00:17 '13367': order #1911405 buy 0.25 EURUSD at 1.41500 was modified -> sl: 1.41500 tp: 1.42000 2011.07.19 09:00:17 '13367': request in process 2011.07.19 09:00:16 '13367': request was accepted by server 2011.07.19 09:00:16 '13367': modify order #1911405 buy 0.25 EURUSD at 1.41500 sl: 1.41290 tp: 1.42000 -> sl: 1.41500 tp: 1.42000

Review Moderation Team Note: We've trimmed out much of the log file. Please post it in the forums thread that's linked from this review page. 2011.07.19 08:57:59 '13367': modification of order #1911405 buy 0.25 EURUSD at 1.41500 sl: 1.41290 tp: 1.42000 -> sl: 1.41500 tp: 1.42000 failed [Off quotes] 2011.07.19 08:57:59 '13367': request in process 2011.07.19 08:57:59 '13367': request was accepted by server 2011.07.19 08:57:58 '13367': modify order #1911405 buy 0.25 EURUSD at 1.41500 sl: 1.41290 tp: 1.42000 -> sl: 1.41500 tp: 1.42000

2011-04-07 No Rating HotForex is a real STP who provides real liquidity. Customer service is awesome. I am more than happy with HotForex.

London, United Kingdom
Jul 30, 2016

My HotForex wallet ID is 197219 and I been with Hotforex Team Bangladesh over a year now. I was struggling to stay and walk in the FX market and loss good balance due to not maintaining and getting support from anyone. Everyone give education and support even Hotforex does it also but the reason why I have Choosen Obidur Rahman and his team is because he is clearly a Good guy with his excellent talent and experience not only he cool me down and pointed out my mistakes but also have not seen any better Broker who allow almost every trading style then Hotforex. So I feel and it's true that Hotforex is one of the best Broker and Obidur Rahman is exceptional. I have seen many people complaining about platform doesn't work etc and complaining about services, we all know when it comes to something that doesn't work in our favour we try to fine issues and asking for returns but my question is when you guys make profits do you give any support for them? I guess no is you answer. I have never faced any issue and if there was any that was dealt thoroughly. The amount of support people can get from Hotforex Bangladesh team will never get anywhere. They are the best team at present I believe and with their inspiration I want to Go further in Forex Market. So with my personal experience I can only say don't look another broker who might be good company but without support and help none of them can give you a clear path. Anyone have any question please do let me know and I have happy to communicate and give them right direction. Many Thanks Jabir

Lahore, Pakistan
Jul 20, 2016

My overall six months experience with hotforex is good. I usually do not trade much yet I make extra money every month while buying and selling popular currencies. They have low spreads and I get my payments every week whenever I request. They really worth giving a try.