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Updated: May 25, 2017
3.199 · 390 REVIEWS
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Former websites of this company are Trading-Point.com and XEMarkets.com.

Was, Pakistan, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

XM is a forex broker. XM offers the MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4, and Mobile global forex trading top platforms. XM.com offers over 55 forex pairs, stocks, cfds, equities, indices, metals, and energies for your personal investment and trading options.

XM.com (formerly Trading-Point.com and XEMarkets.com)

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XM.com (formerly Trading-Point.com and XEMarkets.com) profile provided by Chris Zacharia, Mar 28, 2017

XM is a forex broker. XM offers the MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4 and Mobile global forex trading top platforms. XM.com offers over 55+ forex pairs, stocks,cfds, equities, indices, metals, and energies for your personal investment and trading options.


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3.199 · 390 REVIEWS
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May 23, 2017
Registed user


Dear Chris Zacharia,

Your local colleague has contacted me, spoken about the edited document which i provided. Well that would make things alot easier if your team initially willing to put a little effort to explain the error. If that was a suspected edited document, i supposed it don't take your life to explain no? (it was a document which has been cropped without knowing-thanks to the pdf-jpeg converting software, i initially provided a pdf document which you rejected).

Furthermore, your local colleague hasn't took up the responsibility seriously though. Hung up the phone while telling me he would RING ME BACK. Unfortunately, that was the last word i heard from xm team.

My overall experience with xm.com, i'm lucky enough really. That i did not get through registering. It would be a disaster for my future trade and communication.

I don't see providing you the account number is necessary as i will never, ever, register with you again.

May 15, 2017 - 1 Star i would give it a zero star if i had a choice. yes. you read that right. i had not choice.

i'm fresh to forex trading so i googled "the most recommended forex broker" there i found XM.COM (2 years back when i registered forex.com i didn't find any issue. my account left idle for 2 years and eventually inactivated-well that's fair.)

unfortunately, my experience opening account with XM.COM has been worst. the utmost horrible customer's service i have encountered. my account application will not go through.

as i seek for clarification, i just will not be informed no matter how i try. i picked up my phone and dial an overseas number, apparently, to Cyprus and spoken to a really terrible mannered representative. again they diverted me back to email and finally to this reply:

Dear Sir,

Your account has been closed for compliance reasons and our decision is final.

Kind Regards

XM Team
Compliance Department
t: +357 25 029900
f: +357 25 820344
e: compliance.department@xm.com

that's best you can do?

If there is anything wrong with the document supplied, at least you could explain so i know exactly what went wrong. or if it was pure whatsoever mean, do we being a consumer not deserve an ANSWER?

think again, i am happy being disapproved on my application here. imagine me having issue with XM.COM withdrawing monies and to such responses.


Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted May 17, 2017 Dear json.k,

Could you please leave here your account number in order to check your complain?

Thank you,

Asia, Philippines
May 12, 2017
Registed user

Hands down BEST broker, seriously

Hands down the best broker I traded with!
I used to trade for quite some time in many brokers. I tried as many as I could in order to get a clear picture on all industry "leaders".
I claimed the $30 no deposit offering they have and found the platform pretty impressive. Even the service I got when I asked for help on how to claim it and the call from my account manager, was so professional. I deposited a couple of Ks for an initial investment and WITHDRAW my profit in less than 24hours!
Well Done XM!

Durban, South Africa
May 4, 2017
Registed user

I am a new Forex Trader, well I have been into Forex for like 3 or 4 months. A friend of mine recommended me to XM saying they are a good company. So for a long time I have been using a demo account. So I decided to finally start trading with real money. The sad part is I chose XM solely by my friend's word.

On Friday the 26th April I decided to register at XM. I sent through my documents and made a deposit of $60. Later on one of their stuff said my ID is not a national ID. I told them that I am not a South African citizen am just a permanent resident. My South African ID allows me to work,study open a bank account like any ordinary South African except to vote. So basically that ID is my only source of identification cause I don't have a passport and don't have a South African drivers license. They had no problem accepting my proof of residence but they said my ID was an issue.

But regardless with the 'problems' with my ID they accepted my deposit. But have failed to validate my account in order for me to trade. I do not understand if they don't want to accept my ID why not tell me and refund me back my money?

It has been over 4 days now they haven't responded to my emails or calls. They even went a step further, looks like they even removed my account 24017248 from their website. Now am really worried, why would they remove me if I still have money account. Luckily I have taken a screen shot as evidence.

I know it was naive of me to deposit money into a broker that hasn't accepted my documentation. But it is also very dishonest of XM to lock me out with returning my money. Their behavior has left a very negative impression on brokers.

On Friday it will be a week and I plan on lodging a scam complaint then.

Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted May 8, 2017:
Dear kazadi88,

Please kindly note, that your account was closed on 02.05.2017, because Our Validation Department could not validate your account with the documents you provided.

All the funds you had on your account were sent back to your credit card with which you deposited on the same day of the account closure.
chlef, Algeria
Apr 12, 2017

Do not be deceive by intense publicity

At the beginning of March I registered in a competition and participated in the ninth round and did not record any problems but in the tenth round in 04/04/2017 I recorded a scam directly so that the all trade of the first contestant (MASTERWALI) was canceled after having a balance of 100,000 and after a strong entry in usd/jpy he is a strong trader I was following from the start of the tenth round until all his trades were canceled the poor - man tired along the month and finally the contest the scoundrel broker eliminated all effort

Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Apr 20, 2017:
Dear bouka.

Before you come to the Forex Peace Army and accuse XM of being a scam, it is advisable that you cross, reference your information.

The client under the nickname “MASTERWALI” which you are referring to, was blocked by the XM 1 Million Dollar Contest, as he and another 5 individuals were trading from the same IP and the same location trying to gain an unfair advantage against other contestants.

The above mentioned client had been informed that he has been abusing the Terms and Conditions and he had also been informed that due to this violation he has been disqualified from any further participation in the contest.

As noted above XM will not tolerate being called a scam or anything of the sort without any justification and just for the sake of creating a thread.

Thank you,
Apr 7, 2017
Registed user

It is a very bad broker and unhonest quotes ..I have account no.2335282 at xm today 7/4/2017 at 15.30 clock.. i was have a .30 lot sell AUDNZD and I set my stop loss at 1.08267 .. suddenly it hit the stop loss.. how I dont now ??? The high price from 14 clock to 16 clock was 1.08090 ...it is really a scam and i have the evidence

Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Apr 12, 2017:
Dear ibrtaha,

Please kindly note that you had a SELL order, which opens on BID price and closes on ASK price.On your trading platform you can only see BID price, therefore, please note, that the ASK price for this order was reached on your Stop Loss price.

Also, during 15:30 on 7.4.2017 the market was highly volatile due to a news release of NFP.
Nairobi, Kenya
Mar 25, 2017

Big Time Scam Company

If you are looking for a Forex Broker then look elsewhere, this one broker is a scam. I once opened an account with this broker and they gave me some $30 bonus to start trading with and I did trading with it till I got a profit of $28 . But when I decided to withdraw $10 guess what happened? My account was closed with no any other reason. All the profits ($28) I got were zeroed with all my trade history deleted so that I should not have evidence to base my arguments on and I didn't understand the reason why. I tried reaching customer care but could not get help.

MT4 ID 19027641

Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Mar 29, 2017:
Dear Ochieng,

You have been contacted by your account manger recently on this matter.

Please kindly note, that your account will be reinstated along with profits.
nairobi, Kenya
Mar 20, 2017

XM aka TradingPoint aka XEMarkets, Is it a scam?

FPA Members
XM aka TradingPoint aka XEMarkets, Is it a scam? MT4 ID 2336448
Regarding this fore mentioned retail broker Know Your Client protocols, is not designated to fit entirely all locations. Signing Up takes a jiffy, to others it’s a mess load from compliance, support and customer care with no solution in sight.
In my case the location I’m from Know Your Clients protocol designated fit for Account Registration, is the issuance of colored identifications and recent bank statements not less than 6 months old.
The issue from compliance, support and customer care with bank statements not less than 6 months old is not applicable as Proof of Residency and a Bill of Utility should be applicable in this instance.
My issue with the retail broker proposed Bill of Utility is either Gas, Telephone or Electric, having understood the Know Your Client protocols, this seem reasonable.
The location I’m from Gas Bills are not available unless they accept purchase receipts. Telephone Bills are slightly encouraging, on request users of both mobile money transactions and post-paid mobile/landline services can be attained. Electric Bills goes without saying are available for the recipients as email attachments or short messaging service.
The reason being that the all fore mentioned Bills of Utility are far out of reach, there are no Gas Bills but receipts lacking substantial documents about your client to know i.e. physical address, names, contacts. Telephone Bills that recipients’ requests I’m not subscribed to either for their services both mobile money or post-paid mobile/landline and Electric Bills Documents are available for commercial locations i.e. not residential locations. Electric Bills are sent via short messaging services or USSD for residential.
Remaining with a legitimate recent bank statements not less than 6 months old as the only Proof of Residency attainable.
This fore mentioned retail broker Know Your Client protocols, is not designated to fit entirely all locations.
Regarding money withdrawal and deposit it might be overly exaggerated for one to see either a successful withdrawal or deposit in a recipients’ accounts with prerequisite transaction charges covered.
Trading with this retail broker, execution speed seem average as demo accounts are different from the real one. Closing/Opening new orders takes two seconds and that’s the demo account. Be cautious and vigil with orders and note their execution duration.
Being a market marker the occurrence of slippages during trading hours occur multiple of times also, when there are least volatile or no economic data releases, being using a demo account this is tremendous mishap for traders working on any timeframes, this goes against trading sanctions.
The demo account for XM Zero promises better spreads than their other Standard and Micro Accounts. On average it varies between 0.0 pips to 0. 6 pips on major currencies but lacks closeness to a real account.
Verdict contradicting demo and real accounts.

Pretoria, South Africa
Mar 13, 2017

Terrible broker big SCAM

Terrible Broker they close your trades and Blame you

I had 3 open trades open since Thursday 9 March with no stoploss (USDJPY, AUDCAD, USDCHF) the last time i checked them they were all trading at a loss and I let them to run looking at holding for almot a week or two, Thursday 9 March I left home for an early weekend without my trading platform. When I got back, Monday 13 March all my 3 trades were closed at a loss although I still had more than enough margin to sustain any major move against me

I contacted customer support and they blamed me and told me I am the one who closed those trades, How is this possible that trades just randomly close and I have the sole access to my login credentials, The reason I got was that someone broke in my house, closed my trades so they could sabotage me

Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Mar 28, 2017:
Dear Kudzai,

Please provide us with your account number and ticket number of these trades, so we can investigate your case accordingly.
Palermo, Italy
Mar 10, 2017
Registed user

xm withdrawals

very slow withdrawals. They say they use Neteller but when the customer asks to withdraw them make a bank transfer.

Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Mar 28, 2017:
Dear gasig19,

Could you please tell us the deposit method you have used and your account number?
Joinville , Brazil
Feb 26, 2017

I worked for some time in XM and never mind the high spread because I do not operate scalper. The withdrawals are fast and the service is also fast. Even with some comments that XM plays against the operator I still continue in Xm however I have complaint that the platform In the last few days I am disappointed with the brokerage firm, because it closed my order with Stop loss established and in order the price on the chart not arrived at my order causing me the loss of more than 76 dollars, outside the Which would win because the order hit my target. I did print the stop and value that the price came and had alloys, and did not solve my problem. I believe that XM plays heavily against operators.

I expect to have my 76 USD back order.
Id 17128437

Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Mar 28, 2017:
Dear Jim,

I guess, you are referring to the ticket number 7801435.
Please kindly note, that this was a Sell order, which was closed with Stop Loss.
The Sell orders are closed ASK prices, which are not displayed on the chart, only BID prices is shown on the chart.