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Updated: Oct 20, 2016
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August 18th, 2016.  The CFTC has filed charges against FXCM related to undercapitalization during the SNB-CHF crisis of January 2015.  One of the charges is that FXCM guanteed client accounts against negative balances.  Evidently, this form of client protection is against CFTC rules. CLICK HERE to verify.

February 26, 2014:  FXCM.uk fined by the FCA. Click here to read about it in the FPA's forums, along with FXCM's response.

October 3rd, 2011:  FXCM fined by the CFTC. Click here to read about it in the FPA's forums, along with FXCM's response.

FXCM is a forex broker. FXCM offers the MetaTrader4, Active Trader, Mirror Trader, Ninja Trader, and Zulu Trade top forex trading platforms. Fxcm.com offers over 50 currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.


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Fxcm.com profile provided by Maria Ramos , Sep 24, 2014

FXCM Inc. (NYSE: FXCM) is a global online provider of foreign exchange (forex) trading and related services to retail and institutional customers world-wide. At the heart of FXCM's client offering is No Dealing Desk forex trading. Clients benefit from FXCM’s large network of forex liquidity providers enabling FXCM to offer competitive spreads on major currency pairs. Clients have the advantage of mobile trading, one-click order execution and trading from real-time charts. FXCM's U.K. subsidiary, Forex Capital Markets Limited, also offers CFD products with no re-quote trading and allows clients to trade oil, gold, silver and stock indices along with forex on one platform. In addition, FXCM offers educational courses on forex trading and provides free news and market research through DailyFX.com.    


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2.402 · 509 REVIEWS
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punjab, Pakistan
Oct 14, 2016
Registed user


the most worst broker in forex its looks like a scam broker when i talk to technical support of fxcm and ask did fxcm charge any fees on deposit with skrill they said its free and when i deposit 14,300$ from skrill they charged about 2000$ as a commission when i ask them again you said skrill deposit is free they give me link and told as because skrill charge fee to fxcm that why we charge from our clients they are such liars and they are very bad they ate my 2000$ and they spreads are also worst then instaforex and fxcm mt4 is also very bad its like a freezer and they freez your trades also every time when my deal is in profit and when i am going to close time out again and again very bad broker spreads are very high eurusd 3.2 gbpusd 4.0 and on gbpjpy its 5.2 oh my GOD they called there self they are best i used exness ,xm , instaforex, and i realize one think these brokers are much better then fxcm it is most worst broker please stay away form it if you still want FCA regulated broker then you can choose some one else good bye fxcm you lost another client

Reply by Jason Rogers submitted Oct 19, 2016:
Hi Muhammad Zain,
Unfortunately, there seems to be some confusion. First, it's important to note FXCM does not make any money from Skrill deposits. We make money when you trade, so it's in our best interest for you to have more funds in your FXCM account with which to trade.
It is Skrill, not FXCM, that charged you deposit fees, and these fees are clearly stated on the webpage where you made your Skrill deposit into your trading account: https://skrillfxcmuk.fxcorporate.com/en/index.html
Specifically, that webpage states the following: "Deposits initiated via Skrill to Forex Capital Markets Limited [FXCM UK] are subject to a 1.6% plus 0.29 USD processing fee which will be assessed to the deposit amount upon receipt of funds. (Additional charges may apply for certain countries: https://docs.fxcorporate.com/skrill_surcharge_fee.pdf)"
In that PDF document, Pakistan is listed as one of the countries where Skrill adds a 0.5% surcharge on deposits. That means funds received from a Skrill User resident in Pakistan will be assessed at 2.1% plus 0.29 USD processing fee.
You mentioned you deposited $14,300. That should have resulted in $300.59 in deposit fees from Skrill, so the $2000 amount you mentioned does not sound accurate. Please email admin AT fxcm DOT com and CC me at jrogers AT fxcm DOT com referencing your account number and Skrill deposit. We can reach out to Skrill together and verify the exact amount you were charged and why.
It is important for us that you have confidence FXCM's deposit options. Also, for future reference, you may find it is cheaper to send deposits of this size via bank wire transfer, since Skrill charges you a percentage fee, and bank wire fees are usually a flat rate.
London , United Kingdom
Oct 10, 2016

I've been trading with FXCM on and off for about 5 years. I've never had any issues with them. The withdrawal process was always a concern for me with a forex broker, but with FXCM the withdrawals are very quick. The iPhone trading platform is also a very efficient way of trading and has never let me down when I'm on the road.

Oct 3, 2016

I do not trust FXCM. They manipulate the prices against you when you're winning!

Trading in demo--was up $2000 in hedge position--would not let me take profit. CHEATERS.

Reply by Jason Rogers submitted Oct 10, 2016:
Hi Martin,
Unfortunately, there seems to be some confusion.
With a demo account, there is no real money at risk, therefore FXCM does not make or lose money from your demo trading. How would it benefit us for you to have a poor demo experience? Would it make you more likely to open a real account where we could profit from your real trading volume?
That should confirm for you that any issue you encountered on your demo account was nothing deliberate on our part.
For this reason, I hope you will reach out to our customer support team which is available to you live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We would be happy to investigate what happened on your demo account for you and provide a solution: https://www.fxcm.com/trading-services/contact-client-support/?CMP=SFS-70160000000MusRAAS
Please keep in mind that if demo trading was as bad for everyone as you described, then no one would open a real account with us. It's precisely because we provide traders with an excellent experience (demo and real) that the latest CFTC data show FXCM accounts for more than one-third of all retail forex client funds on deposit in the US: http://i.imgur.com/1P1n3GK.png
Utah, USA
Oct 1, 2016
Registed user

Rock Solid

I still have an account with FXCM after many years. Our money is surely safe in my opinion. You can also withdraw and deposit money on time with them. There is always a scandal in Forex but FXCM has been around for years and will continue to stay strong.

London, United Kingdom
Sep 15, 2016

Maybe you need to dump £1000s in an account to get away with a £1 per pip trade?

The problem is with FXCM is that it closes your trades too soon. All the money I have lost is from FXCM closing my trades early. Trading is about going being in a trade and being well under, this site does not allow you to ride out a trade at all. It gives off a quick alarm, no chance to even top your account either and closes your trade. Only twice out of the many trades FXCM has closed would I have been in trouble without closing it myself, all the other trades recovered. IMO the only losing trade in trading is a closed one, the way FXCM goes about closing a trade within a matter of 5 minutes reminds me of Binary Options. I have had longer Binary Options open than I have had trades opened with FXCM.

Reply by Jason Rogers submitted Sep 28, 2016:
Hi T,
There seems to be some confusion. When you say FXCM closes out your trades, it sounds like you are referring to the automatic trade liquidation that occurs when your account falls below the minimum margin requirement needed to maintain your open positions. This automatic trade liquidation is a safety measure designed to protect your account from even greater losses.
You live in the UK which means you have access to up to 200:1 leverage on your FXCM account. That lets you open trades with as little as 0.5% margin. You can find detailed information on the margin requirements for each trading instrument on our website: https://www.fxcm.com/uk/forex/trading-details/?CMP=SFS-70160000000MusRAAS
If you have difficulty maintaining adequate margin in your account at these levels, it is possible you may be overleveraging your trades. Note that it's not enough to have only the bare minimum in your account needed to open a trade. You should plan to have enough usable margin above the minimum required so you can withstand market moves against your open positions without running out of necessary margin.
Sri Lanka
Aug 12, 2016
Registed user

FXCM is a good FX Broekr

FXCM is another good company. they have been leasers in the FX industry an their track record speaks for itself.

Aug 12, 2016
Registed user

Best broker for me.

I have been trading with FXCM just 4 months back and suffered extreme losses on my 1st, 2nd and 3rd month. I started to become profitable just before the brexit. I have already recovered my loses and even started to see my profit. I could say that FXCM for me at the moment is a good broker in terms of CS and platforms. There are slippage most of the times but I do understand it.

So far I have not tried to withdraw any amount from my account. But I want to keep my trust with FXCM. Hopefully this trust will not be wasted.

Let us not blame others for our mistakes.

Reply by Jason Rogers submitted Aug 25, 2016:
Hi Romell,
Congratulations on recovering from your early losses and becoming profitable with your trading!
While slippage is a risk of trading in any market with any broker, it's worth noting that slippage with FXCM can be either positive or negative. The latest execution data show the following: https://www.fxcm.com/advantages/forex-execution/price-improvements/
- 78.71% of all orders had NO SLIPPAGE.
- 12.77% of all orders received positive slippage.
- 8.52% of all orders received negative slippage.
- 50.02% of all limit and limit entry orders received positive slippage.
- 39.9% of all stop and stop entry orders received negative slippage.
Note how positive slippage is more common with limit orders while negative slippage is more common with stop orders. This is due to the momentum of price movement when such order types are triggered.
FXCM's Trading Station platform has order features called Market Range and Range Entry which limit your negative slippage, but not your positive slippage, on Market Orders and Entry Orders respectively: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYR4td-Lza8
thailand, Thailand
Aug 11, 2016

FXCM IB Partner staff bad support.

I think many Broker they want IB partner for join and work with them right? but i get many questions from FXCM staff IB. and i replied every thing true and frankly. We are analysis signalling service provider and we have many trader more than 1000 traders in my website. we really want to support and good service for our trader customer to deal become IB partner which customer they want to join. but right now, we change plan and ban FXCM due our internal Criteria same like them.
This is FXCM replied
Unfortunately we are unable to proceed your application further due to our internal criteria.

Kindest Regards
Bxxxxx Cxx
Institutional Client Group "

I just share and feeling bad with bad staff mind of this broker.

thank you.

Melbourne, Australia
Aug 4, 2016

I had been a customer of FXCM for 6 years or so. On August 1st I received an email from their compliance department telling me my account had been terminated. There was no reason given. This was the worst case of customer service I had ever encountered in any form of business. No forewarning, just cut, bang, see you in the next life.

I requested the Australian manager's phone number to get an understanding of why, without notice, my account was terminated. It was not forthcoming. I still do not know why after a number of requests to FXCM compliance to explain their decision.

Very angry and with a great sense of insult I did some research and found that I was not alone in my feelings.

Refer: https://www.compareforexbrokers.com.au/australian-forex-brokers/

Scroll down to 'Customer Service and Reputation' and you will see FXCM sit very much at the bottom of the list.

So Jason don't try and fluff up FXCM for being a great organisation.

Tampa,Fl, USA
Jul 18, 2016

Update, Received an Email from FXCM July 18th stating my ACH deposit has been returned. Please allow 4-6 weeks for funds to post.FXCM is a joke,I am also filing a NFA complaint

2016-07-15 No Rating Had a mini account with FXCM for about a year, deposited $20,000 on July 10. Received a Termination email the following day and on July 12th they cashed my ach deposit and told me I can arrange for a withdrawl when it clears into my account on the 18th. Stay Away

Reply by Jason Rogers submitted Jul 22, 2016:
After thorough review, it was determined that FXCM was unable to maintain your account. The return of your account balance may vary based on the depositing method(s) used. FXCM makes all efforts to return funds as quickly as possible.