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Updated: Oct 3, 2016
4.632 · 42 REVIEWS
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Note:  This company provides a forex education program for a fee.  The company says that those meeting certain standards will be provided with funds to trade for a share of the profits.

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4.632 · 42 REVIEWS
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Sacramento, USA
Sep 30, 2016

Great education, nice people, not get rich quick

If you have not been to a Summit, you are missing out. I just came back from the most recent Summit held in Salt Lake City, it was well run,and full of information to move your trading business forward, I am still very exited about​ ​what I learned, I had a 193 pip day first day back ! I thought a 50 pip days were great before. What I noticed most, the people at the Apiary Fund are nice, even Shawn ! Thanks Shawn, Steve, Todd, Jeff, Ron, Nathen, Colton and all the others at The Apiary Fund!

Paul R


Tampa, FL, USA
Sep 3, 2016
Registed user

Far better performance than expected.

Apiary Fund is comprised of a great group of traders that really care! Very thorough classes and strategies with lots of tips and ongoing training. I couldn't be happier with the help and information that we receive. I especially enjoy listening to the logic when choosing a trade, and watching them place their orders and stops, while we do the same, if we choose. Then watching how they manage the trade, all while telling you what they are thinking, opens up a whole new world for me. Even my husband commented that these guys are totally open and not hiding, versus the leaders of other courses I have purchased. They really have this game figured out. They rarely lose.

They have also created a friendly community of traders helping traders. It's fun reading the live conversations and being part of it if you wish.

And on top of it, once you have mastered their skills, they will fund an account for you so that you can trade with their money. This gets traders over the fear hump so that they can become successful. What more could you ask for? I can't recommend them highly enough!

My only regret? That I can't give them 10 stars!

New Zealand
Aug 16, 2016
Registed user

Great forex education

Best education in forex I have ever received. The Bee Line to funding forces you out of your comfort zone and makes learning a fun challenge.

Kamloops,B.C., Canada
Aug 12, 2016
Registed user

Will be sure to recommend anyone interested in educating themselves in trading well earning with confidence .

A great team to work with as well learn from. If only had this type of support a year ago would have been a successful trader a lot faster instead of following other programs wasting money and time. Still have learning to do but becoming more confident every day. Having fun, making better trades, feeling like a member of a caring family. A must try for any beginner or trader at any level.

Aug 11, 2016

Excellent company and opportunity.

The Apiary Fund offers superlative Forex education including, but not limited to, on line classes, interactive webinars, recorded webinars and instructors. The staff is very supportive and always willing to pleasantly address questions. Their funding protocol is excellent in that they protect the trader and themselves. I highly recommend Nate and his Apiary team.

Kelowna, Canada
Jun 29, 2016

I have been a Apiary member for two weeks and have been very impressed with their training program. In particular I love the structure provided with the Beeline to funding program. I'm currently at the Beeline Bronze 2 level and expect to reach level 3 by the end of the week. If I would have discovered your services when I started trading I would have managed risk more effectively and experience more profits while experiencing less stress.

Keep up the great work.

Arkansas, USA
Jun 7, 2016

I've been with Apairy for a couple of months. The training provided is excellent. They teach many different methods for trading, and you pick which method works with your time constraints and personality. It's been challenging, and has improved my trading results.

Toronto, Canada
May 10, 2016

Finally, a company that cares about it's members.

I have been trading forex for more than 10 years and I have spent a lot of money on courses, books, and webinars that promised to teach you how to trade forex. Almost always, these "educations" were hot on general concepts but woefully lacking in specifics. Also, once your "tuition" was in their pockets, you were no longer important to them. The educational materials, live training and etc. was always available, but at an exhorbitant monthly fee. I always thought to myself, "if you are making so much money in forex, then why would you need a monthly fee from me?".

Recently, I came across the Apiary Fund on the internet and, from the very first, I was impressed with their concept. Their main purpose is to train people like you and me to become successful traders. It doesn't matter if you are already an experienced trader, or just starting out, Apiary wants you to succeed. When I signed up, I had immediate access to all of their materials. We're talking ebooks, videos, recorded discussions, live trading rooms, webinars, and much, much more. And the best thing is, they will pay you to trade their money once you have advanced to the level of fully functional trader. That's right, you trade their money, not yours (although you can trade your own money if you want by opening up an account of your own).

This concept blows my mind. Everyone wins. You make money as a trader, the company makes money by taking advantage of the skills you have learned from them, and you aren't left out in the cold at the end of the courses. It's literally a win-win situation and I love it.

Five Stars go to The Apiary Fund.

Boca Raton, USA
Mar 10, 2016

I would like to join the people before me and say that I am absolutely satisfied so far with their service. I have learned a lot more than through any other service, finally have a system that works for me and can trade in a consistently profitable manner. I joined a month ago and so far I'm a bit more than half way through their path to funding. I really enjoy the live webinars, I think the fact that you can watch the guys trade live and look for setups is priceless...and to add to that you can ask questions or their opinions on your ideas. I'm planning to stick with them for the long haul. Cheers

Texas, USA
Feb 14, 2016

I agree with the positive comments of others. You are not required to work through the education modules. If you are already a profitable trader you can simply demonstrate your ability in a practice account and trade your way to a funded position.

I joined 12/1/15 and put in a very small part time effort and I'm about halfway through the education levels. The staff has been very supportive and I'm very pleased with my experience so far.