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Updated: Feb 22, 2017
4.18 · 125 REVIEWS
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FX Choice are online forex brokers. FXChoice offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and MT Mobile forex currency trading top platforms. FXChoice.com offers over 50 currency pairs, cfds, and metals for your personal investment and trading options.


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FXChoice.com profile provided by Anthony K., Nov 29, 2015

FX Choice is an online ECN forex broker.  FX Choice offers forex currency trading top platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 for desktop and mobile trading. With the choice  of 28 currency pairs for Classic and 51 pairs for Pro accounts as well as CFDs and Metals for your personal investment.


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4.18 · 125 REVIEWS
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Atlanta, USA
Feb 16, 2017
Registed user

I was happy in the beginning, but Now IM VERY LEARY OF THIS BROKER

I have to say I'm not really pleased right now with this broker. Order number 9584955 USD/ZAR. Common sense would say if I'm selling, and the market is going my way, my profit would increase or if I was In the negative, my loss would decrease, so how come the more the market is going my way, the more in the negative I am?

I hope to get a response from FXCHOICE as this is the 2nd time its happening and I'm tired of it. Thy obviously manipulate my trade unless the have an explanation that will explain why If I'm short and the market is going down, my profit decrease as if I was selling, I mean this is happening right in front of my eyes. I hope they can fix this because I have had enough.

Reply by Anthony K. submitted Feb 20, 2017:
Hello again The786Trader,

We are pleased that you have enjoyed trading with us and now we will provide you with an explanation, as we did to your complaint on 17th February. We also hope this will benefit other clients who might find themselves in a similar situation.

Firstly, you were trading the USD/ZAR which has very volatile spreads, ranging from a few pips to as many as 50, which is perfectly normal for this currency pair, even in times of high liquidity (i.e. NY-London overlap). These spreads can change quickly, as happened with your trade.

When you saw the trade going your way, that is, the market was going down to support your sell order, you also saw that your profit was decreasing. How can that be? Because as we have already explained, the spreads might have widened at this point meaning the ask price also increased as the bid price was decreasing, reducing your profit.

If you want to see the ask price in future so you’re not caught out by this, you can select the tick chart in Market Watch and simply right-click. You should then be able to add the ask line. If you’d like to include the line onto your main chart area, right-click the chart and go to “properties’. You can then select ‘Show ask line’.

We would like to remind you that as an STP broker, we do not manipulate trades in anyway whatsoever. If that were so, we wouldn’t have built the excellent reputation we enjoy today on transparency with our clients.

We again confirm that your trade was executed correctly and that we hope our explanation clears up this matter once and for all.

Good luck with your trading!
FX Choice Limited
Feb 7, 2017
Registed user

This is a true ECN STP broker. They do not have telephone service, which I do not know if that is necessary because they use online chat assistance that is of superb and prompt service. I am a fan of FX Choice because I believe they are authentic and do NOT steal their client's hard earned money. They are regulated and have a good track record. They also show integrity. As a U.S citizen, I show love and support FX Choice.

Feb 3, 2017
Registed user

A mess with the NFP...

A mess with the NFP, we were 4 person meeting to do the NFP and 2 have fxchoice, one cant login in the mt4 and my pc show a static candle for the first minute of the NFP(crazy!). im not give rating because the real trader read reviews and not look only for the stars. At less i dont lost money but.....

i dont have nothing to hide, available to be contacted by fxchoice

Reply by Anthony K. submitted Feb 13, 2017:

Before we go any further, we would like to assure you that we have nothing to hide either.
We are going to need more information as to why you call this situation "a mess with the NFP,” but we can already guarantee that the two events - the inability of your friend to log in to his trading account and the release of the NFP data - are not related.
Can we ask you to provide us your account number and name, you can email this information to backoffice@myfxchoice.com, and we will investigate further.
Jan 31, 2017
Registed user

Very good Customer Support, fast executions and easy manageable website.

Very good customer support. One of the best out there. The person who attends me about some withdrawal problem was very detailed in the explanations. Even if I was affected by the issue and can't get what I wanted, can say nothing but good about FxChoice Customer Support. I give 5 stars even if they have restrictions on deposits and withdraws for USA customers. They only accept Bank Wires. They have their reasons. The website is very friendly to manipulate and organize the demo and live accounts. The executions are very fast. Since 2013, I never had a single issue with them and hope will be that way for years to come.

Dec 30, 2016 - 5 Stars I have been 4 years since January 2013. This is an excellent broker with an excellent customer Service. Haven't encountered any problems with withdrawals or deposits. I give them 5 stars without any doubt. They responses for my emails are fast. Hope they will continue the same way for many years ahead.

antwerp, Belgium
Jan 22, 2017
Registed user

very good broker

I have opened 4 monthes ago an account with this broker. I have to say that i was pleasantly surprised by the good quality of their client support service. Very fast deposits and withdraws. Free VPS service beginninf from a certain balance. No critics so far. Keep up the good work please.

Jan 16, 2017
Registed user

Good customer service fast withdrawal !Btc payment !
never had a problem! Keep going guys!
Thank you!

United States of America , USA
Dec 27, 2016
Registed user

Plzzz avoid deposit to this company

This is a scammer company. Plz avoid deposit in to this company . I did big mistik to open account and deposit. The account are not reall. Plz plz avoid!!!!!!!!

Reply by Anthony K. submitted Dec 30, 2016:
Hello Roomal,

Thanks for your feedback.

We are glad that you commented here on FPA so that we can address this matter in front of everyone. You call us scammers and make many other claims, without providing any evidence.
Well, like we said we were glad that you commented on FPA. We will not complain here how you abused our support staff during your chat sessions. Instead, we will present the facts. Here is the email that we sent to you once before, it explains in detail what happened.

Hi Roomal,

Thank you for your email. We are not really sure how to interpret "Its last warning .other im going to report and try to ban ur scammer company," we have to say that we read it as being quite brusque and lacking in professionalism. We do understand your frustration after losing your trades, in fact, few inexperienced traders found themselves in similar situations like yours after losses.
Already, through our several live chats sessions and emails, we clearly replied to your complaint about your closed trades at stop out levels and bonus write off. Again for your understanding, let us explain to you one more time.

We issued three bonuses on your three deposits -

1. 19th Dec - 25 USD on 100 USD deposit.
2. 20th Dec - 127.50 USD on 500 USD deposit.
3. 21st Dec - 25 USD on 100 USD deposit.

Out of these three bonuses, you completed trading volume requirement only for the 1st bonus i.e. for 25 USD and the bonus has been converted and then added to your balance on 20th Dec.
After that you lost most of the funds in your account as a result of a series of stopped out trades before reaching the trading volume conditions for 2nd & 3rd bonus, so your statement "I allready rech the limit of boness" is completely wrong, you reached trading volume condition only for the 1st bonus and it was converted and added to your account balance.

And as per our bonus terms and conditions "5. Bonus is written off the account once the equity of your account minus Bonus is less than or equal to margin call level***." so, we removed your 2nd & 3rd bonus i.e. 127.50 & 25 $ from your trading account right after you were stopped out of your short trade 8243931 for 0.50 USDCAD at 2016.12.22 15:30:38, just before the Canadian CPI and the US unemployment claims came out and moved the market against you.
In short, you lost your funds because of your trading strategy & improper fund management, which resulted in the removal of the bonuses as per terms and conditions that you accepted.

Therefore we ask you to clarify where and how we scammed you.

We look forward to your reply.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Bs As, Argentina
Dec 26, 2016
Registed user

Excellent broker, never had problems with their service. The main advantage for me is to make deposits and withdraws in BTC. Nice!

Dec 23, 2016

Fair Broker, what more can you ask for?

FX Choice is a great broker! A fair and honest business partner.

I've read the most recent negative reviews and it is clear there are many "gamblers" writing negative review who are absolutely clueless, and have a very low level of understanding of even the basics.

For example, These gamblers say that they were stopped out by a 200 pip gap in price but for the life of them did not possess the intelligence to know that it was a 20 pip price movement that took them out of trade. Then the idiot comes on FPA calling FX Choice a scam broker who hunts stops and whatever else they feel the need to blame the broker for their losses. They lost because of their ignorance. FX Choice did nothing wrong in All of the negative reviews that I've read.

Every negative review that I've read were those of ignorant, and totally clueless wastes of space.

Hey, stupid, Keep your day job.

Well...... on Second thoughts.... Please do replenish your account. I'll be waiting.

Dec 19, 2016
Registed user

Fx Choice

So far this is my go to broker. The reason I took a break from them, was because it was costing me 40$ to deposit and withdraw money (wire transfer). That price may vary from person/person, bank/bank. I wanted to see if I could possibly find a better/recommended broker. I tried another broker, which in fact I wish I DIDN'T. If all the problems with my new broker aren't fixed by Friday, I will be leaving them and continuing my journey with Fx Choice.

I just looked at Fx Choice's website and I see they added Credit Card Deposit, which makes me want to go back to them even more. I guess at the time I was depositing, Credit Card Deposit wasn't available.

Big up's to Fx Choice; I've been with them since the beginning of my trading career (2.5 years). They seem to be making progress as far as payment deposits goes. And yes I have been able to withdraw money from them successfully. (wire transfer)

Forex Peace Army
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