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Updated: Sep 29, 2016
4.259 · 131 REVIEWS
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FX Choice are online forex brokers. FXChoice offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and MT Mobile forex currency trading top platforms. FXChoice.com offers over 50 currency pairs, cfds, and metals for your personal investment and trading options.


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FXChoice.com profile provided by Anthony K., Nov 29, 2015

FX Choice is an online ECN forex broker.  FX Choice offers forex currency trading top platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 for desktop and mobile trading. With the choice  of 28 currency pairs for Classic and 51 pairs for Pro accounts as well as CFDs and Metals for your personal investment.


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4.259 · 131 REVIEWS
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Durban, South Africa
Sep 26, 2016
Registed user

BAD Broker

Bad Broker for Mac users. They don't offer terminals for Mac which make it deficult to trade with them. They asked me to install MT5 with wine and gues what? The platform freezy every 10 munites. It doesn't work at all when there is major fx news.


Reply by Anthony K. submitted Sep 29, 2016:
Hello Lindo,
We are sorry you had a negative experience while trading with us. However, we would like to point out that the installation of MetaTrader through Wine is not our solution, but that of Metaquotes, the company who developed MetaTrader http://www.metatrader5.com/en/terminal/help/start_advanced/install_mac. With that being said, we were simply following their recommendations.
We received many requests from our clients for a more straight-forward solution, and very recently we compiled our own Mac-compatible MT5 version, which can be downloaded here https://en.myfxchoice.com/download-mt5-dmg. Naturally, we have tested it quite extensively and haven’t experienced freeze-ups or any other problems with it. The MT4 we compiled for Mac over a year ago, hasn’t had any problems either.
Good luck in your trading.
Kind regards, FX Choice Limited
Sep 23, 2016

GREAT broker!

I LOVE FxChoice! I have been with them since late 2014 and have had nothing but an amazing experience. Withdrawals & deposits are quick and I've never had any disputes!

Sep 8, 2016
Registed user

My Broker (FXChoice) is Awesome!!!

I have been a very proud member of FXChoice since March 12, 2015. I am very pleased with FXChoice. I have had no issues with making deposits and no issues with making withdrawals. My trading platform (MT4) has been consistently reliable and very dependable. Customer service has always, and consistently been 5-Star Quality. I am very satisfied with FXChoice!!!

dif, Canada
Sep 5, 2016

fxchoice is very good broker,honnest and serious,and their support is very kind..i believe in them.

Palm Beach Co, USA
Aug 21, 2016

FXChoice is a great choice for the expert to novice

When trading Forex Needs are superior server response, excellent back office no funny business FXchoice is simply top shelf all areas Trading for 6 years and with FXCM and Citibank There is no comparision
for me trading I use the Metatrader 4 platform

Aug 3, 2016

I was using another offshore before fx choice, who is also a great broker. I switched because it would not accept deposit any other way other than wire and will not return wire fee like fx choice. Support has been good but can take 3 days for issues that need looking into. They seem to be very accommodating and have a good bonus program. Most importantly, spreads are low! Setting up an account was not too bad. Didn't take long at all. I will update this review when I do a withdrawal as I have not yet had the opportunity. Overall this seems like a great broker for US clients. Refunded fees is over and above what most other brokers do.
Jul 6, 2016 - 5 Stars Great broker. I used others before but these guys have excellent customer service and low spreads. I had an issue where I used the website to sign up even though I saw a promotion somewhere else and when I didn't get the promotion, even though it was my fault, they have it to me anyway with no hassle. Great company!

Idaho, USA
Jul 25, 2016

Switched to FX Choice about three months ago after my previous broker went under. Being in the US, not many options to choose from that allow hedging and do not follow FIFO, and all are unregulated but so far so good with FX Choice. I don't scalp so can't comment on trade execution/slippage but all my pending orders and TP/SL get filled without issues. Hopefully their level of support and execution will continue.

Tennessee, USA
Jun 27, 2016

This was my initial choice for broker with Mentortips and was notified they don't do business with Mentortips no longer or (kaizen) so i came back to FxChoice; never had a problem with them with great speedy service

, Hong Kong
Jun 22, 2016

Regarding the following comments: 2016-04-30 There is also an issue with price moving through TP/SL without executing. I created a support ticket, and was told this is normal delay and occurs with all brokers. Very disappointed. ------- I had the same problem also. It happened to EURGBP on 2016.6.27 12:36:34. I set SL 0.78909 for a buy and it closed at 0.78859. How could this big happen? and 2016.6.3 15:50:28 SL for a buy at 0.7781 but it closed at 0.77611 2016.6.3 17:37:51 SL for a buy at 0.7815 but it closed at 0.77982! Also, they had a very very big 43.7pips of spread for EURGBP 0.78268/0.78741 (43.7pips!) at 2016-06-17 23:59:59 (GMT+3). The system forced me to close all the orders, resulting me in a dramatic loss! We are still asking them why but so far no response!

Reply by Anthony K. submitted Jun 28, 2016:
Dear Mr. Chan, We always welcome both positive and negative feedback from our clients, more so if the feedback is well articulated and backed up by facts. You mentioned three trades in your comment and we would like to review them here. The trades IDs are as follows: 8100386, 8098753, 8157469. All three were for EUR/GBP. 1.Your pending 8100386 order got triggered and filled on 2016.06.03 at 17:37:51, on 2016.06.06 at 00:05:22 server time you attached an SL order at 0.78150. On 2016.06.07 at 07:10:41 your SL has been triggered and executed with a slippage at 0.77982. 2. Your pending order 8098753 got triggered and filled on 2016.06.03 at 15:50:28, on 2016.06.06 at 00:16:33 server time you attached an SL order at 0.77810. Your SL has been triggered and executed with a slippage at 0.77641. 3. And finally, order 8157469. Your order buy stop order has been triggered and executed on 2016.06.17 at 12:36:34 server time, at a price of 0.78886. At 13:47 server time, you attached an SL order at 0.78909. On 2016.06.17 at 14:15:25 server time, your SL got triggered and executed with a slippage at 0.78859. What all your three orders have in common is that all three of them were for EUR/GBP. All three were (1st was for 12 lots, 2nd, and 3rd order were for eight lots each) relatively big and all three of them were filled with a slippage. These are the facts. Now let us explain to you why this had happened. Surely you have heard of the Brexit referendum that took place in the UK on June 23. Weeks leading up to this event, markets have been extremely volatile, and liquidity was extremely thin, to say the least. On June 7 there was a massive spike at around seven a.m. server time, and this is why your first two trades unfolded that way. Here are a few sources mentioning this event: http://www.standard.co.uk/business/fat-finger-spike-for-pound-against-the-dollar-a3265651.html and http://uk.businessinsider.com/british-pound-spikes-on-june-7-2016-6 . We are sure, you will find more references if you do your own search, in fact, we encourage you to. The rule of the thumb is the bigger the trade the harder it is to fill it. Considering the size of your trades, the time you chose to enter the market and the currency pair (EUR/GBP), you can consider yourself lucky that your trades were filled with a minimal slippage (especially true for the trades 1 and 2). Your third trade was filled the moment our LP was able to find the counterparty willing to take the opposite side of your trade. And last, but not least, you wrote that our spread for EUR/GBP was ?big?. Please note that spreads DO widen towards the end of the trading session on Fridays and liquidity tends to get thinner. This is absolutely normal. We are sorry you had a negative experience trading Brexit. Regards, FX Choice Limited.
Dungun, Malaysia
Jun 20, 2016

The support staff handle my verification process with no problem. Small leverage and low deposit, as low as is provided by FXChoice which is recommended for most successful traders.