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Updated: Jul 10, 2018
4.285 · 22 REVIEWS
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4.285 · 22 REVIEWS
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California, USA,
Dec 19, 2016,
Registered user


Do not waste your money on this TRIPE! I paid him $10,000 along with 199 other suckers and all I got was a fancy currency strength dashboard with bells, whistles and flashing lights which is NO BETTER than what is FREELY AVAILABLE on the many forex forums. So, if you can do simple mathematics, you will KNOW how he makes his money - 200 x $10,000 = 2 MILLION DOLLARS!

Of course when you realise what he has is about as much use as a crack in a glass eye, you have gone beyond the refund date and he and his buddy, Brian, tell you where to stick your refund request!

United Kingdom,
Oct 20, 2016,
Registered user

I’m a paid up member of the James Edwards CCT course. I have been a member since 2013. It has changed my trading from being very inconstant to a profitable trader. The course is well thought out with a lot of material to digest. It covers everything you need to know about the Forex markets and his methodology in great detail. There are 5 key stages to work through each one building on the last. This is no quick fix and you will have to put the time in but for me the effort has been worth it. The support James provides in fantastic. He publishes a daily video detailing the trades he did take and the trades he didn’t which I found very helpful in comparing what I had done that day. Over time my trades started to be more in-line with the trades James was taking which gave me more confidence. James added a great six part video series looking at the phycology of trading I found it very informative and extremely beneficial. All James want’s is for you to succeed and he will go out of his way to try and achieve this. This is no get rich quick and in the course James talk’s lot about having realistic expectations of what is achievable month on month year on year. Once you align your expectations with reality trading becomes a whole lot easier. The methodology James teaches he has used for over 10 years in those years very little has changed it just works and you get to understand why it works. If you are serious about becoming a professional Forex trader then I would highly recommend this course. I now trade my own accounts I even trade my pension because I know over time if I follow my process I will always come out on top. That’s a great feeling and I thank you James.
Cape Town, South Africa,
Sep 15, 2016,

Complete currency Trader Breakout box and Strength meter are the best tools.

CCT's "Breakout Box" and using it with the currency strength meter is a "pip-generator"! I have been using it for more than a year and the best purchase I have made with Forex. The concept of trading weak/strong currencies together makes total sense and it works! I don't just use it for the "market open" , but the whole day and on different "look back" periods and it's spot-on and in real-time..
Texas, USA,
Aug 14, 2016,

CCT is cadillac......

I just finished the 11 part intro course from Complete Currency Trader and it has changed my entire point of view on Forex. If you don't do as this man teaches and use the underlying futures for the basis of your trading system then you are missing the main ingredient of entry analysis. Adding this to any trading system will improve your winning percentage by a minimum of 20% less losses. Its like shooting fish in a barrel with a shotgun. I went 18-0 in thirty minutes scalping last friday and made $1,200 using their FREE MT4 strength/weakness indicator.
His software system is completely cadillac and I just wish I could afford it today as I'm only a part time trader. It costs a lot but will pay for itself 1,000 times.
Michelle Harper,
Florida, USA,
Jul 18, 2016,

James and CCT has made me into an amazing trader. I highly recommend this to anyone who truly wants to better their skills and trade like a professional. This is not a get rich quick scam and it will not promise you the world. I would be weary of any product that did that. CCT does tell you that if you stick to the system, and follow the procedure, that you will be using a proven system that has worked for years.

About 18 months ago, I first went through the online reading and course materials. It was really helpful to know why the market moves, who the players are, and what things to watch out for when I was trying to make a decision. Many traders go in blind, or think they can predict the market. I think that's silly - nobody has a crystal ball! CCT does not teach me to predict the market, rather, they teach you about why the market moves, how to trade what you are really seeing and how to maximize your likelihood for a profit.

Once I was through the written materials, I started listening to James' daily videos and practiced my paper trading the way the course instructed me to. The course sets out specific goals for you to reach in each step of the learning process. It says not to move forward until you hit that goal. I actually listened and followed the steps, and it worked. The course tells me to track my progress with note taking. That was amazingly helpful. I look back on my notes now and can see how far I have come, and can notice patterns in my own trading that I could improve on. I believe that people who post a negative review about CCT may have skipped some steps in the learning process. Most people do not want to spend weeks learning and perfecting their skills. They think they are amazing already, think they don't need the practice and ignore the advice given by CCT. For example, if you ask a 500lb person why they are fat, they usually blame the "diet" system, saying a diet doesn't work for them. When in reality, it is THEM not following the diet strictly. I feel that is the same with a trading course. People want to blame the course instead of looking at what they may not be doing correctly according to the course's directions. After all, it takes years for many people to enter their given trades (doctor, lawyer, CPA etc.) so why do people think they can overnight become a millionaire?

After just following the written program, and listening to the videos, I went from a novice in the beginning (6 months or so) to now picking the same trades as James approximately 85% of the time, and I continue to get better every day. Even during a tough market (with Brexit and the like), I was able to do better than the SMP500. That is saying a lot!

I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking to invest in themselves and is emotionally mature enough to get rich slowly. This course does not encourage you to risk large chunks of your account at one time. While that may make a large profit if you are lucky, it can also kill your account if the trade goes the opposite way. CCT teaches you that protecting your account is your number one job. If you do that the profits will come. I see this every day because I trust in the system. Thanks James!!
, Spain,
Jul 16, 2016,

I joined CCT back in 2012 and must admit I didn't realy do much with it. I admit I was looking for a quick fix and something I could copy instantly without much effort and become rich. Actually I only wanted to replace my day job income. James did not offer a get rich quick and kept telling me trading was hard and required many years of hard work and I found his course and system too difficult. So I quit his course and went to llook for something easier and faster. After 2 years of looking for instant results, I finally realized what James had been telling me all along. Trading is hard and needs lots of time and effort to succeed. So I went back to his course and started again from the beginning.

It was hard and sometimes I wanted to give up and look for something easier, but I followed James's advice, I watched his daily trading videos, I studied his trades and compared them to mine, and eventually I began to take the same trades at the same time and traded like James did. It became easier and easier the more I learned.

It has been 18 months of due diligent work and dedication and I have now got an account big enough that I can earn a regular income from it and no longer need to work. Yes I finally realized my dream of working for myself as a trader.

I am blessed because of James Edward and CCT. They are truly the best there is. Anyone looking for get rich quick like I was when I was foolish must look inside themself and ask what they want. James does not teach gimiks and lies like so many other scammers out there. James teaches you to trade the same way professionals do and like he always says, trading is much more than just a system. A good trader can trade any system but a bad trader can't trade any system. James does not only teach a system, he teaches you to trade. I am so grateful I found James and listened what he told me. Believe me I tried all the courses and systems free and paid, and none are close to the value of cct. He should be the only one you listen to.
Mike Waddingham,
Stroud, United Kingdom,
Jul 6, 2016,

I have paid $99.99 for this course and apart from having been billed $119.99 I have received nothing. I admit on reflection that this is pretty cheap, and I suspect it is a scam. I can'y see any contact info on the CCT site, which is also suspicious.
Reply by James Edward submitted Jul 9, 2016:
Hi Mike, Apologies if you didn't receive anything after ordering the course. Occasionally, automated emails with login details can get blocked or lost by email filters. You should have received a receipt acknowledging your purchase as well as your login information. Our contact details are on the site accessible from the main header menu on each page: http://completecurrencytrader.com/our-story/contact-us/ I assure you this is not a scam, and if you would like to contact our support desk with your details, our team will re-send all your access information.
Germany, Germany,
Jun 2, 2016,

I am the first one to comment on CCT on this website and I regret it now because of the following reasons:
• James is a cheeky businessman and he charges 10000 USD for the course now and it is not worth it investing this money on CCT.

• James has never showed his real trading history.

• I have been following his system for the past 3 to 4 years and I have never been profitable.

• James promised that I would have access to his system for life as I promoted CCT in 2013 but after 6 months the access was denied as I did not sell CCT to more people.

• I dreamt of becoming a successful trader someday following CCT following his trading rules because of his charming talk but and even after 3 years I am only a looser.

• In 2015 I just invested around 2000 USD and developed an application much better than CCT and tried trading as I did not have any access to original CCT and James and Zack said I should pay 10000 USD to get access.

• Please note that his CCT app is nothing and it can be developed under 1000 USD. Mine cost 2000 USD as it has so many other functions.

Sorry everyone who took my comment so positive and decided to go for CCT!!!

2013-03-12 5 Stars This is great complete FOREX package for the new people entering the FOREX trading business.
This will also be the best FOREX package for the people have been trading FOREX for years.
This FOREX package will show the reality to the people who have tried many different strategies, trading tools and gave up on FOREX trading as no constant success was achieved.
, New Zealand,
Apr 5, 2016,

Have done the short course and thats more than enough to help you loose money. Never been stoped out so much in my life using the breakout box and stop management tool. Another for the bin as far as i am concerned.
London, United Kingdom,
Feb 28, 2016,

I have been learning forex for some time now as a paid member of cct and i can honestly say i have absolutely no regrets. It is not only a thorough and comprehensive education on forex but also an education in yourself. The psychology training is excellent and explains some of those things that prevent successful trading. If i never traded forex again it is a training that you can take with you and apply to many things in life and i have no doubts it will probably help as it has helped me no end. I wouldn't delve too far in to why he doesn't show his accounts after all he runs his own hedge fund, try asking your employer what he earns and prove it and i believe you will get a similar result. It is possible that on forums like this that doubt could be created about the ethics or success of James and his system but i would be very suprised, in my own opinion, if it would hold any meaning to those who are paid members with James. I was one of the foolish ones who have bought many systems and educational materials in forex and i have found nothing remotely close to what i've learned with James. I wont be looking anywhere else while James continues to train. As far as successful trainees that come from cct i wouldn't concern yourself, for a start forex is not suitable for everyone, it has a very low success rate otherwise all this blog wouldn't exist and if you did spout about how successful you were it would only incur talk of "if your so successful why don't you just get on with your own trading instead of trying to convince others etc". and what is a better reference someone who is glad they paid for the experience who is successful or someone who isn't successful who are glad they paid for the training. Because if nothing else it will tell you if trading is right for you (risks and all the downsides of trading). In the long term as far as my experience goes if i had found cct earlier and then decided not to trade (which i haven't) it would have still saved me a lot of money and with such a comprehensive training i wouldn't have searched anywhere else either.