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Updated: Jul 10, 2018
3.564 · 4 REVIEWS
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3.564 · 4 REVIEWS
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Mark Mondi,
New Delhi, India,
Oct 19, 2015,

New FxVoodoo is working very good. The results of FPA are just opposite to it. It is doing good in my account.

Review Moderation Team Note: The displayed test ended with a very large loss in the account in 2012.
Derk Wehler,
Vancouver, WA, USA,
Sep 10, 2012,

Shortly after purchasing this robot (based on a somewhat mistaken recommendation), a friend sent me the source code for this robot. It specifically calls DIFFERENT entry routines based onthe year, month and even specific day sometimes.

The ONLY reason to have code like this is to fool (curve-fit) a backtester into creating good looking tests for their web site. Therefore, I determine this robot is a complete scam, and highly warn anyone prom purchasing. The only reason I did was that the payment processor claimed to have a refund policy (much like clickbank), because FxVoodoo themselves have NO GUARANTEE. As it turned out, their payment processor cites some fine print to not refund my payment either.

Buyer beware! Unless you know someone who has run this robot in FORWARD TEST MODE for at least a year, do not waste your money on this scam.
Jun 30, 2011,

The settings on this demo test are not the best! Do the large TP point ,BEP is to set at last 10 pips and the results are much better !If one open trade goes in profit 15-20 pips and then goes back ,the ea will close only 2 pips profit!
May 7, 2011,

My experience is amazing with voodoo. I am running voodoo on my 3 Live accounts, Alpariuk & gallant. Its unbelivable, I don't know how it works such accurately. :)