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Active Real Monitoring Forex Growth Bot Real Test

Average Pips per Week:32 up (Gross Pips: 8075.5)
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Average P/L per Week:1.32% up (Gross P/L: 2 644.71%)
Maximum Equity used:17.22% (2014 March 2, 14:04)
Test started:11-02-2010 (Running 252.3 weeks)
Last Updated: 6604 min ago
Test Log:

We appreciate Forex Growth Bot sharing the Live performance of their EA with Forex Peace Army readers!

Please contact ForexGrowthBot support if you have any questions about the settings used in this test.

2011-01-06 Forex Growth Bot Real test started with help of Investor Access...

Description: Forex Growth Bot aims for specific market conditions.  If all conditions align the robot will make a trade. If conditions begin to subside, Forex Growth Bot will close trades promptly to prevent losses. Forex Growth Bot works in all market conditions even during bad news.  You may have heard this many times before, but you probably have not heard why. Forex Growth Bot works in any market and is able to adapt, because it will quickly close out any position that fails to go in a profitable direction.

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