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Stopped Demo Testing Forex Juggernaut Demo Test Crashed & Burned Abandoned Test - Seller Gone Fishing

Average Pips per Week:-1 up (Gross Pips: -111.4)
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Average P/L per Week:-0.79% up (Gross P/L: -63.62%)
Maximum Equity used:14.52% (2012 June 14, 07:59)
Test started:01-12-2010
Test Stopped:06-21-2012 (Tested 127.2 weeks)
Test Log:

This version of Forex Juggernaut is a courtesy of NextGenerationFxTrading.Com

06.25.12 Test stopped. The website is closed.

01.11.10 Forex Juggernaut installed on H1 EURGBP chart with default settings, except TradingSession1=16:00-23:00 Attention: manual GMT shift!

Descriptions: Forex Juggernaut is a black box expert advisor, meaning that you aren't going to find even a hint of the trading strategy used to program this EA. All we know from the sales copy is that EA is "... the Undisputed Daily Trading Heavyweight Advisor Of The World which can earn you great guaranteed returns at no risk." and that "... it is continuously being upgraded automatically to adapt to currency price feeds". We also should not be "... thinking that these are just one of the many tall claims made by some marketing maniac". Sorry, that's the toughest part! We need to set up the test to see if "...trading in Forex will be child’s play" with Forex Juggernaut.

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