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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-04-20
Review: We haven't tried the forex trading lessons from If you've used their materials to learn to trade forex, please leave a review.

Tim , Melbourne, Australia

Date of Post:2014-03-09
Review: I have done many courses and Jason Courses are the best. Unfortunately Forex trading like any profession such as medicine requires minimum level of natural intelligence. For those who failed to benefit from Jason, just check your background and see what is going wrong. 95% percent who are following the Gurus are failing and Jason keep up the good work.

Robert , Farnborough, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-09-03
Review: I've only used Jason's free pattern recognition videos but they are really good. He is very clear and in the main the patterns are well known and have stood the test of time (e.g. the Gartley Pattern).

It is true that these patterns will struggle in a strongly trending market but that only happens a small amount of the time. In a range bound market or when the trend isn't that strong they work very well. I'd argue that because you are trading retracements of strong impulse moves the trades aren't really counter trend as some have stated in their reviews.

This works but you have to apply it consistently and this is where most people (including myself in the past) fail. You will get losing streaks but the winning streaks should be larger and that is pretty much the game.

Jason Stapleton, Kansas City, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-03-28
Review: A response from Jason Stapleton

Hello everyone. I’d like to take a moment if you’d allow me, and respond to some of the comments here. I’ve been reading through some of your posts and although many of them are years old, it still makes sense to response.

FIrst, to those of you who were offended or hurt by anything I might have said to you during the course of our encounter, I’d like to apologize. I’m very passionate about trading and I have seen men (and women) struggle for years while people selling them products and services told them what they wanted to hear.

Being a former Marine my passion and lack of tact at times comes across as uncaring or even egotistical. I can assure you that I am neither one of these things. I have always worked from the assumption that my responsibility as a coach is to improve the trading habits and hopefully the success of the traders who entrusted me with that responsibility.

On of the hard things about being a coach is dealing with the reality of this industry. Namely that a huge portion of the people you are talking to will never be successful. It’s the old 80/20 rule. For the 80%, no amount of training, education, or NASA system will make them successful. Trading is an incredibly tough business and if you are not 120% committed to being a success and treating it like a business you won’t succeed.

So I’m left with a moral dilemma. If I know 80% of the people I’m talking to are uncoachable, do I weed out those who are not likely to succeed from those who have the right mindset and commitment necessary to become a consistently profitable trader? Doing this effectively is the only way I can do the work I do, and sleep soundly at night knowing I was not taking advantage of people.

So I took, and still do take a very hard line with anyone I offer my program to. I don’t pull punches and I challenge traders head-on who come to me with false assumptions about this business and what it takes to become consistently profitable. I try to identify and separate the 20 percent from the 80 and focus my efforts on bringing them into my programs. But while my intentions have always been honorable, my approach at times has been less than effective.

When I first started coaching traders I used an approach that served me well in the Marines. One of “benevolent dictator”. The majority of my life had been spent surrounded by people who responded very well to plain speech and who had very thick skin. Over time I found this approach did not work well at all in my coaching. It was extremely effective with former military or with people who wanted a drill sergeant as their coach. But it was very ineffective with the rest of the group.

I’d like to think both my ability to coach traders as well as the methods I use to teach the theories and principles in my programs have grown and improved over the years. But I still refuse to sugar coat what is required to succeed in this industry. It is not easy. It’s not simple, and there are no easy fixes.

I have seen some comments here about my program in general. It’s content, etc. I have taken each of these to heart and am constantly evaluating what I do. Many if not all of the issues listed here have been corrected, but if for some reason you are still not satisfied please call me and I’d be happy to work with you to find a solution.

But the majority of the comments here have been directed at me personally. At my character, my honor and my integrity. This I find shameful. It is far too easy in the age of the internet to condemn a mans character anonymously. I have no defense against such accusations because they don’t come from a man in a public forum but rather from a shadow, a voice in the dark.

Everyone says, “You can’t trust what you read on the internet.” yet people will likely base their opinion of me by what they read on this forum. That is unfortunate. I, however will continue to work with traders who buy into my philosophy about the market and my methodology for building consistently profitable traders. And I will continue to do so with the best of intentions, with honesty and integrity.

Thank you for your time,

Jason Stapleton

Amit sondhi, dublin , Ireland

Date of Post:2012-12-16
Review: I have read all the reviews about jason and i don't agree with Mr muhhamed from india . I have taken used lot of robots,courses and may other signal but nothing worked. jason is guy who taught me how to trade in market for free that is his free webinar he held every year after that i have taken is ratio master trading course which has given me an edge in my trading and i strongly recommend jason . People in this industry will tell you what to do but they won't tell you how to do and jason tell us how to read market. He also send every week a free market preview on his . Just listen this preview for two to three weeks you will know /WHAT IS JASON ?

Nuno Leitão, Peniche, Portugal

Date of Post:2012-12-13
Review: I want to start this review being clear. I HAVE been evicted from Jason's group. Beeing this said, i can only say that almost all that has been written before is true, he is NOT a liar, he is NOT a scammer; i can only say thank you Jason Stapleton, Thank you for all the knowledge you passed me on.

I stumbled on Jason's Protrader course in one of his 2 week bootcamps he does twice a year. After Margin call an account i had to change my way to aproach, since i knew these markets are a good oportunitty. There i was, alone and without money, since i had lost it to all to you guys that are consistently profitable, with my self estim on hell, i eard what he said on the presentation of the bootcamp, and then i decided to give this guy a chance, he is a very good sales man. i taked 2 week vacation from my day job and day after day i drained all the freebies he gave. at that point i already had learned more than in all of my 6 month+ i had devoted to forex trading. ending the bootcamp puff i couldn't been more pumped up, i was really excited to his course untill the moment he said the 3k price, damn i didnt had 3k to pay for his course. i stayed really close to all of his stuff, and after 2 or 3 months i decided to pay his subscription service the T2UInsider; it was a signal service that i tought im gonna use this service to grow a small amount to a bigger one and then i can pay his course. Well the small amount was growing but since i was taking out money from that account to pay his subscription, i ended up a few months after with the same equity on my account, untill he announced the September's bootcamp. I taked part of it, and again become amazed with him but as i expected, i couldn't afford to pay him the course, continued to pay him the 99 subscription and decided to pay that subscription from my pocket and let the account grow, March arrived, new bootcamp and i was there again. until next september the next bootcamp arrived and then i went ahead. taked his protrader course, it was the last one that would exist on that format. taked it until cristmas and let me tell you it was a quantun leap on my 2 year breakeven trading. As part of the deal it was a mechanical room, leaded by Scott, i became part of it, traded sucessfully the mechanic system, he openned Akill's room, a ratio room leaded by Akil Stokes, stayed with them a few moths too. i was making some money, not enough to make a living of it, but since after the protrader course i had to restart all again, i had no money to trade again, it all started on a small account again. On those times altought i knew how to fish i was dependent of the group of traders, i almost spped to make my own analisys, and waited for other traders to put his own analisys, then i would see if it fitted my rules and it was enough for the time i invested to trading.
in this moment i was a frequent customer, i absorved all that came from T2U since they really produce very good stuff.
Yeah of course all they sell can be found freely on internet, but they teach you a model of business, and they digest all the info taking out all the stuff that dosent matter, giving you only the meat.
All was running smouthy untill one day on a live room, Jason told me: " Hey Nuno, i got a interesting phone call this morning about you." and that was all i eard from him, i knew from other sources that i have been acused of stealing proprietary indicators from them, and i hadn't the chance to defend myself, they never replied to any of my emails.
well i rate them 5 star, for the teaching method, they are good and take you from 0 to profitability very fast.

With all this being told i can only say thank you for evict me, i still ear you from times to times on my protrader course, but the eviction forced me to make my analisys, my decisions, and my trading is nicelly going because of you. Thank you Jason for put me on the right path, not feeding me, but teaching me how to fish.

I know one of this days you will read this, and we know all i writed is true.

Nuno Leitão, Portugal

Focused trading, KC, USA

Date of Post:2012-08-01
Review: I think the guy means well, but if you want to learn a proper trading education save your hard earned money, this guy does not make a living from trading, plenty of real traders that can teach Harmonics and other methods properly. I won't list any here but just do some digging youll find them.

Mohammed Arifullah, Hyd, India

Date of Post:2012-04-09
Review: Subscribe for one room and they have charged me with two room subscription. thats why they dont deal with paypal. they are cheater

2012-04-06 1 Star Dont give your credit card number to them. i did that mistake and even after cancelling the live trading room they charged me 197$.

M.A. Belanger, Montreal, Canada

Date of Post:2011-12-22
Review: Captain Rusty has been following Jason for 3 years? Wow !!! I took the first 4xTradersLive course ever made available to the public back in in May 2010. May 2010 + 3 years = May 2013. Today is Dec 22nd, 2011. Captain Rusty, are you from the future?

By the way, if you need to have someone hold your hand for that long you cannot claim to be knowledgeable. You may be a dabbler, an insecure newbie, but not a knowledgeable trader.

I have been breaking my neck with day trading, every weekday, for more than 2.5 years. I have sacrificed a lot, have had my lows trust me, I almost dumped it all, but I *finally* achieved consistent profitability. It took tons of determination, discipline, blablabla, but I got there. Jason's course was the one of the two I decided to buy to help me in my journey (the other being Top Dog Trading). Then I developed my own method, as anyone should to become successful (do your research on that). I am posting the following comments as a follow up to my original post.

Jason's main method (supposedly used to pay his bills before enrolling 100 students at 3000$ a head for 3 months) goes against the market, which is suicidal for beginners. Of those traders being consistently profitable, 95% go with the trend, 5% go against it. Take note that I did not state 5% of people make money. I said that of those making consistent money (5%-10%) only 5% go against the trend. In other words, only 0.25% to 0.5% of traders make consistent money with trend bucking systems.

Good luck with that !

I cannot recommend any method that goes against the trend unless you know your stuff and have been trading for a while. And if you know your stuff, you don't need anyone's course.

In retrospect, his moving average cross-over trend following system (that he would NOT use to pay his bills) could be profitable but will have you put trades and close them in totally lame spots. I do admit, though, that it is very useful in understanding why you need to be selective and patient.

Another trend following system based on the break of a 3rd candle extreme is really bad. There are tools out there to time entries a hundred times better. That method does not use them and is way to simplistic to make you any good money. It will destroy your account.

Other than that, I still stand by my original review, I just want to say this: from Jason's course learn the concepts but do NOT expect to achieve profitability. There is a saying: " those who make the easy money are those who provide the courses [and newsletters]."

Take the good stuff, learn the concepts, then think for yourself. For 3000$, I think it is worth it *if* you are serious. But do not expect miracles.

Sure, you want to get rich, you want to get out of the economic slump, tie the month's ends, retire rich, etc. But get this through your head: no single method will get you there. Jason's is no exception. If trading successfully was a simple matter of having Jason (or any trainer) hold your hand for 3 years everyone would be rich.

2010-10-06 4Star Wow! I can't believe how bad the past reviews are... I was part of the first group he taught in may 2010. Even though I strongly agree with some of the comments I would like to submit a more "balanced" review. I am still pissed at Jason for his attitude toward me at times but in the end I am extremely glad I took his course. The real question is: "You want to be right or you want make money?"

ABOUT ATTITUDE: Jason did on occasion put me on the spot, and ridiculed me. He can be arrogant. But... (1) A big problem stems from the technology. You submit your reflexions & questions, only him sees what you typed. He then answers you
verbally "in public" or chose to ignore any reply he dislikes. A training session in a physical room would keep him more in check as students can rescue and support one another. The non-verbal aspects would help a lot too. (2) He claims to be a farmer boy with a high school degree, to be a former US Marines, and has Irish genes. Quite an explosive mix. When his instincts kick in, he obviously has a hard time to step back and find a "polished" version of the answer / comment he's about to give. He discussed the issue with us and I am confident he is trying real hard to improve on that. I was very confrontational myself many years ago. This stuff takes time to fix.

ABOUT THE SYSTEMS: Jason teaches 4 systems. #1 The one he uses in the morning is based on moving average cross-over. Borin. But it serves a very useful purpose: to show you "live" what it is like to trade succesfuly: very boring at times, scary sometimes, but in the end *follow your game plan*. It is one thing read it a thousand times, it's another to experience it live, to feel it. That was really useful to me. #2 The main system he uses (CTS) is a counter-trend system. This is what Jason is more comfortable with. Observe: he likes *counter-trending*. Every
successful trader tells you to go with the trend. He does the opposite. That tells you a bit about his personality. No wonder he can be confrontational. #3 A trend following system that gave me signals at 3am on EUR/JPY. Not practical for me. I stopped back testing. Not Jason's fault. #4 Some divergence trading system
which is a streamed down version of his CTS system. In conclustion I don't use his systems but grabbed many of the tools he uses. I can't say his method don't work because I have not done the required backtesting.

ABOUT THE GOOD: He drilled into my head the concept of Positive Expectancy, Backtesting, Patience, Money Management. Backtesting is boring to death but it builds your confidence as a trader. Money Management is also a big deal to make your equity curve grow properly. Another very good point: he is extremely available either by phone, skype, email, chat.

INCONSITENCIES: He has been inconsistent in his delivery. I never got feedback on my trading plan (and I didn't really care). He switched training schedule in an ad-hoc fashion a few times. Mind you we were the beta group, this must have been fixed. The system he used for the Varengold challenge was based on Contraction-Expansion, then later on CTS (???). In zooming out his charts, I sometimes saw his CTS to be taking place in the direction of... a big trend. He would forget to record very important stuff. At one point we are told that if we can make a dollar we can make millions but later on during his Prop Firm recruiting speech he states that it's hard to make a living if you don't trade huge sums of money.

CONCLUSION: Jason reminds me of a team leader I had in a former job as an IT sysadmin. I still hate him for having being such an arrogant prick with us at times, but tanks to his pushing us, there's no IT-related problem I can't fix today. Back to Jason: Take the good, leave the bad. You want to be petted or you want to make money???

Captain Rusty, Virgin Islands, United States Minor Outlying Islands

Date of Post:2011-12-04
Review: I have been following Jason now for over three years now ,,,, he is set in his ways , but one can learn a lot of stuff from hem ,,, and he and his team have been great to me...............................
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