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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-07-28
Review: We haven't tried the forex education or forex trading system from If you've learned to trade forex through them, please leave a review.

Ken T, Detroit Area, USA

Date of Post:2014-07-31
Review: I dont see how someone can say this service is bad. They are honest, and most importantly have developed a system, that rarely stops out. I have been with them for a couple of years. I admit, you must dedicate time to learn the system, and the new macd 2.0 is even easier to learn. If you master this system, it will teach you how to trade, and earn money. The risk to reward is excellent. I am a lifetime member, the deal was to great to pass up. They are devoted, and Steve is such a great teacher. They are there everyday at 8:45 est for New York session and provide a nightly email with trade recs for Asian/London (which most of the time :) is out by 11:00 pm or so est. These recommendations are done for you, so as you learn you earn. They also have trade management software to further reduce your chances for losing trades. Their reported wins/losses are accurate on their website. In my opinion, give them a try, they are one of the needles in the haystack. As I am writing this, a new trade opened on euraud, and I am up15 pips in a couple of minutes, and best yet, with their trade management I am guaranteed break even now . Thanks Steve and Wade, keep up the great work !

Christina, Singapore, Singapore

Date of Post:2014-07-20
Review: Their service is bad, wrote to them several times but never once has any reply from them when I ask for refund.

Talersak, San Jose, USA

Date of Post:2014-05-29
Review: l would like to follow up on my last review on Forex-Trading-Coaches update. l did got my refunds. Steve had a family emergency and that's why it took a while for my refunds. l would like to apologies to Steve and his family. Sir, l wish you and your family well.

2014-05-01 2 Stars l bought the service on the first week of April 2014. The ads said....30 day money back guaranteed. That's why l bought it because l know that l have nothing to lose. After looking at the system, l realized that it was not for my type of trading style. l think it works for other folks, but does not work for all. Some are long term trader and some are a shorter term trader. On April 24,2014 l wrote an email to Steve in regarding my refunds because l don't want to be charged by the end of the month. It's been 8 days now and never heard from him. this morning they email me my statement of 129.00. But my bank statement shows 129x2=258.00?
instead of a refunds, l got charged 2 times the amount. l just want my refunds back of 129.00 and the 258.00 l can deal with my bank. It must be an error or so. l don't like to bad mouth the company that's why l rate them 2 stars instead of 1 . l just don't want to see the innocent /newbie get into the trap that you can money back. Chances won't. l question the integrity of the company. Please feel free to contact my at [email protected] l have all the doc. if you have any concerns. until they refunds my 129.00 back, l will write an update. l don't know how a man sleeps at night and not being bothered by his consciousness. l couldn't live with myself if l ever do that to another person. The greatest wealth is not's integrity and sound principles. What goes around comes around. To all the forextradingcoaches members, l wish you success and good trading. l'm not against the MACD software system, l 'm just warning the newbie about the false 30 day back guaranteed ads. Wishing you all the best.

Nesha , Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

Date of Post:2014-02-04
Review: MACD3 V2 review:

I agree with Rick completely. MACD3 is the most comprehensible method and far the best. I made good money with MACD3 and now with MACD3 v2 , I didnt have a losing trade in 2 week time. I dont say I wont have it, but as long as you stick to the rules and money management you will be fine. Its based on standard indicators and V2 is an absolute blast. As always 5 stars!

2013-06-03 5Star I can warmly recommend MACD3 trading strategy to experienced users. MACD3 is a complex yet very profound strategy that will take a time to learn but eventually you will be able to trade with no stress. Steve and Wade are excellent guys, and by paying a monthly fee, you will get access to all needed webinars and material. I will continue trading and mastering the strategy no matter what. I simply dont need anything else. If you are ready to invest- invest professionally. 10 stars!

RICK CLARK, LONDON, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-01-26
Jan 25 11:04

Hi there,

Despite being a lifetime member and having been with you for quite a while I watched your sales/introduction webinar for the new MACD 3 system.

I have just gone through your first few new training videos.

I have been with you through the 2 previous incarnations and I can say that this last incarnation is just the best by a million miles.

I must confess I struggled with the first 2 sets.

The latest seems to be much more logically set out and most of all you carefully explain in detail the logic behind all your trading rules which I find helps immensely because it puts the whole package in context.

I am really looking forward to all the rest and thank you guys for the amazing work you are doing.

I think your package of training and support with the chart templates, trade manager, seminars,And all the online stuff is the best I have seen and for the price is an absolute steal.

I am really glad I got in fairly early and invested in the lifetime membership because as one of your seminar attendees said Forex trading is like starting a new business, the
rewards are potentially amazing and the cost and risk(if handled properly which your system and training information does explain and Deal with so well) is minimal compared to starting most other businesses.

I think your price structure is excellent, because with the one month refund it allows potential traders the opportunity to test everything for a relatively small sum and then drop out at no cost or carry on, again for a very reasonable sum.

So once again thanks and please keep up the good work.

Regards Rick

Santiago Alvarez, Medellin, Colombia

Date of Post:2013-12-06
Review: Before paying for the membership, I wrote to Wade to be sure about the 30 day money back guarantee period. He assured me I could get a refund if I decided the system didn't suit my trading style, so I decided to enroll.

Not only I haven't got a refund but also have they charged my credit card for a second month, after I had sent a mail cancelling the subscription. When I wrote the first time asking for a refund they asked me to be patient because they where launching the new MACD3 trading system. They asked me to wait one week for an answer.

That was almost one month ago, and until now, after 4 or 5 mails, I haven't heard any word from them. I don't want to lose my money, so I keep writing asking for a refund but no answer so far.

As far as the system goes, I didn't like it because it's a day trading system (you have to spent at least 3 hour daily) with the results of a long term trading system. In the 30 day period I tried it, very few trades. In average 1 per week during the NY session.
Comment: Added by Forex Trading Coaches on 2014-01-21 12:42
  We are on top of 99% of our customer support regarding cancellations and refunds. In this particular case we did get behind because we were doing the first major overhaul to our trading system in over 4 years.

We apologized for our mistake and handled his refund. This type of situation does not usually happen to us as we usually maintain excellent customer service as evidenced by our 4 1/2 star rating here at FPA.

We did have fewer trade setups during that period because we were transitioning from scanning for trade entries on 4 pairs to 22 pairs and we were being extra conservative.

Now that we have completed this transition there have been many trades given out each week in our Live Trading Webinar.

S.A.M, , United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-10-22
Review: Unfortunately it seems that FTC have hit hard times recently.

For the last few weeks I have been bombarded with what is basically spam and promotion for OTHER trading educators and Trading Rooms.

This doesn't say much for these people and their system/education/trading room.

I know they hit a really tough patch over the last couple of years, with barely any trades and huge gaps in their supposed performance logging, and this only goes to prove that unfortunately Steve and Wade don't even believe in their system anymore.

The market has changed and this system/method whatever you want to call it just doesn't cut it anymore.

I will be unsubscribing from their emails and won't be renewing my subscription (which I have held for a few years).

Such a shame, but there you go.
Comment: Added by Forex Trading Coaches on 2014-01-21 02:00
  We do not agree with this review. Forex Trading Coaches and the MACD 3 system has not been hit by hard times. We have been giving out winning trade entries just as regularly as we always have.

Just read Daniel Dixon's 5 star review from 2013-02-18. One part of it says, "I joined Steve and Wade two months ago and in the first month I did a lot of studying of their very thorough system and took 15 trades with only two losses. This month I have made more Pips than I have in the previous six months culminating in my best week ever with over 421 pips last week alone!"

We're not sure how two different people could have had such different experiences over a similar time period.

Regarding the emails, we recently hired a marketing firm to create joint ventures with other forex companies to help us gain more visibility. In return, they have asked us to help them out with visibility as well. We are doing our very best to only align ourselves with other quality organizations. We never spam. We hate it. It is illegal.

Back to the trading. Over a short period of time we were transitioning from scanning 4 pairs to 22 pairs and we were being more conservative in the number of trade entries we were giving out. But that does not mean we gave out a higher percentage of losers or no trades, just fewer trades overall; and it was certainly not over a 2 year period of time.

There are some gaps in our trade log, not because we went through a dry spell, but because we got behind in updating it with the trades we gave out. We are going to fill in the gaps of 2013 because that is recent history.

The market has not changed and our system has been as good as ever. We believe in our system as much now as we did when we first created it.

In fact, we believe so much in it that we have spent the last 6 months refining our rules to make the system even better and easier to learn. Apple didn't stop releasing iPhones after the first release. They found ways to improve their product as have we.

Now we are releasing our MACD 3 Optimized 2.0 Forex Trading System, which is basically the same system but better and easier to learn and produces even more PIPS. As a matter of fact, since December 2013 until now we have given out 54 trade setups for a total possible 1,855 PIPS with only 2 losers.

Willem Sterneberg, Jerusalem, Israel

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-07-22
Review: I have been studying for years and paper trading for 1 year.

If there is a system that I would trade it is with them.

Amazing system and once you are into the system and their amazing software it is a very safe way to trade without blowing your account as so many do and I have done as well in the past.

About getting refunds. I asked to be cancelled for the next month or 2. Since I have no time at the moment. I tried to find the cancellation button on their site and got charged twice for a 3 months upgrade ($650). Within 48 hours this was corrected and my account will not be billed the next month.

Extremely professional and up to par.

This system requires a lot of study, I wish I had found them when I started. They teach people to fish.

I would like them to get a trade copier and see what they do for trades especially when you start with them because as I said it takes time to make informed decisions with this system.

I believe that when you follow their live trades and Steve will talk about it in his daily seminars (Did I say daily seminars!!! Yep just did.) you will get a more hands on understanding.

I am positive that after 3-4month's you will be able to stand on your feet and decide what trades to take or leave. Depending on you trading style.

That's My 2 cents. Hope it helps others out there.

Bob S, Massachusetts, USA

Date of Post:2013-07-08
Review: System works if you have a lot of patience waiting for huge pullbacks. Method is not for everyone, especially if you want to trade more than 3 times per week. Also, be careful, they are very reluctant to issue any refunds for prepaid subscriptions.
Comment: Added by Forex Trading Coaches on 2013-07-17 04:54
  Yes the system works and yes it takes patience like all good systems do.

We offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee that we always honor 30 days or less after the initial purchase.

He rejoined as a member in November 2012 with a 3 month membership plan. He re-billed again in February and again in May.

He then asked for a refund in June, 7 months after his initial purchase. The only reason we did not honor his refund request was because it was nearly 180 days past the initial 30 day money-back guarantee period.
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