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Last Updated: 2014-04-21
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2013-10-14:  There are now 7 Guilty Verdicts in the FPA Trader's Court.  4XP is not responding to the FPA about these issues.  It appears that is no longer processing client withdrawals.  Because of this, the FPA has no choice but to declare 4XP to be a SCAM.

4XP is blacklisted by the FPA.  We warn traders not to open accounts there.  If you have an account there, we urge you to try to withdraw all of your money immediately.  If you cannot get access to your money, we recommend contacting your bank and police for suggestions.



NOTE:  2013-08-02:  Eight fake 5 star reviews left in less than one hour.

CAUTION:  The FPA has seen a report of 4XP paying withdrawals using installments instead of all at once.  The FPA is very concerned about this.

NOTICE:  2013-10-11:  The FMRRC has revoked the license of 4XP due to poor provision of brokerage services and improper performance of its obligations. CLICK HERE to verify.


APRIL 2014 Updates: won the 2013 Forex Broker Scam of the Year Award.  The website is down.  Good riddance to an award winning scam.


NOTE:  There are some apparent links between 4XP, SkyFx, and FXTG.  Information related to this issue is posted HERE in the FPA's forums.  The FPA invites representatives from all of these companies to join the discussion in the forums.

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ID Filed Case Verdict
2013-127 2013-10-02 GUILTY
2013-126 2013-10-02 GUILTY
2013-120 2013-09-25 GUILTY
2013-119 2013-09-24 GUILTY
2013-110 2013-09-05 GUILTY
2013-108 2013-09-03 GUILTY
2013-107 2013-09-03 GUILTY

FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-05-07
Review: We haven't tried the forex brokerage at If you use them to trade forex, please leave a review.

hamza najam, lahore, Pakistan

Rating: Escalated to FPA Trader's Court
Details: Hamzanajam vs | Guilty
Date of Post:2014-04-21
Review: today i was checking my trading account they have removed all money and shown loss by some trade, and neither of them is coming on chat not even pick up call, i will kill them if i found them anywhere

2013-09-03 0 Stars (FPA Traders Court Guilty Verdict)
this is scam company, i request withdrawal along time ago they are not replying to email, whenever i call them they say call us next week, and they are not going to pay me i am sure, this is scam company

Hiyoku, Tokyo, Japan

Date of Post:2014-04-17
Review: Any update?
I wonder why I have been able to keep trading.
Hasn't 4XP ended completely yet?

Review Moderation Team Note: Someone forgot to turn off the MT4 servers on the way out the door.

Mary, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Date of Post:2013-12-14
Review: I have invested 30,000$ and am trying to withdraw the monies but they say that all withdrawals are frozen. Can anyone help?

Insider4XP, Delhi, India

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-11-14
Review: In favour of all clients of 4XP-Forex Place---we have Very Important Information about Delhi-Okhla Located Branch of 4XP-Forex Place and their Country Head Rohit Gandhi(Main Scammer).You can use these Information to stop Rohit Gandhi to run out of INDIA to recover fund from him Because his partnership with 4XP on Percentage Basis of Deposited fund from Indian Clients and Rohit Gandhi keeps/hold Maximum Part of Deposited fund from Indian Clients.
He just pays only negligible amount to 4XP-Forex Place to use their Terminal Services.

We have following Information which you can use as you like to recover fund from ROHIT GANDHI(Main Scammer)
1.Complete Address of Delhi-Okhla Located Branch of 4XP-Forex Place
2.Complete Home Address and Personal Mobile Numbers 9xxxxxxx86 of Rohit Gandhi(Country Head)
3.All Landline Numbers of Delhi-Okhla Located Branch of 4XP-Forex Place
4.Complete Call recordings of all old and new Landline numbers since 2009 to till now of Delhi 4XP Branch
5.Complete Call recordings of all old and new Mobile numbers since 2009 to till now of ROHIT GANDHI
6.Inner Video Recordings of Delhi 4XP Branch which recorded on regular basis by their employ
7.Name,Complete Address and contact number of Close Relatives of ROHIT GANDHI
8.Name,Complete Address and contact number of all old and new Employees of Delhi-Okhla Located Branch of 4XP-Forex Place

And so many other more Very Important Information we can provide to you if you really want to recover your Complete Fund(Deposit+Profit/Loss) from 4XP.

There is no charges of above mentioned information we just want that all important information will be share only to the genuine Indian victims of 4XP-Forex Place so that’s why you have to send your all required details to us through Mail. Required details-Your Contact Number,A/c Number of your Trading A/c in 4XP,Trading/Investor Password of your 4XP Trading A/c,Balance,Equity and your Complete Address so we can verify that you sent correct details to us as a genuine Indian Victim of 4XP so we can send you all above mentioned Important Information instantly.
We know that ROHIT GANDHI now creating their own another company from different name to do the same scam again.

Well Wisher of Genuine Indian Victims of 4XP-Forex Place

4XP के सभी इंडियन क्लाइंट के हित में दिल्ली ओखला में स्थित 4XP की सभी जानकारी हमारे पास है एवं हमारा सुझाव है की भारत में 4XP के मुख्य घोटालेबाज रोहित गांधी को आप सब मिल कर कार्यवाही करे ताकि वो भारत से बाहर नहीं भाग पाए ताकि आप सबका बकाया वापस लेने में अधिक परेशानी नहीं हो.
हमारे पास जो जानकारियाँ हैं वो निम्न लिखित हैं आप उनको जेसे भी चाहे अपने फण्ड को वापस लेने के लिए काम में ले सकते हैं.
१.4XP का दिल्ली स्थित ओफ़ीस का पूर्ण पता.
२. 4XP के मुखिया रोहित गाँधी का घर का पूर्ण पता,सभी पर्सनल मोबाइल नंबर 9xxxxxxx86
3. 4XP के ऑफिस के सभी लैंड लाइन नंबर
४. 4XP के सभी लैंड लाइन नंबर की पिछले बदले गए एवं चालु सभी की 2009 से अब तक की काल रिकोर्डिंग.
५. 4XP के मुखिया के सभी मोबाइल की(पुराने व चालु)2009 से अब तक की काल रिकोर्डिंग.
६. 4XP के ऑफिस के अन्दर की विडिओ रिकोर्डिंग.(जो नियमित वहां का कर्मचारी बन कर की गई )
७. 4XP के मुखिया के नजदीकी रिश्तेदारों के नाम व पते एवं कांटेक्ट नंबर.
८. 4XP के सभी भूतपूर्व एवं अभी कार्यरत सभी कर्मचारी के नाम व पते एवं कांटेक्ट नंबर.
आदि कई और बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी हम आपको उपलब्ध करा सकते हैं यदि आप सच में 4XP से अपना बकाया निकालने की इच्छा रखते हैं तो.
उपरोक्त सभी जानकारी का कोई चार्ज नहीं है केवल हम ये चाहते हैं की ये सभी जानकारी सही हाथों में ही पहुचे इस लिए आप अपना नाम कांटेक्ट नम्बर 4XP का MT4 अकाउंट नंबर,ट्रेडिंग या इन्वेस्टर पासवर्ड, बैलेंस इक्विटी एवं पूरा पता हमें निम्न मेल पर मेल कर देवें ताकि जेसे ही हम चेक कर लेंगे की वास्तव में जानकारी सही दी है तुरंत ही आपको समस्त जानकारी उपलब्ध करा दी जायेगी ताकि सभी जानकारी सही हाथो में ही पहुंचे .
आप लोगों को ये सुचना हिंदी में इसलिए दी जा रही है ताकि इंडियन 4XP कि ब्रांच से जुड़े हुए अधिकतर देशी या विदेशी क्लाइंट्स बहुत ही सरलता से समझ सकें और रोहित गांधी भी ये समझले कि वह कुछ भी कोशिश करलें छिप नहीं सकते हैं क्योंकि हमारे पास रोहित गांधी और 4XP से सम्बंधित इतनी जानकारियां है जिनको हम नियमित रूप से ट्रैक भी कर रहे है और उन सभी जानकारियों को रोहित गांधी चाहकर भी नहीं बदल सकता है

Mail us:

Pier Paolo, Stimigliano, Italy

Date of Post:2013-11-13
Review: I can prove 4XP are guilty. I tried to contact repeatedly 4XP and at a certain time a certain James Denton from a call center supporting 4XP (he said) answered me by phone and by e-mail, saying me that 4XP live platforms are still running but, due to legal issues with BVI Financial Services Commission, their Banks have stopped deposits and withdrawals. 4XP is working to solve the issue. He also sent me a couple of attachments; one of them unsigned, the other one signed by a 'nobody', in the sense there is not a name and a title of the person that have signed the letter.
Furthermore BVI Financial Services Commission answered me that the Commission issued a cease and desist order to Forex Place on 4 June 2013 requiring it “... to cease and desist immediately from the date of this notice from conducting all investment business activities in and from within Territory, and to provide the Commission with evidence that it has ceased all such investment business activities.”

2013-11-12 1Star May-June timeframe I made wire transfer to TBC Bank - Georgia in favour of 4XP broker accounts from CARIPARMA - Italy and from OEC - USA.
Despite the 4XP platform seems still running, I realize now that 4XP itself is facing legal problems.
I have also tried to contact 4XP Customer Service for this and other technical issues, but for several weeks nobody answered to my requests.
I also asked TBC, sent mail. Nobody answered me.

Finally this week I had a certain James Denton from a call center (caceso) supporting 4XP (he said) on the phone and by mail.
He also sent me a couple of letters presumably from 4XP explaining that since thay had the license revoked by BVI Financial Services Commission, all their Banks have blocked any deposit and withdrawals to 4XP.
With regards to my worry and desire to withdraw asap, he answered that withdrawals are blocked, platform is still running and 4XP is working to solve the problem with BVI Financial Services Commission.

Letters are available the thread that I have opened in the Scam Alerts Folder. As you can see there one is unsigned and the other one is signed by a 'nobody'... Asking for the name and position of the person inside 4XP that signed the letter, the answer was 'I don't know'.

I have put in place actions with
> BVI Italian Corresponding Consular
> BVI Financial Services Commission

Now I would be glad to hear from somebody that could help in this matter.
I kindly ask your expertise unless I go ahead with the proper legal procedure to follow.

2013-10-25 No Rating Hello, I want to band against 4XP as well. Hello, I have transferred Funds to 4XP through TBC Bank recently. Now that 4XP has fallen in legal issues, TBC says that I can't take back my money. What shall I do?

Bobby, Toronto, Canada

Date of Post:2013-11-08
Review: I have started trading from Aug 2013 and trade only 2 times till Nov 2013. I have 100% bonus account , i had deposited $5000 USD and i want to close my account. Guy call James said i can not close n i cant get my money back. Can anyone help......

Mauricio Porto, Nordeste, Brazil

Date of Post:2013-10-29
Review: regrettable, but it's been happening actually on Forex Place withdrawal request 4xp funds from my account 3057706 on 10/23/2013, and I have no answers I already sent emails requesting 4xp any info on my request and nobody responds, not even my account manager Celso Goldi me some satisfaction, is there something you can do for this case? could someone help?

Pier Paolo, Stimigliano, Italy

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-10-25
Review: Hello, I want to band against 4XP as well. Hello, I have transferred Funds to 4XP through TBC Bank recently. Now that 4XP has fallen in legal issues, TBC says that I can't take back my money. What shall I do?

Dirk, , South Africa

Date of Post:2013-10-23
Review: 4XP unsuccessful withdrawal with response: Dear valuable client, Forex Place Limited (the "Company"), hereby notify you as follows: The Company has received an immediate and surprising cease order, issued by the British Virgins Islands FSC, ordering the Company to cease its trading services operation. The Company has applied to the FSC against the order, and is considering other legal venues to renew its operations. Due to the above order, banks and other financial institutes have frozen the Company's accounts. Furthermore, the Company's funds with liberty Reserve have being frozen as well, due to the procedures filed against Liberty Reserve and its officers. As mentioned above, The Company is making efforts and taking actions as necessary in order to have the FSC order cancelled, and negotiates with its banks to have its Accounts reopened. According to professional legal advice provided to the Company, such actions shall take a few months at least. In the meantime, the Company must honor the order. Due to the above, the Company is currently unable to process deposit and withdrawal requests, until further notice. The Company hopes such notice shall not take long. As you well know, the Company has always been proud of its honesty and integrity. The Company trust that you understand that the events are beyond our control and cooperate with the Company's efforts, and we regret any inconvenience caused. Sincerely, Forex Place Limited. Sender: James Denton. Unsigned letter.
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