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Last Updated: 2015-03-31

Alpari are forex brokers. Alpari offers the MT4, MT5, and MetaTrader Mobile global forex trading top platforms. offers over 50 forex pairs for your personal investment and trading options.

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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2008-04-21
Review: We don't have any experience using as a forex broker. If you have used them to trade forex, please leave a review.

Alpari Client, USA, USA

Date of Post:2013-09-20
Review: I recently opened an account with Alpari. I haven't been scammed yet but they sure tried. Within a few weeks I have already received pathetically obvious scam emails that must have originiated at Alpari or someone they sold my email address to. Be VERY careful giving any information to this company as they are in business with people who try to steal people's identity. I'm going to immediately close my account.

Kyle Bair, arizona, USA

Date of Post:2013-02-09
Review: I have never had so many issues with a broker. Alpari is nothing but a bunch of thugs. Why is it so hard to find a good broker? Every broker that I have ever been with has paid for their mistakes. Alpari has not honored two of my winning trades. Every broker I have ever worked with has been great about this.(Especially Fxdd and Fxcm) Not Alpari! Even though Alpari has admitted to me that there was errors on their end, they will not honor the trades. Instead I have been threatened, cyber stalked, accused of fake accusations, blackmailed and got the "what are you going to do about it?" This is crazy how smug these guys are. I feel like I'm dealing with the Sopranos.

Ted, Western U.S., USA

Date of Post:2013-01-13
Review: I have traded for 4 years, and for the last year i have had an account with Alpari-U.S. I personally think their charts are horrible and do not match any other brokers charts because their spreads are so big. (They claim to have NY close charts) . The administration Team or Dispute Team is the worst I have dealt with in my 4 years.
I recently had a trade run that gapped down and took me out which is something that happens if you leave a trade over the weekend, But you expect the other pairs to gap accordingly. My stop was 45 pips below the current price at close. At open there was a 51 pip gap with Alpari-US which was the low of the day, just enough to take my stop out. Fxcm had no gap and the low for the day was 8 pips lower than close before the weekend. Axi-trader had a 13 pip gap with a low of the day 22 pips lower. FXDD had no gap with the low for the day 13 pips lower. Lastly Synergy had no gap with the low of the day 11 pips lower than close before the weekend. I wrote Alpari asking for a refund showing all the charts i had just named. The first letter there response was, you need to add the pair, the date , the time taken out and how many lots were bought, which if they had opened the attachments they would have seen i sent all of that plus my account information. After all that is in order send it to Alpari dispute. I have since sent 2 more emails to them with no response at all.
Other than my complaint above, Alpari is not open on some holidays where most the other brokers are open. So in my opinion Alpari has no positive feed back from me, and by looking at the spreads they are taking advantage of there clients.

Dennis Hall, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Date of Post:2012-12-06
Review: After one month of testing some bots I've made on 3 platforms, I can only say that if Alpari could have negative stars, I'd use them here.

$1000 Demo account comparisons show Alpari blocked all hedging while the other brokers allowed and Alpari blocked all twin trades while the other brokers allowed.

One month final results, were over 200% gains on the other brokers and 50% loss on Aplari.

What can I say... Aplari US is typical of every other US brokers I've used, they only exist for their own gains (commisions).

tangmase, tainan, Taiwan, Province of China

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-07-30
Review: for information: NFA issues $200,000 fine against New York forex firm Alpari US LLC


ts, chicago, USA

Date of Post:2012-06-02
Review: once your ea start making money they go against your position if you have it set to accept a wider spread.

Richard, New Orleans, USA

Date of Post:2012-03-16
Review: I opened a standard mt4account with Alpari-us in August of 2011. According to my trading strategy and account balance I only trade micro lots. For the first 3 months everything was fine as I
was profiting and compounding my 10 - 15% per month. And then without notice I was no longer able to trade micro lots even though I only had a standard mt4 account. I figured it was a glitch with the metatrader 4 platform so I ignored it for awhile and began trading mini lots instead with a different strategy that I wanted to
try live anyway. This strategy is also profitable but not as good as my original strategy. So I decided to call Alpari today and find out why I could no longer execute micro lots. The representative told me that my account had to be adjusted because of my trading strategy and that I could no longer trade micro lots because Alpari
had to take the othere side of my trades with micro lots and could not offset them with the banks. I understand this from a business perspective but their advertising of their standard mt4 account is
deceptive and a full blown lie. I am sure that if I was losing money with a strategy, Alpari would let me trade all the micro lots that I wanted until the eventual loss of my original account balance.
If your strategy and money management require you to trade micro lots and that strategy is proven effective then I would suggest that you DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME with this broker.

dale johnson, washington state, USA

Date of Post:2012-02-13
Review: I feel foolish, after great help from iskender, who I think is head of customer service this is what I think is happening. On a market order the price is captured and sent electronically to the server. If there is any latency, when the price gets there the market has already moved past your executed price effectively triggering a re-quote. I have confirmed this by tested SLOW upload speeds from my provider , in short the problem is on my end . These guys are great my internet provider is not.

2012-02-02 No Rating follow up on review on 1-14-2012 received a call today 2-2-2012 from support services assuring me that they would work with me to resolve the issue seeming very accommodating i agreed to give it another try and will report on the out come for now service gets a 3 and i will follow up on a report on the platform in a few weeks

2012-01-14 1Star Alpari is a rabid user of slippage by quoting prices in fractions of pips and then endlessly notifying you of price changes asking again and again "prices have changed do you still want to close" in questioning the support services they informed me there was no way to get around this algorithm-- my loss their gain my first trade was my last

Lee , Dahlonega, Georgia, USA

Date of Post:2011-11-28
Review: Been with Alpari for over 3yrs. Never a problem with deposits or withdrawls. One time market moved against me Meta Trader froze on me, stops did not kick in, called Alpari about the issue, they closed me at original stops. So sounds to me like there are a bunch of cry babies on this site, they lose money blame the broker. I have accounts with two other us brokers, never experienced any of complaints I keep reading about.
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