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Last Updated: 2015-09-28
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FPA Review Moderation Team, , USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-06-14
Review: We haven't tried a forex trading account with If you've traded forex with this broker, please leave a review here.

Jirka, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Date of Post:2015-09-27
Review: Hallo,
On the internet you can find hundreds of victims of GTOptions, just like me. Gtoptions is the most aggressive and arrogant broker that you can find on the internet. I am one of the many they have ripped off and it must stop now! On the website of Watchdog they are saing that GTOptons is regulated: CySEC, MIFID, FCA and EU regulated. I have done some researched and it turns out that this is not true! They are nowhere regulated. Even they didn’t have Trader Protection Insurance. How is it possible that I've lost 80 thousand euros and they wan’t give me my deposit back?
They are busy now to lose all my money so they will no longer need to communicate with me. I’m now with my bank, ABN Amro and their trading experts, examine whether they have passed my false signals. Also I will report this to my Credit Card Company and demand to get my money back.
They have made me lost all my save money and ruined my family. And I will fight them where ever I can!
Please look at this link or google GTOptions and I'm shore that you will change your mind.
Let me tell you how GtOptions work!
First I have deposit 250 Euro. Than you get an very nice gentleman on the phone speaking your languish and conversation will go like this: If you deposit 2000 Euro you will get within 2 days one hundred thousand Euro.
After two days he call you back: Good news, we have doubled your profit!
But you have to deposit 2000 Euro. So it went on until I should got 35 million Euro. I have deposit all my savings worth 20 thousand Euro! How stupid can you be!!!!
The same evening I have lost 40 thousand Euro! 40 trades and one winning. How do you call that?
I call it scam?
The young man was more interested in buying drugs in Amsterdam than helping me with good trades.
When I wanted to have the remaining money back, within 5 minutes I was called back by a new account manager. Please do not withdrawal because I will lose my job. Where is my first manager? He is in Dubai to learn oil sheiks trade with binary options. Yes I have been told so, it is really true! ‘Next day I have been called by my account manager from Dubai. Background sounds were same as before. He just sat in London! It was all lie!
The next account manager yes a new one because the last one must go to Angola teach African people trade with binary option. Please don't laugh because it is really true. The same evening I have lost 20 thousand Euro!
First they let you make big money and then make loss everything till the bonus and so you can't withdraw any money. Once I had 82 thousand Euro (and 23 thousand Euro bonus!!!) but now I have only 9 thousand Euro and this is bonus! So not my money.
GtOptions doesn't want to make you any profit, they are only interested to extract as much money as possible from your account. They have ruined my family. They says that they are The Most Trusted Binary Option Broker, but they are not to be trusted, you will just like me lose all your money! Please see the link. Stay away from them as far as you can!!!!! They lie constantly!
Please if you want to see my ridicules portfolio, please let me know.
Best regards Jirka

Antonio, Galician, Spain

Date of Post:2015-07-10
Review: GT Options an organization of Thieves and Scammers with Reynaldo Martínez and Mike Freeman.
I opened an account at GT Options through the autotrader available on Mike Freeman’s website.
I have requested a withdrawal and GT Options refuses to transfer me the money and have even blocked my email account and do not accept my messages.

gabor keisz, uk, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-04-10
Review: i do not recommend working with this trader . the withdraw process is painstaking difficult. sent my papers in a few times and my account is not verified yet . been trying to withdraw my money for 2 weeks now and its been canceled every time without an explanation . be aware ....i would stay away from them

Juri , Estland, Estonia

Date of Post:2015-03-05
Review: This site is total scam. You will not get your money back. TOTAL SCAM . Also Michael Freeman is SCAM with them!!!!

KEVIN JAMES, australia, Australia

Date of Post:2015-02-23
Review: wow why i did not check first, pressure abuse by staff, trading to lose my money, refusing to give my money back, GT options are the worst why cant we get our money back.
stay away

Scott , Wales, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-01-27
Review: Upon dipping my toe into Binary Options under the recommendation of a seemingly honest Michael Freeman (who is also a scammer I later found out) I signed up with GTOptions. They gave me a £100 bonus on £250, which I didn't ask for. I traded successfully for a few days gaining £68 profit and a handful of trades. Not impressed with the entire Binary Options industry and doing further research I decided to stick with traditional forex with IG Index as my broker. So I requested a withdrawal.

Wow is all I can say to the slimeball that called me. A real piece of work. Rude, arrogant, insulting, trying to make me part with more money, refusing to release my funds, giving me all sorts of sales tactics, then abuse, before hanging up on me. God only knows if I'll get my £250 back, I doubt it somehow. Lucky it was just a punt, and they do say don't invest what you're not prepared to lose.

GTOptions is a total scam. 100% avoid. Binary Options in general seems shady at best.

janice, , Seychelles

Date of Post:2014-12-08
Review: I wanted to close my account with the gtoptons, because I notice that your company was not at all serious.then the account manager call me and made me invest all my money I had and ended up with nothing I am now broke thanks to a very trusted binary broker you guys have. thank you so much for ruining my life.

Gerson Dávila, Guatemala, Guatemala

Date of Post:2014-11-11
Review: I deposited $250 for a trial and then, received a call and a guy named Angel told me that if I made a full deposit of $1,000 they gave me the same amount as a welcome bonus, so I did It. He make me a loss of $400 and then I recover from it. Then this guy called me again and I told him what happen if I loss money and he told me that the first $1,000 loss is from them, and then, will be my money. That day, this guy make me loss $500, so the balance of my account was $1,500 and because with his advice the account was 25% less than yesterday, I decided retire my money to secure my funds. This guy called me and told me that I can only withdraw $500, because the $1000 of the bonus cannot be retired. The day before he told me the opposite thing!!! So, stay away of this scammers, or at least from the advicers because they will make you loose all of you money. I'm planning to retire the $500 left in my account.

Jerson Campos, San Jose, Costa Rica

Date of Post:2014-10-29
Review: GToptions is a scam.
I deposited $1118 in my account number: 128977.
After some good trades, I made $280.... Then my asigned "so called" account manager, called: Angel, makes me lose over $200 in few hours. For this reason I requested a full withdrawal. After 10 business days, I received the funds in my account... BUT... only my starting deposit! NOT the earnings...
Look, if they can´t pay you only $76.25 of earnings, Do you believe that they can pay you $25000?
You see,
Most the binary options brokers make their money when the traders lose money. The job of the "so called" account managers is making you lose money.
They make their commisions when you lose, not when you win.
So, please stay away of GToptions.
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