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Last Updated: 2016-06-19
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Porter Finance is part of the Greymountain Management group of binary companies.  This group has a large number of FPA Traders Court vedicts against it.  The FPA considers all brokers which are part of this group to be scams and warns all traders to avoid depositing money with them.



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Scott , Wales, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-01-27
Review: Upon dipping my toe into Binary Options under the recommendation of a seemingly honest Michael Freeman (who is also a scammer I later found out) I signed up with GTOptions. They gave me a £100 bonus on £250, which I didn't ask for. I traded successfully for a few days gaining £68 profit and a handful of trades. Not impressed with the entire Binary Options industry and doing further research I decided to stick with traditional forex with IG Index as my broker. So I requested a withdrawal.

Wow is all I can say to the slimeball that called me. A real piece of work. Rude, arrogant, insulting, trying to make me part with more money, refusing to release my funds, giving me all sorts of sales tactics, then abuse, before hanging up on me. God only knows if I'll get my £250 back, I doubt it somehow. Lucky it was just a punt, and they do say don't invest what you're not prepared to lose.

GTOptions is a total scam. 100% avoid. Binary Options in general seems shady at best.

janice, , Seychelles

Date of Post:2014-12-08
Review: I wanted to close my account with the gtoptons, because I notice that your company was not at all serious.then the account manager call me and made me invest all my money I had and ended up with nothing I am now broke thanks to a very trusted binary broker you guys have. thank you so much for ruining my life.

Gerson Dávila, Guatemala, Guatemala

Date of Post:2014-11-11
Review: I deposited $250 for a trial and then, received a call and a guy named Angel told me that if I made a full deposit of $1,000 they gave me the same amount as a welcome bonus, so I did It. He make me a loss of $400 and then I recover from it. Then this guy called me again and I told him what happen if I loss money and he told me that the first $1,000 loss is from them, and then, will be my money. That day, this guy make me loss $500, so the balance of my account was $1,500 and because with his advice the account was 25% less than yesterday, I decided retire my money to secure my funds. This guy called me and told me that I can only withdraw $500, because the $1000 of the bonus cannot be retired. The day before he told me the opposite thing!!! So, stay away of this scammers, or at least from the advicers because they will make you loose all of you money. I'm planning to retire the $500 left in my account.

Jerson Campos, San Jose, Costa Rica

Date of Post:2014-10-29
Review: GToptions is a scam.
I deposited $1118 in my account number: 128977.
After some good trades, I made $280.... Then my asigned "so called" account manager, called: Angel, makes me lose over $200 in few hours. For this reason I requested a full withdrawal. After 10 business days, I received the funds in my account... BUT... only my starting deposit! NOT the earnings...
Look, if they can´t pay you only $76.25 of earnings, Do you believe that they can pay you $25000?
You see,
Most the binary options brokers make their money when the traders lose money. The job of the "so called" account managers is making you lose money.
They make their commisions when you lose, not when you win.
So, please stay away of GToptions.

David, Perth, Australia

Date of Post:2014-09-16
Review: GT Options say they are the most trusted Binary Options Broker, but I say they are must untrustworthy broker.
They are withholding my funds and not honoring my withdrawal request.
Several times now they have approved it and then cancelled it.
This has been going on for weeks with standard messages, "your request has been forwarded to one of our representatives" or, to our "accounts department.".
From my experience GTOptions is the same as all the others, they fall over themselves to get your money and then stall and hold up the withdrawal process hoping you will go away and forget about it because it's all to hard.
I am in the process of putting in an official complaint to Anquilla Financial Securities Commission hoping they will put some pressure on. This where their company, EUFALA Marketing Ltd. is registered.
Ultimately they should be shut down. They register in these obscure tax havens because they know the authorities there go soft on them because they want their business in the region. Anywhere else and they would be shut down post haste.
Anyway, I'm not going away I'll be complaining far and wide so as to warn others about them.
They are scammers as far as I'm concerned along with the rest of the Binary Options companies.

Gerald Lagrange, Northampton, United Kingdom (Really Israel)

Date of Post:2014-06-25
Review: I opened an account with GTOptions in 2012 and while I was impressed I decided to explore other "options" as in see how other brokers compared. They all had pluses and minuses but I went back to GTOptions in late 2013 after they redesigned their trading platform and revamped their customer support. I found the new platform to be excellent! By this point I was pretty well versed in binary options and was looking for a broker that offered a variety of option types. GTOptions was the first broker I saw to add 30 Second trading and ladder trading.

Earlier this year I upgraded to a VIP account. It's been great as I have unlimited withdrawals that are processed even faster than before. I'm actually surprised to see the comments about withdrawal problems as I had no such experience....I do a lot of research on the markets to improve my investment success rate and I love that with the VIP account I get my own financial adviser, Chalres, who is awesome and knowledgeable. We talk strategy at the beginning of each week and I always get a quick response from him when I have questions about certain assets.

In short, I have had nothing but increasingly positive experiences using this broker to the point that I have other accounts with other brokers but don't even use them anymore.

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star Rating removed.

This review came from the same location in Israel that used to contact the FPA regarding the possbility of advertising for GT Options.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.

Jeny, Miami, FL, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-06-11
Review: I'm writing just to tell everybody that I have closed my acc. with GTOption and I received all my good earnings from their Acc. Department, it has been an amazing journey with its ups and downs, as it is in the trade business.
Thank you GTOptions!!!

2013-12-10 No Rating On October 5, 2013 I wrote an extensive review about GToptions, complaining about their performance, and how they didn't fulfill my expectations because of some issues with the money that I withdrew, but at the time what I said was absolutely accurate, but now things have changed in a good way. After so many calls and emails, on November 5, 2013 GToptions sent to me via Pay pal the money that was missing ($1,470) I requested $2,500 and they only sent $1,030. Gtoptions answered my complaint on the FPA reviews & ratings forum that the issue has been resolved that's absolutely true, I'm writing this to clear things up, now after a few trades and some profit I'm requesting a withdrawal for the amount of $3.000 I hope Mr. Frank Mora will fulfill his promise and send to me my money via Pay pal.
Note I'll be posting how it went after I receive the money, and maybe I'll update my review.

Thank you and Happy Holidays,


2013-10-05 1 Star Hello my name is Jeny, I opened an account with GToptions on July 24, I deposited $1.000, started to trade with a broker agent that they assigned to me, Adam Rivera that is his name, after a week of trading, things went well my account was getting some profits, then he asked for more money telling me that it will be a better margin of earnings, well I deposited another $1.000, after another week of trading with ups and downs, he push me to deposit another $1.000 to upgrade my account to a silver label to get $1.000 bonuses, here my stupidity I deposited $1.000 more,
then suddenly he started to made me loose the money, when this happened he stopped calling me, for three days he didn't answer my calls, after that I asked for another broker agent, they assigned Peter Johanssen to me, as a gift he put on my acc. $2.000, from the beginning he asked for more money telling me that I should upgrade my acc. to gold and that I only needed $2.000 more, it went every day and the two or three times that he called to me by day, during that week I made some money I asked for a $1.500 withdrawal they put it on pending, well guess what? my broker agent stopped calling me, didn't answer my calls, when he finally answer to me he was very blatant on his answer to my questions and my $3.000 plus the $3.000 went almost to $1.400 down, I was so dessapointed and sad, I told to him that and he said that my personal feelings was none of his business, by that time I didn't wanted to talk to him, I requested another broker agent they assigned Frank Sanchez to me, well he helped to arise my acc. from almost nothing to $9.887.75 on a week and a half, on September 13, I asked him for a withdrawal he said it was ok but they will take away the $3.000 bonuses, it was ok with me too, I posted a withdrawal for $2.500 he told me that the process will take five to seven for the money to clear to my bank acc. I told him that I needed the money for September 24 to be on my bank acc. On September 16 we made a trade on USD/ JPI for $500. I lost the money and the transaction doesn't appear "yet", they manipulated it.On September 19 we made three more transactions I lost one and won two each one for $500
suddenly he stopped calling me. I waited for my money, nothing happened, on September 26 my bank acc. shows $1.000 on a reverse money and $30.00 as a purchase return but not as a deposit, it was so weird I started calling him, didn't answer my calls, I contacted customer service via chat and they told me that the money was sent to my bank acc. and that I should wait for it.
I waited a few more days but nothing, no money, by that time I called to my bank and they didn't have any register of money coming to my acc. just the $1.000.
Yesterday October 4 I talked to my broker agent Frank Sanchez and I was so mad that I called him and his so called company SCAMMERS!!!! I was so pissed off, by today I tried to open my Gtoptions acc. and guess what I could not open it !!!!! they CLOSED my acc. with $4.472.75 and the $2.500 that should be in my bank acc. doesn't appear yet just the $1.000 as a returned purchase. I can prove it, I've printed the transactions pages, I've the bank deposits. Please help me to stop these scammers!!! Cordially,


David Mills, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Post:2014-04-04
Review: This site is a sham. Broker rang and advised trades that lost me $1250 then I have not heard from him again. Said his name was Danny Garcia - totally untrustworthy. I have been scammed and you all should know - BEWARE

Dave, Pennsylvania, USA

Date of Post:2014-03-14
Review: I joined GToptions on Feb. 21st and was assigned a broker. First I invested $500.00 by credit card (which took 10 attempts before my bank approved) red flag. As soon as my cc funds hit the GToptions website, I get a call from the broker who said he would take good care of me. Next he tells me to log on a go to deposits and add $4500.00 to my account in a demanding voice. I said absolutlely not. He hangs up. I immediately put in a request for withdraw. It took until March 6th to get approval for the withdrawal. Then after 6 business days, I called cutomer service to ask what was the staus of my withdraw. They kept saying give it a couple more days to clear. My bank told me to wait until March 14th, then request an investigation of the transaction. Fortunately the funds hit my account on March 13th. I will never have anything to do with GToptions again. They only seek to have your funds, not caring whether you make a profit or not.

stewart jackson, North Carolina, USA

Date of Post:2014-02-11
Review: The advisor, Williams VanDijk constantly pesters you by telling you he will help you make money as he has 15 years of experience and never loses. I took his advice one evening on trades following his directions. He had me enter several call trades but immediately had me offset those trades with put trades consequently although 4 trades won, 4 trades lost for an overall net loss. Needless to say I never traded again despite Williams repeated calls to trade more times and add more money to the account. I asked him to explain his strategy, he refused. I suspect all Williams was doing was churning my account for fees. When I asked for my account to be closed and funds returned, it took 8 business days,, and the amount returned was less than the amount in my account.
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