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Last Updated: 2015-01-05
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NOTE: Several reviews have been subitted containing contents of emails from other forex product sellers.   These emails claim that the results from the 5 year live forward test of AutomatedPips is from an MB Trading Account.  If this is true, the results would obviously be fake, since MBT has not offered MT4 for that long.  We have checked the Automated Pips website.  The results we see do not have the broker name attached.

If anyone has evidence that the trading results shown are fake, the FPA would like to see it.  If Automated Pips would like to provide the FPA with investor access to one of the accounts to prove they are real, we would appreciate it.  There is a Contact Us link at the bottom of this page if anyone has evidence either way.

At this point, the FPA doesn't have any way to tell if the allegations are true or not.

NOTE 2: The FPA has recieved a link to an analysis of the trades displayed on the Automated Pips home page.

Based on this, we find the claims on the Automated Pips website to be extremely suspicious and recommend a high level of caution dealing with this company.

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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-09-20
Review: We haven't tried the forex robot from If you've let this EA trade forex for you, please leave a review here.

NOTE: The FPA is very suspicious of the live test results displayed on this company's website. We've begun a Performance Test on a demo account to see if the results we get come anywhere close to what this EA claims it can do.

Please click the link towards the upper-left to follow the results.

scartree, Australia

Date of Post:2010-12-28
Review: This is another scam job. It appears to have come from the same stable as ForexSTF which was as useful as udders on a bull! The 'bonus' offered by the promoters are exactly the same in both cases. The 'live trading' claims made are ridiculous and obviously BS. I bought all 3 EAs and the manual system. When installed, my computer virtually ground to a halt - and I have a pretty good computer! The only 2 trades the manual setup found were both losers - different from the claimed 90%+ success rate! Save yourself the trouble of buying, testing and applying for a refund from Clickbank.

Bob, NZ

Date of Post:2010-12-26
Review: Should have known better when the site went on to upselling all the time instead of a professional service. When I put in a complaint for refund I noted the ticket refers to pips4idiots, so its the same scammers from that scam at it again.

Jerry, Wisconsin

Date of Post:2010-11-30
Review: Terrible - support only replies with canned responses about how much they can help you if you request a refund. Had to get one month refund from Clickbank. Still havent received the other one per their NO HASSLE guarantee.
The EA is OK, but the subscription is useless and they are not very supportive.

Davey, Vancouver

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-11-17
Review: I looked at it online,from one of Poulous' spams.

On google result,his preview says:
"I'm so confident you'll make money with Automated Pips I'll give you every penny back PLUS $100 out of my own pocket if I'm wrong!"

Sounds fishy,so first thing I do is scroll down to the small print where it says:
"The $100 guarantee offer is only valid for those who purchased on Sept 20, 2010"

I'm not making this up!!!
What a D-Bag!!!

Kev, England

Date of Post:2010-10-20
Review: I bought this. It was not until I paid that I was told I would have to pay a monthly subscription to get the regularly updated settings along with loads of other upsells. When I asked for my money back several times all I got was automated reply's offering to review my settings. I eventually contacted Clickbank and got an immediate refund. I would love to meet Jeff Osborn in person!

Another Bunch of C***, US

Date of Post:2010-10-20
Review: Product doesn't work, they don't care, no way to get Jeff's $100 guarantee. Had 3 email exchanges with so called tech support. Explained that money management didn't work, regardless of setting wanted to open full lot on small micro account and that the EA was causing error for invalid stops. First two emails told me to read manual on how to attach to chart, that some brokers don't allow EA's, blah, blah blah. Appeared he wasn't reading email, told him so, sent copy of journal both times. 3rd email he told me stops were stealth. I replied he was an idiot and his product was a scam. Ask how do I get $100 guarantee. No reply. Played same game of switching refund status to support. Got refund, no way to get guarantee money.

Adil, Saudi Arabia

Date of Post:2010-10-18
Review: Why I am rating it as excellent?

Because.. until now it opened around 15 trades in past 2 weeks and all of them hit the TP! Trades could have been opened more but the MT4 has to be working

I really am a satisfied customer for this product, and also wish to upgrade with newer version real soon...

Yes, many of you are right, for many days NOT a single trade... it happened with me as well and I received the settings to adjust, the main setting was my GMT broker time- after i adjusted it to +3
then the EA chaneged from non-Trading Hours- to an active display and started opening trades

Yes the TP they recommed is 5 pips, but fair enough for me because until now it didnot loose a single trade!

I am planning to buy a virtual server, for EA hosting so it could work more effectively, 24 hours, I really am happy with it and recommend it than other EAs because I personally have stopped my search :)

Tariq Syed, UK

Date of Post:2010-10-01
Review: Hi

Bought the product BUT alarm bells should have rung cos I was then inundated with upsells and the normal slick marketing normally performed by the Forex Mafia!

Tried the standard and advanced versions with 4 different brokers and after 2 weeks NO TRADES.

Complained to Customer Service and got a reply back from a guy who had once replied back with an issue with another product I had bought.

So quite swiflty I asked clickbank for refunds!!

Don't waste your time!

Mike, Texas

Date of Post:2010-09-30
Review: I purchase this system too! and was dissappointed. I requested a refund and my ticket was changed to tech support three times. I then called click bank and told them what the seller had did and they told me he is not supposed to be doing that. I was given a refund right then. The number is 208-345-4245 to click bank. I thought it would be a hassle but was rather easy.


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