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Last Updated: 2014-10-20

Ava Trade, formerly known as AvaFx, is an online forex broker. Ava offers the MetaTrader4, Ava Trader, AVA Options, Mac Trading, and MT Mobile top online forex trading platforms. offers over 60 currency pairs, gold, silver, oil, stock indexes, Bitcoin, agriculturals, stocks, and treasuries for your personal investment and trading options.

Special Notes:

September 2013:   AvaTrade has not been able to provide the FPA with information about how the company can tell what is a normal off-market fill vs. what is arbitrage.

Until this issue is resolved, the FPA recommends against using Forex News Gun software or any other news trading software with


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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2007-02-14
Review: We haven't tried a forex trading account with If you've traded forex with this broker, please leave a review here.

Thomas Ewing, New Zealand, New Zealand

Date of Post:2014-10-17
Review: I own an IB company in NZ, I referred a client of mine to ytfx, they sold to ava. I got no comission at all and they are withholding my clients money that he deposited. HORRIBLE BROKER

WhiteGold, Mtl, Canada

Date of Post:2014-09-24
Review: I trade on the forex since a couple of months. So far my experience is good. I've made some gains and withdraw a part of my investment via a digitally money companies and the funds where in within 2 days. I was worried reading the reviews on this site so i tested the withdrawal process. I only trade currencies with the mt4 platform and they have a lot of cool options. I suspect a so so customer service and the chat is always off but so far i have no complaints about it.

John Carson-Zangor, Brisbane, Australia

Date of Post:2014-09-03
Review: Hello guys, i made a $100AUD deposit with ava, trying to test them out. After comparing their charts with other brokers i come to the conclusion that they are totally different in the same time frames. I tried to withdraw my money which was my initial 100 + 27 profit i made on the account and i was refused. their withdraw process is like this. 1) you have to login into your online ava account. 2) you have to complete a form with your details and the amount you withdraw. For me i had to complete 2 because i could not withdraw 127 bucks, i had to withdraw 100 to the account i was depositing with and another 27 through wire transfer. After i filed in the form i had to print it, sign the form, scan it and send it back to them. Then i have to wait for 5 days for them to process the form, then whenever they feel like it they will send me my money. If they feel like it. Tried to get assistance in filling in the ambiguous form and all customer services including team leader hung up on me abruptly and refused to call me and help me out. i will be making formal complain the of Australian creditor ombudsman, the ACCC, and the office of fair trade.

rafat, amman, Jordan

Date of Post:2014-09-02
Review: most bad company i have ever seen with totaly 00.00 % caring, they will stop listning or caring after first deposit then will change the aproved status to decline!!!!

ashfaq, Karachi, Pakistan

Date of Post:2014-05-23
Review: Very poor customer support, very high spread, no withdrawal process (only you can fund your account) and many more. People want to join Avatrade must avoid it. Its website looks very comprehensive and shows a lot of achievements. Till your registration process and funding your account, a warm welcome and full time response is paid. But as and when you fund your account you will not see any more response. for example I want to withdraw my money but cannot, because their withdrawal procedure is manual and there would be no response from Ava trade team to your withdrawal request and e-mails. So I strongly recommend it for you to avoid it prior to get yourself helpless.

haydee, manila, Philippines

Date of Post:2014-05-19
Review: i created an account with a small dollar amount to first test their platform ( meta trader 4 )

in the middle of trading i got an invalid s/l t/p error. did tried the same with mobile app but also getting an error. i did tried to edit the coding but to no avail.

i tried to get hold of their chat support for help who just told me that there is no issue on their side and i should just send them a screen shot. ( without really knowing what happened ) when i requested for a manager, adele smith ( who claimed to be an irish ) said its night time in dublin and there is no manager in charge , i then requested for another rep and was told she is the only rep available to assist. i then requested to have a ticket opened with my concern, that i just want to close my account and she closed the chat window instead.



Date of Post:2014-03-27
I know very little trading exp and forgive me if some technical terms comes out wrong as I attempt to present my case.


Simple Man, Singapore, Singapore

Date of Post:2013-10-14
Review: New replies, now see this:
Sorry for your wait for a reply. Your case really started and internal argument whether you should be credited or not.

The company’s policy towards limits (take profit) is guaranteed limit, meaning that the requested rate by the customer is the rate he will receive. Your requested rate didn’t exist on MT4 that is true (it was in the gap) but did exist in the market (can be seen on Bloomberg and our other platform the Ava Trader).

The dealing room works according to the company policies and therefore didn’t want to credit your account for the difference, however, being that this is not a typical case, I am having the difference credited on your account.

I want you to understand the policy towards limits moving forward. We don’t know why the tick didn’t show on the MT4 feed, but if it did, then I wouldn’t have been able to do anything here according to the company’s policy.

I know I lost money there, but the one sided policy is madness.

I am closing my account, take whatever I have left to other broker.

2013-10-11 1Star I have very interesting case of GBPUSD. The chart opened a candle with a gap due to some news, I was shorting and had my TP set at 1.60240 but that price never exist since it opened at 1.60092, but the system smartly exited for me at 1.60240.
I checked and voila, the reply

"The client set his TP at 1.60240 and was executed correctly. There was a big move on GBPUSD, the rate dropped from 1.6315 to 1.60092, and the client’s TP was triggered @1.60240."
"We guarantee our limits so the client cannot gain more/less than their limit rate that they set. But we do NOT guarantee S/L’s and the client can receive slippage due to big market moves."
"Your take profit rate existed in the market, and you got the requested rate based on the idea that the TP (limit) is guaranteed."


Cristian Fernández, Córdoba, Argentina

Date of Post:2013-09-26
Review: I want to tell my experience with this broker. I know it is very difficult to choose broker. For that reason it is important to provide real experiences with a broker. I have a live account with AVA FX for 3 years and I can evaluate in full the broker after completing a withdrawal.


Good customer support.
The bonuses granted were paid without problem after achieving the requirements.
No commission charged for depositing with Neteller.
Few requotes and slippages.
Almost instantaneous execution of operations.
More important:
The Neteller withdrawal was uneventful after sending the application signed and scanned, and no commission charged for Neteller withdrawal. Accreditation Time: less than 96 hours. (4 days)


The spread is high.
The swap is high.

I decided to give 4 stars to this broker, considering that 75% of my score is due the correct withdrawal without any problem, the extra star is due to the fulfill its promise with the bonuses granted without problem and by not charging commission both deposits and withdrawals to Neteller.
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