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Last Updated: 2015-01-05
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James, Canada

Date of Post:2008-07-01
Review: I would like to update my review, and give them 1 stars. I crawled through their site and looked through all trading statements. The statements taht state "Inception to January 2008 Daily Trade Reports" are from Oanda. I downloaded these statements and have confirmed they were 100% doctored and fabricated, I would like to welcome everyone to download these statements from their site and see for themselves. Please note the statements that they are updating since then have been real, but it is still VERY unethical and dishonest to post fake trade reports from previous years. If anyone from FPA wants to confirm this they can email me and I can point you to the direction of these statements!

I just want everyoen to get a heads up, although they are not lying about their current results, they should not have fabricated their old records.


2008-05-28 2 Stars I have a test account here as well. Another losing day today lost over 2%, drawdown peak to valley is almost 19%. It was advertised as low risk and low drawdowns... so far i am getting the opposite...I will give it another few months, as i know bad months do happen.. but he has almost erased all the of the gains this we will see

Dan, Santa Cruz

Date of Post:2008-06-21
Review: Best FX Traders is an honest firm. I had 4 other bad managed accounts and know what to look for. Best FX has their act together and does things right. Not every day is a winner, but my account is still up overall.

Terry, Wawona, CA

Date of Post:2008-06-16
Review: I just opened my account. 007 is out of the market each day with a small win or loss and sticks to using only 3 leverage. My reports line up with what is on Robert's website.

Bill (Not Bill), Texas (Not in the USA)

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2008-06-14
Review: Review Moderation Note: 1 star rating and all text removed. This person already posted a negative review where he correctly identified what country he is in, and it's not the US. Now he's posting another review claiming to be in Texas.

Moderating reviews is hard enough without people wasting our time trying to post additional reviews under fake names.

Yes, we do read these and check on them. A few fake ones get through, and a few real ones get erased. It's not always easy to tell, but we put a lot of effort into the process to try to bring the best and most honest possible reviews to our readers.

Jim, Bakersfield, CA

Date of Post:2008-06-13
Review: Robert Aguilar is a real stand up guy. He has to be the least "sales guy" I have ever met. He did not pressure me at all and said he did not care how much I funded with his 007 trader. I'm making money. It's only been a few weeks and I like it so far.

Saul, UK

Date of Post:2008-06-10
Review: I havenít been using Robertís 007 trader as, but apparently what Iíve came across has got me concerned on the brokerage firm he uses. Peregrine Financianl Group (PFG Best) that the 007 trader uses to manage his members forex accounts had actions filed against them. How I know this is that I contacted the NFA (National Futures Asscoiation) in regards to what records they had on these actions, and below are the cases that involved PFG Best, which the NFA e-mailed me just recently. Please follow the link and once on that page there are 3 different links on the case numbers that goes into further on what the grounds are of the actions against them:

It seems that PFG Best has a record of breaching the rules, and who's to say that this will happen again or perhaps something much worse could happen resulting in the shutdown for the firm in the near future. This is most worrying as this brokerage is holding alot of their clients funds, and if something had to happen to them then the funds are lost forever.

Review Moderation Note: The three cases against Peregrine Financial Group were in 1996, 2000, and 2004.

Sally, Phoenix, AZ

Date of Post:2008-06-10
Review: Mr.Aguilar and 007 get 5 stars from me. I love everything they do. 007 has a good trading plan and my account is up overall.

Bobby, Comfort, Texas

Date of Post:2008-06-06
Review: 007 is doing good on my account. Cedric you are an idiot. If you are so good please manage my account. My guess is that you have not had your first string of losing trades yet. When you grow up in trading please post again.
Robert is 100% honest and showed 007's losing month in May. I still funded because overall he is up and has good risk conntrol. I watched 007 for 5 months now and have read all these post as they came. I saw the trade reports on his site and am sure he is honest. I will take the losing months with the winning months because I am a long term investor.
And Petre how can you get mad at the guy for having a baby? PFG was slow on my account setup, it's not Robert's fault PFG is under staffed.

Paul, Australia

Date of Post:2008-05-25
Review: Yes unfortunately we've all had a drawdown in May, 10% approx, hey these things happen in the Forex, after I personally was up 5% since Feb. I'm not happy about it, but these things are going to happen, all traders will experience a drawdown, it's a given, so the sooner we accept it the better. It's the managed fund traders that present you with a drawdown of 40-50% that are the real worry, without any apparent risk control. These are the blokes that blow your account away. I feel, despite the drawdown, that 007 is managing the account pretty well and I'll stick with him for a while longer yet. I'll keep you updated on how I go.

Cedric, USA

Date of Post:2008-05-22
Review: I have had an account with Robert for 3 months. In this time it was positive of my initial balance only 3 times, the rest have been negative. Last night was the worst draw down on record. Robert is going to need to change his marketing material if he is honest. I'm doing much better in my personal Forex account than this so-called professional trader.
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