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Last Updated: 2016-07-04
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AndreyTR, Russia

Date of Post:2011-08-27
Review: I have a live account at Deltastock for 15 months.In general they are OK.Great support,quick deposit and withdrawall (max. 3 days) to Visa/MasterCard without fee.I`ve never had any problem with this broker.I would recommend them.

baplo, Canada

Date of Post:2011-08-07
Review: This broker has a horrible charting package. On Aug.07.2011, all EUR/XXX quotes are lower on the day while all the EUR/XXX charts are higher on the day. When I contacted their support, they told me "this happens from time to time". I asked them to look into it and they said " it will possibly happen again in the future". They don't care about their software or their client's performance. I recommend staying away from this broker until they get a real charting package.

2011-08-06 No RatingI noticed something very odd with the delta-stock broker. On Friday Aug.5.2011 , 1 minute before the broker closed for the weekend, the SWE30(CFD) jumped UP 16%. I knew it wasn't a "bad tick" because the quote panel reads the same price as the chart. I am beginning to have doubts about this broker. Is it possible that they are protecting their interests by manipulating their price feed and stopping out client positions? I've saved a screen shot just in case.

razvan, romania

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2011-07-28
Review: they say ''negative balance protection ",But in terms and conditions say else

pip man, Ipswich, UK

Date of Post:2011-07-26
Review: switched to deltastock from another large Uk broker, very happy with the quick set-up and the variety of their platform. Chat support was excellent. Could do with offerng a bonus, but happy for now.

Andre, Romania

Date of Post:2011-05-29
Review: Have open a normal account!

Very good execution ,Withdrawal Fast ,High Spread (Spread sensitive scalper ea does not work).,
When to take profit they widen the spread!

Scaramanga, UK

Date of Post:2011-05-12
Review: I've used Deltastock for a couple of years now, never had any problems of any significance, quick execution, good spreads and great customer service.

Yong, Singapore

Date of Post:2011-01-26
Review: Terrible fills for news trading (compared to my other ECN brokers), both on their ECN (Level 2) and Fixed Spreads system. Very disappointing execution considering they use highly-rated liquidity providers. My ping time to them is average 70+ ms so it is not slow internet issue.

On plus side, support is very professional and helpful. Deposits and withdrawals no problem.

Dale Paterson, Johannesburg, South Africa

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2011-01-08
Review: Hi Skaltinof,

Thank you for your reply. I am sorry that I doubted you i.e. I didn't think that you would bother to substantiate your claims and, from the (your) limited information given, it just appeared to me that you may have been a creation of another competing broker (unfortunately there is an inordinate amount of cross posting by competing brokers on this and every other broker review site and while I'm sure that Forex Peace Army does their ´┐Żlevel best to ensure that this does not happen I can just imagine what a difficult task it must be to ensure that this does not happen) and for this apologise. I also apologise for only responding to you now i.e. there is no way of getting automatic updates when a review has been posted (not that I know of anyway) and I don't check these reviews as often as I should (and I have to admit that's bad on my part and something I need to bear in mind in the future).

I'm surprised to hear that your account was ´┐Żbanished. Honestly: I've never heard of that happening before and I will most certainly look into this issue comes Monday morning.

If I may ask you: please contact me directly (you have my e-mail address below) and let's see if we cannot sort your problems and concerns out once and for all. All I ask is this: if you are satisfied with the outcome then I'd appreciate you giving Deltastock a good rating. If not: feel free to give Deltastock the rating that you deem appropriate (and I do appreciate your not having given any rating up until now i.e. that's very decent of you).

Dale Paterson
Deltastock South Africa CC
Telephone: +27 (0) 81 308 4227
Facsimile: +27 (0) 86 624 0025

2010-01-28 No Rating
To 'Martin, South Africa' (and I apologi se for my belated response to your post but details of your post were only recently brought to my attention):

I would like to address your issues if I may (and I hope that you've not already closed your account of course).

I'm the 'first person' to admit that Delta Trading takes a bit of 'getting used to' (from a traders perspective) but give it another chance (and I will help you and anyone else as much as I can with it).

I'm a bit alarmed at the reason you were given for your orders not being executed. All orders reside on the servers so if you can see an order pending then it's pending on the servers so there is no way that your Internet connection could be the reason for your orders not being executed. I'd like to 'dig deeper' into this issue if I may. My contact details are below.

To 'Mike D, Europe':

I'm equally upset to hear of your experiences and would like to investigate your issues as well if I may. Please contact me.

2010-11-28 No Rating Hi to all.

Well as I suspected would be the case: there has been no communication from Skaltinof in Japan so I am therefore obviously unable to address his / her issues.

As we take all client complaints very seriously and as we value our above average rating on this site I make this appeal to all those that may have issues with us: BEFORE posting details of your issues and giving us a bad rating please FIRST contact me directly (or our Customer Service Department) and let's see if your issues can be addressed and resolved. If they are NOT addressed and resolved to your satisfaction then by ALL means post details here and feel free to give us whatever rating you deem fit (and I take it upon myself to make this appeal on behalf of ALL brokers listed on this site). Failure to follow the suggested procedure only serves to make the nature of your complaints questionable and may even cause the reader to suspect that you have ulterior motives for posting.

As this site ( has become the 'de facto standard' for broker reviews: let's 'keep it clean' folks i.e. it's a difficult enough task for a new trader to select a broker without still having to be concerned as to which complaints and reviews and ratings given are genuine and which are not.

To Skaltinof in Japan:
If you don't mind would you please substantiate your claims (provide examples) either here or send them to my e-mail address (below).

2007-08-26 No rating
Jury, Russia:

I don't know if I can respond to you by posting another message or if this message will get posted but don't you think that labelling them as a 'SCAM' is going a bit far and is extremely unreasonable? How many times has this happened to you? Once? And by the way - I was trading at the exact same time - and I never had a problem. As a matter of fact - in six or seven months of live trading I have NEVER not been able to connect to Delta or trade and all of my platforms are open pretty much 24/7. Is it just possible that maybe your Internet Service Provider was the problem? Sorry - but I really think that either your message should be removed or you could at least (maybe) change the 'SCAM' rating to a star or two. Put it this way - if you think that Delta Stock is a 'SCAM' - I'll give you the names of one or two other brokers that I'm unfortuanately 'forced' to trade through at the moment because Delta's CFD's, Metals, Oil, and Indices are not live (yet)- and believe you me - you'll be BEGGING Delta to open your account again after using these brokers for an hour (one in particular stands out and it is that bad that until I can close my account there I'm too scared to even mention their name in case my 'slippage' increases from 10 PIP's on an order to 100 PIP's or worse yet I get locked out altogether and I have too much money at stake for this to happen). I'm really not trying to upset you or offend you but I really cannot agree that Delta are a 'SCAM'. Regards, Dale.

---Original message 08.22.07-------------------
I have been trading (live) with Delta Stock for about six months now and I am posting this today as I am now convinced without a doubt that this is THE FINEST broker around! In six months I have had (maybe) three or four requotes - that's all - and those reqoutes were during economic releases - so - no problem. In six months I have never had an order 'slipped' or execution thereof 'delayed' or simply just 'skipped over'. I was finally able to take some profit off the table and completed a withdrawl request form. Delta informed me that the money would be in my account within 2 to 3 business days. This morning - exactly 2 days after my sending them my withdrawl request - the money was in my account - free of any deductions - and at the exact exachange rate prevailing at the time of submission of my withdrawl request - no 'admin' deductions, no exchange rate 'adjustment', nothing - just my profit! Unfortuanately I trade forex as a sort of 'sideline' i.e. I trade the Indices for a living and I therefore have accounts at two other brokers where I trade the Indices as Delta does not offer the Indices, CFD's, and Commodities live at the moment (although these instruments should be available for trading live by the end of this month). With these other two brokers 'slippage' and 'requotes' are just part of the daily routine. I can tell you this - the moment the Indices, CFD's, and Commodities go live at Delta - I'm closing my other accounts and moving both me and my clients money to Delta Stock. And is that's not enough - it is an absolute pleasure dealing with the Customer Service, Technical Support, and their Dealers. If I could give them a 10 star rating on this site I would. And no - I am not affiliated to them in any other way - other than being a very satisfied Delta Stock Client. Dale Paterson.

Skaltinof, Japan

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-12-26
Review: Mr.Dale.

Regrettably my account was banished from Delta.
So I can't ascertain present trading condition at XAG or XAU.
But everyone will possible to ascertain at XAG or XAU or other trade.
And they will says "Review of skaltinof was true!"

I have the principle which gets out of touch from the doubtful one.
At specifically the time of the amount of money of a small sum.
I don't send a complaint and pay a fee only.
I go ahead at my road and Delta should go ahead at Delta's road.

I won by 100% if complaining, but I consider the possibility of system trouble.
So I chose No Rating.

2010-11-11 No Rating This broker is scam.
Rate is fake. You can't trade you see.
Frozen price will never move.
If you order.
It will be conformed at the price to be surprise.
ECN/STP? It is lie.
Dealta Trading is opposite of ECN/STP.

You can trade with worst price with the counter party.
You can buy at highest prace in the counter party.
You can sell at lowest prace in the counter party.

Widy Prasetyo, Jakarta - Indonesia

Date of Post:2010-09-29
Review: I've been 3 month using DeltaTrading software and join promo free 50 EUR.
First time withdraw its fast directly go to moneybooker. but for second withdraw, I have to deposit first. I understand because promo program have some rule and i don't have problem with it.

Chat support is excellent,,,,,,answer all my question.
WD response excellent,,,,,using moneybooker its fast.

DeltaTrading is Average,,,,,,fast OP but rather slow in closing.
I hope it not happen in MT4.
Also I hope in next day, have more WD e-currency (LR, OKPay, etc.)
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