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Exness are online forex brokers. Exness offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and MT Mobile forex trading top platforms. offers over 50 currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.

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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-09-24
Review: We haven't tried a forex trading account with If you've traded forex with them, please leave a review here.

Antonios Fotiadis, Pecs, Hungary

Date of Post:2015-10-07
Review: Hell to all.
I can say one of the best prof. brokers out there. Some issues adout freezing MT4 but there is some thing to know. Did your MT4 is clean from that huge historical data? how many charts are open? how many indicators in chart? what is your the settings charts?is you wifi fast (cooper or optical wires)? someone use the internet at the same time?(personal freez when my kids use the youtube), is your pc realy powerfull? and some other technical. All i can say brokers have same issues about freezing or execution orders if you don't follow some steps.
Anyway deposit and withdraw realy fast (i see it in my web banking) the last withdraw was in 2 days.
Happy with them.
Καλη συνεχεια σε ολους (Creece lang.)
Wish best for all.

asad, rangpur, Bangladesh

Date of Post:2015-09-15
Review: nice broker, everything is good.
if u r a long term trader it's a good coice for u.
but please don't try scalping for there mini account.
ECN is good for scalper.
Comment: Added by Georgii Bartenev on 2015-09-18 11:49
  Dear asad!

Thank you very much for your feedback!

We are trying to satisfy the majority of the needs of our clients and constantly looking for ways to improve.

I would really appreciate if you could explain why our Mini accounts are, in your opinion, not suitable for scalping? Do you see any way as to how we could make it more convenient for those with scalping strategies?

Please reply here or at [email protected]

zam, kuala lumpur, Malaysia

Date of Post:2015-09-04
Review: acc 8610677

exness big scam bulls*** exness..cheating money..please be careful with this broker..yesterday my account already mc because of this..whhen NFP i buy and got around 30 usd server hang before they want to spike down...16574604 bulls***

Comment: Added by Georgii Bartenev on 2015-09-07 06:59
  Hello, Zam.

Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I would like see into it personally.

Please send me the September, 4, log file for account 8610677 to check everything related to order 16574604. To find the file, please go to MT4 => File => Open data folder => 'logs' folder. The name of the file is '20150904'. I would appreciate if you could send the file at [email protected] If you have any more details, please also add them here or in a letter to [email protected]

I am looking forward to your reply.

Paolo Falbo, Cosenza, Italy

Date of Post:2015-06-19
Review: I’m Paolo Falbo, Owner of account 589825 on EXNESS. I let these fully negative review because, another time I loss my money due to problem on your server and the “classic” message “PRICE NOT VALID”. I’m not a newbie, I traded over 4.000 lots on Exness account. As you can see by the attached log file this time I loss over 300 euro because their server freeze on news and I cannot close my order (that was in profit!!!!!). I try to request they refund me my money but they say NO! This is only the first step, I’m going to open a file case too. I think all trader, before open an account on Exness, should consider that I say and my case!

0 20:00:12.683 '589825': close order #80071594 sell 0.10 EURUSDm at 1.12643 sl: 1.12786 tp: 0.00000 at price 1.12109
1 20:00:12.807 '589825': order #80071594 sell 0.10 EURUSDm closing at 1.12109 failed [Invalid prices]
0 20:00:13.431 '589825': requote 1.12132 / 1.12174 for order #80070851 sell 0.25 EURUSDm closing at 1.12099
0 20:00:14.180 '589825': close order #80071594 sell 0.10 EURUSDm at 1.12643 sl: 1.12786 tp: 0.00000 at price 1.12166
0 20:00:14.960 '589825': order #80071594 sell 0.10 EURUSDm at 1.12643 sl: 1.12786 tp: 0.00000 closed at price 1.12166
0 20:00:17.706 '589825': close order #80070851 sell 0.25 EURUSDm at 1.12348 sl: 1.12593 tp: 0.00000 at price 1.12196
0 20:00:20.873 '589825': requote 1.12180 / 1.12244 for order #80070851 sell 0.25 EURUSDm closing at 1.12196
0 20:00:21.731 '589825': close order #80070851 sell 0.25 EURUSDm at 1.12348 sl: 1.12593 tp: 0.00000 at price 1.12244
0 20:00:24.866 '589825': requote 1.12232 / 1.12263 for order #80070851 sell 0.25 EURUSDm closing at 1.12244
0 20:00:26.177 '589825': close order #80070808 sell 0.15 GBPUSDm at 1.57092 sl: 1.57250 tp: 0.00000 at price 1.56968
0 20:00:29.328 '589825': requote 1.56937 / 1.56995 for order #80070808 sell 0.15 GBPUSDm closing at 1.56968
0 20:00:32.900 '589825': close order #80070851 sell 0.25 EURUSDm at 1.12348 sl: 1.12593 tp: 0.00000 at price 1.12266
1 20:00:33.025 '589825': order #80070851 sell 0.25 EURUSDm closing at 1.12266 failed [Invalid prices]
0 20:00:34.304 '589825': close order #80070851 sell 0.25 EURUSDm at 1.12348 sl: 1.12593 tp: 0.00000 at price 1.12299
0 20:00:37.440 '589825': requote 1.12292 / 1.12333 for order #80070851 sell 0.25 EURUSDm closing at 1.12299
0 20:00:40.076 '589825': close order #80070808 sell 0.15 GBPUSDm at 1.57092 sl: 1.57250 tp: 0.00000 at price 1.57055
0 20:00:43.227 '589825': requote 1.57046 / 1.57126 for order #80070808 sell 0.15 GBPUSDm closing at 1.57055
0 20:00:43.883 '589825': order #80070829 sell 0.20 GBPUSDm at 1.56927 closed due stop-loss at price 1.57124
0 20:00:46.488 '589825': order #80070808 sell 0.15 GBPUSDm at 1.57092 closed due stop-loss at price 1.57250
0 20:00:48.048 '589825': order #80070851 sell 0.25 EURUSDm at 1.12348 closed due stop-loss at price 1.12745
0 20:00:51.932 '589825': close order #80070868 sell 0.25 EURUSDm at 1.12142 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 at price 1.12726
0 20:00:55.083 '589825': requote 1.12736 / 1.12751 for order #80070868 sell 0.25 EURUSDm closing at 1.12726
0 20:00:57.205 '589825': close order #80070868 sell 0.25 EURUSDm at 1.12142 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 at price 1.12852
1 20:00:57.330 '589825': order #80070868 sell 0.25 EURUSDm closing at 1.12852 failed [Invalid prices]
0 20:00:59.529 '589825': close order #80070868 sell 0.25 EURUSDm at 1.12142 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 at price 1.12931
1 20:00:59.654 '589825': order #80070868 sell 0.25 EURUSDm closing at 1.12931 failed [Invalid prices]
0 20:01:00.185 '589825': close order #80070868 sell 0.25 EURUSDm at 1.12142 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 at price 1.12970
1 20:01:00.309 '589825': order #80070868 sell 0.25 EURUSDm closing at 1.12970 failed [Invalid prices]

2015-06-15 2Star I started to trade with EXNESS in 2012. From the beginning I noticed what I liked: the instant withdrawals. And unfortunately, what I was wrong: too often servers are locked, making it impossible for her to open the closing of positions. In these years, in which I negotiated several thousand items (accounts n. 589825 and 414786) things unfortunately are not at all improved. The block on the servers continue and persist for several minutes, while the time for withdrawals has dramatically lengthened, even reaching out to a few hours, if not more. The latter fact, combined with the fact that spreads are often increased dramatically (especially in the output stage of important news) convinced me the idea to leave this rather severe judgment, because in all this time that has had EXNESS available to fix the problems that I mentioned, he has done nothing to improve things.

Added by Alexander Pyrsikov on 2015-06-19
Content: Hello, Paolo,

thank you for your post here.

I can definitelly see the point you are making.
Your complaint is actually based on three possible issues: more time to withdraw your funds, spreads are getting wider, issue with the execution of your orders.

I would like to comment on each of them one by one.
Firstly, you mentioned that your withdrawals can take up to several hours in some cases.

It is true that EXNESS enables instant withdrawals for its clients. However, it is very important to bear in mind that only 98% of all withdrawals can be processed instantly, other 2% are normally processed within several hours, in some very rare cases a withdrawal via electronic payment system can take up 24 hours. The withdrawal processing time may depend on several factors, such as replenishing your trading account via different payment methods, or even via internal transfer. In this case it is necessary to ensure a proportional withdrawal of funds to the deposit methods.

Secondly, EXNESS spread is dynamic and directly dependant on the current market sitution, so it is normally increased during the issue of important financial reports (as you also mentioned in your comment above). Please note that EXNESS also provides instruments with fixed spread for Mini and Classic accounts.

Finally, your main issue is related to the execution of your orders. Since you provided your account numbers in your comment, I had a chance to follow up your request with our Support department.
As you were corectly informed your orders were executed properly. Our trading servers were running stable at that time.
Comment: Added by Georgii Bartenev on 2015-06-22 07:03
  Dear Paolo Falbo,

thank you for sharing your opinion here.

We would like one more time to state our regret at this situation. However, we should as well point out that the checking of your orders was carried out after you brought the execution issue to our attention. As a result, the specialists found out no execution errors that might be considered a reason for compensation.

As I understand, you have been given more detailed replies elsewhere. But if you have anything else to add, please do not hesitate to contact EXNESS or me personally at [email protected]

Devaraj, Chennai, India

Date of Post:2015-06-16
Review: These broker is a market maker and keeps widdeing spreads to hunt the stop loss....more over they trade in customers account on own...bucket shop broker stay away...
Comment: Added by Alexander Pyrsikov on 2015-06-18 11:22
  Hello, Devaraj,

thanks for your post here.
I would appreciate if you provide me with more details via [email protected] in case you are having doubts on the correct execution of your orders.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

daya, Tamilnadu, India

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-06-09
Review: watch out exness monitoring page .only 25-50 accounts are running with profit. all others are losers .thats mean, huge profit to exness company .not only this broker. every broker in the world make so many tricks to avoid big winning trades. sorry for my english..

2014-08-15 No Rating ecn 805745 . i opened the orders 419855 and 420026 on 15-08-2014 , sell usd/jpy at 102,49 and sell eur/jpy 137,13 .after a while, i try to close them with small profits . but it shown ,''off quotes'' . not able to modify, not able to close ,nothing can do. it's not good,i contact the support team everytime. already 3 times ..
if ,in the meantime ,there happen a big loss with overnight swap , who accept this....
if these orders going to bull*** , i'll lose all my account balance and run away from trading..

2014-08-13 No Rating my ecn a/c ,805745 ,i opened an order no 417866, sell
aud/usd , on 13-8-2014 at time 01-14-35, at the price 0.9282 ,i
put the stop loss 0,9289 . then i try to close it at 0.9278 , ''off quotes'' message
shown. i try again and again to close ,but it failed. then the price hit my stop loss, even then the order not closed itself. my order active now with unexpected loss .
this is the 3rd time i faced this kind of situation .this is not good for one of the world best ecn broker.
in their website ,they offer'' fast execution '' . but, if this happen again and again ,how do we scalp? how do we make profit?
a trader loss only with their mistakes...not this kind......

2014-08-05 4Star finally my order was closed on 4-8-2014 ,at the time 8:15. the exness support team really help me this kind of situation.all things go well with exness now...

2014-08-03 No Rating i opened a eur/jpy sell order on 01-08-2014 at 137.78 ,time 12:43:43
.order no :412035. i only put take profit at the price 137.60. when the trade hit that price , not closed itself. i manually try to close again and again. but ''off quotes'' shown everytime.
till now on monday morning i can't able to close that. but unsuccessful. i already contact support by email. my a/c :805745

2014-06-24 No Rating i have one ecn a/c with them :805745 .i made a usd/chf buy order on 20-6-14 , 05:31 at 0.8929 .no:384457..the trade going with profit side . i put the stop loss to 0.8940. but the trade closed on 22-6-14 ,21.00 time at 0.89199 with a loss of -10.20 ..but that time it never hit 0.8920 .i thoroughly check other online live charts and other brokers charts.what is the problem in exness mt4 chart?
are they real ecn? do they manipulate the price even in the ecn?

other than exness staff in various countries,can anyone win big profit here ? ,,,,

Comment: Added by Alexander Kovalchuk on 2014-06-29
Dear Daya!

Let me shed the light on this situation.

On 22th June at 21:00:13 GMT+0 your order was closed by Stop Loss with slippage because of a price gap that arose at the market opening by reason of low liquidity. As you know buy orders are closed by the bid price. The first bid for USDCHFe after market opening was USDCHFe 0.89200, that was on 20 pips less than your Stop Loss price.

I would like to notice that we as the ECN-broker do not take any part in price determination. Our objective is to provide the fastest selection of the best priced corresponding counter position.

Comment: Added by Alexander Kovalchuk on 2014-08-05
Dear daya,

We bring our apologies for this inconvenience.

Your order 412035 is closed with profitable result.

Added by Alexander Kovalchuk on 2014-08-18
Content: Dear daya!

I gave your information to the specialists of our Technical Department. They carefully studied your situation and server logs. According to server logs, you tried to close the order 417866 at 0.92819 price. Unfortunately the order wasn't closed due to the technical error. Our specialists have closed the order 417866 and recalculated its result according to this price.

We bring our apologies for this inconvenience. We hope that this case doesn't affect your impression about our company.
Comment: Added by Alexander Pyrsikov on 2015-06-11 12:33
  Hello, daya,

trading on the Forex market generally involves a substantial risk of loss and you may lose all of your invested capital, that is why none of the respected forex brokers can guarantee 100% profit for its traders.

orabi ibrahim abdullah, riyadh - saudi arabia, Saudi Arabia

Date of Post:2015-06-08
Review: i want o change my comment .i think exness interested in your money more than you making money they refused to open me another account after i lost the details of the old one i sent them many documents but they know me be careful go to regulated pro exness is just a child .
Comment: Added by Alexander Pyrsikov on 2015-06-10 10:20
  Hello, orabi ibrahim abdulah,

thank you for your post here.
It is so easy to open an account or the whole Personal Area at EXNESS. You just need to use a new email address and the same phone number, and it is much easier to restore your account details.
Please provide me with your account number and EXNESS email address via [email protected] and will help you open a new account or restore the details of the old one.

Umar Hayat, Bhimber, Pakistan

Date of Post:2015-04-30
Review: i like exness is the best broker in all our the world short spread instant deposit instant withdraw i love this company i am suggest my all friend please open your account hare and save your money with exness.

ibrahim yohanna, kaduna, Nigeria

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-04-29
Review: can not deposit with any electronic exness have any problem with there system.

2015-01-06 No Rating i made a deposit into my account (7022664) through my perfect money account and this is 23hours my account is not funded.i email exness no reply.i called ,and i was told to wait.please what is wrong.thank you

2014-08-08 2Star i was trading USD/CAD today .just before the news (ie. that is 15 minutes before the Canadian news) their serve freeze on me i could not close my order or place stop lost order before the news.i lost my profit and 200% of money.what do you say about this?

2014-08-06 5Star i must acknowledge that this broker is one of the best in any way.keep on the GOOD work EXNESS and FOREX PEACE ARMY ,THANKS

Comment: Added by Alexander Kovalchuk on 2014-08-12
Dear ibrahim yohanna,

EXNESS specialists make all the efforts for providing qualitative order execution for all accounts types because we are interested in long-term relations with our clients. I kindly ask you to send me your account number and the number of the order to my email [email protected] After that I will give this information to our specialists and they can comment on your situation.
Comment: Added by Alexander Pyrsikov on 2015-05-01 04:09
  Hello, ibrahim yohanna,

I would like to inform you that Perfect Money deposit option is now available for our clients.
We had a temporal issue with this payment system which is now resolved.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused!
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