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Exness are online forex brokers. Exness offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and MT Mobile forex trading top platforms. offers over 50 currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.

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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-09-24
Review: We haven't tried a forex trading account with If you've traded forex with them, please leave a review here.

A-Rahman, dhk, Bangladesh

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-03-23
Review: Excellent ....................Excellent ...................Excellent!!!! From me 10 star .

I was very satisfied with my order of service. The speed of trading also really impressed me.. I have recommended EXNESS to many of my friends. and from now i am the partner of EXNESS broker. I rate the broker an excellent & doing lots more good then other stupids like ironfx-hotforex-instaforex-fbs! but at exness very helpfully supported i really enjoyed the services!.. and big thanks to Tazreen (Supporter of Exness)

No Fear Seif

Sajib, , Bangladesh

Date of Post:2015-02-24
Review: Exness is bad execution & thief. They just put slippage & high spread on your order. Order time one kind of spread & after order another type of spread under their mt4 coding.. They code like that their mt4... Dangerous. They are just thief.
They blackmailing with clients.. they have no liquidity provider. they just gave your money to me, my money to you//.... if you can do profit. otherwise after loss the account full amount of your money is them...
Comment: Added by Evgenia on 2015-02-27 04:02
  Dear Sajib,

Our spread is dynamic, it changes depending on the current market situation.

The important economic news releases might affect the current spread, in this case spread can widen 3-4 times.

Moreover you can use instruments with fixed spread. You can find the list of new financial instruments, which have the suffix "f", in the "Forex_Fixed" symbol group in your terminal. To start trading these instruments, you must review and accept the agreement in your Personal Area

As for liquidity provider, you can find information on our website

Anyway, would you be so kind to send me your account number and logs files for the period of time when you faced with these issues? Our specialists will check it and find out why this problem might have happened. Please, send information to my Email [email protected]

Jan, , Poland

Date of Post:2015-02-20
Review: Hello,

I would like to share my experience concerning Exness broker and tell anyone why avoid it. I divided my opinion into three parts: trading conditions, setting up the account and brokers origin plus inconvenient questions.

1) Trading conditions are poor. They have only one non Market Maker (Dealing desk?) account called ECN. On this account Exness offers 3 to 4 times lower volume than their competitors (even their liquidity provider that is LMAX). One can clearly see lack of the liquidity by taking a look at Exness currency charts, which are full of the opening gaps. For the other types of Exness accounts (which are MM) there are no guarantees that the client's transaction even leave Exness. Provisions and spreads are just average. The only thing that is good at this broker is the guarantee that potential negative balance on the clients' accounts would be zeroed (like in case after catastrophic SNB decision) - what actually made me interested in this broker.

2) I setup web page account really swiftly and send them copies of my ID documents as confirmation. I send them copy of my ID document (I made it for purpose of opening an account in other broker) and was waiting two days for reply. Finally, I decided to talk on the chat with their support and ask about the authorization. They told me that the answer will never be sent on my email and is only available through: logging into personal area -> then pressing on the link with my name -> then picking Settings -> then moving mouse over label "Rejected" and small popup shows up with the information why it was rejected. Really handy ;). Anyway the first document was rejected - it was to high quality and was treated as a scan (and only photos are allowed). So I made a photo of the document and send them - the small popup kept continue to show me the old message so I contacted the support and they told me that my second document was rejected because it was to low quality (even though it was readable and they told me this should be enough). I asked them what should I do next - I do not have other camera. So they suggested me to use other person's camera what clearly seems to be putting clients' identification documents in danger of falling into wrong hands (even deleted photo from other's person camera can still be restored and misused). Eventually I wasted a week trying to authorize myself and getting any information from the support.

Most commonly brokers ask you to send them scans or certified photocopies of ID documents, but Exness just does not allow it. So you are forced to buy a better camera or risk that your ID documents will leak out. I do not want even think how easily one can trick this company sending them photoshoped documents. This is not how companies dealing with money should work.

3) Exness is Russian - that what they say. I wanted to know what does it mean that they are Russian company, in case tensions between Russia and the West increases, and how they would be affected in case of potential war on Ukraine (e.g. new sanctions introduced against Russia). When I asked these questions the support started to be aggravated, impolite and trying to avoid answers. But I kept digging and what they told me that there is no danger whatsoever because company is Russian, but registered on Cyprus. When I tried to learn why do they call Cyprus company Russian (it is registered on Cyprus so it is Cyprus company) they firstly rejected to answer this question and finally they told me it is because a lot of Russians are working there. It is just unbelievable.

It looks like they try to hide some inconvenient information probably about relation between Exness Cyprus and some other companies (from Russia). Most likely Exness Cyprus is just a branch of some mysterious Russian companies and no one can guarantee anything (especially safety of client's funds) in case conflict between Russia and the West intensifies.

As for me Exness is not transparent enough (as Forex broker should be).

I feel like I wasted a lot of time trying to set up the account in Exness, pull some information from their support and making useless photos and try to follow their weird procedures. Anyway, hope that my experience will help others. Overall I do not recommend Exness and do not plan deal with this company in the future.

Best regards
Comment: Added by Evgenia on 2015-02-24 06:54
  Dear Jan,

EXNESS consisits of different account types, they meet all customers requirements on execution.
ECN account uses 3 liquidity providers: Citi, LMAX Exchange, FXCMPRO.
You can read about them on our website

A characteristic of the interbank market is the fact that the clients’ buy and sell orders of a given financial asset will be executed at the current price on the market at the moment of order processing. We emphasize that the ECN-broker does not take any part in determination of the price. His objective is to provide the fastest selection of the best priced corresponding counter position.

As for Market Maker accounts, all open client positions are sorted and summarized by instrument, volume, and direction (buy/sell). Offsetting positions (buy-sell positions of equal volume for the same instrument - or even the same base currency) are covered within the company and do not need additional hedging. This type of hedging, where a market maker uses one group of positions to cancel out another group, is called matching.

If, for some reason, the buy or sell volume for an instrument is significantly greater than the offsetting volume, the market maker opens a position with a larger market participant.
Information about how Market Maker trades you can read on website

We appologize for such long verification procedure, this is due to EXNESS makes high demands of security. Our support team has correctly informed you, that we do not accept scan-copy. According to our rules you should provide color photo of your ID or passport. And of course it should be clear photo. If you have some difficulties with verification procedure i would link to help you. You can send questions to my personal Email address [email protected] .

We cannot tell that EXNESS is Cyprus or Russian company, because it is group of companies. The EXNESS Group includes EXNESS (CY) LTD (regulated by CySEC, Cyprus) and EXNESS LIMITED (VC). During registration new clients will be asked to choose which company they would like to work with.
Information about offices you can find on our website

I'm regret that you have formed a negative impression about the company.

If you have any questions regarding our company, please, let me know it. I would like to help you.

françois lacroix, Paris, France

Date of Post:2015-02-14
Review: TO ALL WHO WANT TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT - BE CAUTION WITH THIS BROKER. COMBINATION OF LEVERAGED 1: 2000 AND INITIAL DEPOSIT OF 100, 200 EVEN 500 euros or dollars is equivalent to instant loss . Other unpleasant fact is that they sharply raise spreads and so hit your stops when they see that you are successful. And finally the most ugly fact for Exness is that they pay people worldwide ridiculous sums to post good reviews about them. Who did not believe I can send the forms and instructions that must sign and you are obliged to publish only positive posts in local blogs and websites Overall, this broker is a market maker and bucket shop. Folks do not be greedily on this huge leverage. Is certain that you will lose your money. This is know-how and trademark to Exness. While I was with them, and traded I had the feeling that someone constantly following me and put the traps in my way. With this broker not only nubis lose but serious players also. IN OTHER WORDS EXNESS= HUGE SCAM
Comment: Added by Evgenia on 2015-02-16 03:38
  Dear françois lacroix,

Our spread is dynamic and reflects the current market situation. In your MT4, you see the prices which we receive from our liquidity providers. Due to high volatility on the market, spread might change/increase before and after weekends or when the important economic news is released.

Besides, we offer instruments with fixed spreads. You can find the list of currency pairs with fixed spreads on the EXNESS website, on the page with contract specifications

As for the leverage, our clients can use any amount of leverage for trading on the forex market: from 1:2 to 1:2000.This provides the freedom to choose trading strategies.

If you have a question regarding orders execution, please let me know your account number in EXNESS company and orders numbers, our specialists will check it.

In conclusion, EXNESS Company does not buy positive reports,because the quality of our services needs no additional advertising. We appreciate the fair reports of our clients and are alwats ready to find a solution to every issue.

Walter, , South Africa

Date of Post:2015-02-13
Review: My reply to Exness

My account number is: 815 896

my friends account number is : 807 296

I spoke to your live chat a few times to resolve and got cut short and told you have different liquidity providers and thats what happens...

So 1 broker seems to be different brokers based on this because there can be no consistency not know which broker ' liquidity ' providor im with so ill win or lose...

10 pips different on same account type and broker is WRONG...

you can see the proof in the screenshots and my live chats with your "help line"

So because this is standard practice for exness to provide different price feeds which you accept as normal, Its good for the public to know...

This is where the chat with Exness got to:

Annisa Puspitasari | 07:33
as I told you before, we have more than 1 liquidity provider for ECN account
in this case, each order might be executed by the price from different liquidity provider
that's why the closing price is different

Walter | 07:34
Ok thanks...

Annisa Puspitasari | 07:34
your order was closed by one LP and your friend's order was closed by different LP



2015-02-03 2Star

look at screenshot above at the closing price at 03:30.04

The price is 0.72855 on NZD/USD Pair

See nice little profit in LIVE ECN Account with Exness.

Now Same Broker, ECN Account, Same Exact time 03:30.04

See 10 pip difference. And a loss...........

They manipulate their accounts... There excuse is they have different liquidity providers and thats why the difference....

I went to this broker because it was recommended by a friend. his account makes profit.
My account SAME type, Same broker, Same time... Makes a loss...

How can Exness Broker have 2 different Price feeds at the exact same time?

Comment: Added by Evgenia on 2015-02-10
Dear Walter,

Would you be so kind, please, send me more detailed information for examination the situation, namely the number of your trading account to my email: [email protected]

Our technical specialists will analyze the situation and publish comment here.
Comment: Added by Evgenia on 2015-02-16 03:37
  Dear Walter,

I have sent the reply to your personal Email address.
Thank you.

Mudassar Hussain, Gujrat, Pakistan

Date of Post:2015-02-08
Review: Poor performance by exness, did not receive my withdrawal that I've made 40 days ago. Bank is saying there is no withdrawal and also provided the bank statement. and exness is still not cooperating with me. And how can I withdraw my profit? because just deposited money is shown for withdrawal.
Comment: Added by Evgenia on 2015-02-10 11:33
Dear Mudassar Hussain,

Please send me your account number and invoice ID.

You can contact me via E-mail [email protected] .

Thank you

Leonid, Gent, Belgium

Date of Post:2015-01-26
Review: I can summarize Exness as dishonest, unreliable, other words simply SCAM. That kind of selfregulated bucketshops should be avoided by any means. Their ECN account and support team is a joke. They scamed half of my deposit under the sauce of slippage. I regret wasting my time with them... Oh, I almost forgot to mention a good thing about them... They do offer instant withdrawals... in case there is anything left to withdraw....

Comment: Added by Evgeniya Isakova on 2015-02-03 09:05
  Dear Leonid,

We are very disappointed that you have had such a negative experience with us.
Unfortunately, we cannot comment it somehow as you have not left any detailed information on your situation.
If you don't mind, please provide us with your account number, orders numbers and other relevant information which can help us to solve your issue.
We appreciate your point of view and would like to solve any problem you might have faced while trading with us.

alfexcy, , Cyprus

Date of Post:2015-01-21
Review: Traded with them in the past and didn't have any issue. Generally a good broker

velit elbeyati, , Turkey

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-01-19
Review: i have a question, why exness not support Skrill system in turkey with deposit and withdraw, its more easy than Neteller, because with local bank in turkey can fund Skrill account but with Neteller account must fund it with international transfer and pay more, so i hope from exness to make that easy to clients to be more satisfy and not make it more complex also with with neteller have a limit for withdraw but with Skrill is open . best regards

2014-03-12 1Star my account number 515504 and last friday 7,march, i open 4 orders short with Gold and i put stoploss at 1345 for all orders and before the impact news and the orders numbers are 50112899 , 50112916 , 50127867 and 50140957 and after the new i saw the gold price went down but not with GAP ,because i saw also the minute chart was not GAP, and i saw that exness have all my orders closed at 1340,917 after 7 seconds from the news and i have one order with same stoploss at 1345 but with another broker and was closed at 1345 exact after the news direct and not after 7 second like as exness, with total 0.12 lot size from 1345 to 1340,917 so so exness take about $50 extra loss from my account, i ask you if your stoploss not work then why you put it SL, cancel it beter. i made contact with exness , the answer was same always as i read by another revieuw = ( NEWS IMPACT ) and when i told then with another broker not same like yours and closed at mine SL ,the i get no answer, sir Alexander Kovalchuk, can you solve this problem or otherwise say to all poeple NOT USE STOPLOSS BEFORE THE NEWS BECAUSE OUR BROKER CAN NOT WORK WITH IT OR NOT TRADE BEFORE NEWS, hope that you can help me, my e-mail, [email protected] ,best regards
Duplicates Not Yet Checked

Comment: Added by Alexander Kovalchuk on 2014-03-14
Dear Velit Elbeyati,

On 7th March 2014, at 13.30 GMT +0 the important economic news, USA Unemployment Rate, was published. Besides, that XAUUSD is a volatile financial instrument by itself, this news has influenced the movement of the market too. This fact caused the slippage by the mentioned orders for 408,3 points.

While trading in EXNESS you should be guided by the Gap Level rule ( In your case all the orders were executed according to this rule. As the difference between the first market quote after the gap and the price of the orders exceeded a gap level for a XAUUSD (250 points), so orders were executed at the first market quote that follows the gap. You could not see the gap on the chart, because the gap may occure within the one candlestick.

We should also notice, that using this rule, the company takes the risks to execute the orders at their prices in the conditions of the slippage, if it falls within the limits of the Gap Level. At the same time the possibility of the slippage during the publishing of the economic news is quite high, what is connected with the fast growth of the market volatility.

EXNESS makes all the efforts to provide the high quality of execution. At the same time the execution of the orders in EXNESS reflects the market situation, which you should definitely take into account while trading.
Comment: Added by Evgeniya Isakova on 2015-01-26 03:24
  Dear Velit Elbeyati,
Thank you for your proposal.
I will send this information to our Financial Department.
Once I have any news from them, I will inform you accordingly.
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