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Exness are online forex brokers. Exness offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and MT Mobile forex trading top platforms. offers over 50 currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.

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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-09-24
Review: We haven't tried a forex trading account with If you've traded forex with them, please leave a review here.

Mutasim, , Iraq

Date of Post:2014-04-11
Review: i heard company cancele min deposit on micro acount and i open acount here. i dont expect that here good term for tradeing on forex here but it is so. i open many order and they dont tuch my profit. its so god thank you exnes. exnes give me good bonus and it help me trade and earn my money. thumb up for you !! %))))

Thaksin, Bangkok, Thailand

Date of Post:2014-04-04
Review: the best broker ever! I have withdrawed $200 INSTANTLY! Love them especially the support girls!

velit elbeyati, istanbul, Turkey

Date of Post:2014-03-12
Review: my account number 515504 and last friday 7,march, i open 4 orders short with Gold and i put stoploss at 1345 for all orders and before the impact news and the orders numbers are 50112899 , 50112916 , 50127867 and 50140957 and after the new i saw the gold price went down but not with GAP ,because i saw also the minute chart was not GAP, and i saw that exness have all my orders closed at 1340,917 after 7 seconds from the news and i have one order with same stoploss at 1345 but with another broker and was closed at 1345 exact after the news direct and not after 7 second like as exness, with total 0.12 lot size from 1345 to 1340,917 so so exness take about $50 extra loss from my account, i ask you if your stoploss not work then why you put it SL, cancel it beter. i made contact with exness , the answer was same always as i read by another revieuw = ( NEWS IMPACT ) and when i told then with another broker not same like yours and closed at mine SL ,the i get no answer, sir Alexander Kovalchuk, can you solve this problem or otherwise say to all poeple NOT USE STOPLOSS BEFORE THE NEWS BECAUSE OUR BROKER CAN NOT WORK WITH IT OR NOT TRADE BEFORE NEWS, hope that you can help me, my e-mail, ,best regards
Comment: Added by Alexander Kovalchuk on 2014-03-14 02:40
  Dear Velit Elbeyati,

On 7th March 2014, at 13.30 GMT +0 the important economic news, USA Unemployment Rate, was published. Besides, that XAUUSD is a volatile financial instrument by itself, this news has influenced the movement of the market too. This fact caused the slippage by the mentioned orders for 408,3 points.

While trading in EXNESS you should be guided by the Gap Level rule ( In your case all the orders were executed according to this rule. As the difference between the first market quote after the gap and the price of the orders exceeded a gap level for a XAUUSD (250 points), so orders were executed at the first market quote that follows the gap. You could not see the gap on the chart, because the gap may occure within the one candlestick.

We should also notice, that using this rule, the company takes the risks to execute the orders at their prices in the conditions of the slippage, if it falls within the limits of the Gap Level. At the same time the possibility of the slippage during the publishing of the economic news is quite high, what is connected with the fast growth of the market volatility.

EXNESS makes all the efforts to provide the high quality of execution. At the same time the execution of the orders in EXNESS reflects the market situation, which you should definitely take into account while trading.

Rangsey, , Cambodia

Date of Post:2014-03-06
Review: I am newbie on fx , trade up to 5 months. I had opened an account here under their IB parnter. He told me about rules here and I found it seems nice. I have mini account, deposit 2500 usd. First time I lose money, but when I losed 2000 usd I started to earn and I made 3200 nowtime. Firstly I tried to trade with myself, but decided to try using EA — it was really good way for me as a newbie. So my EA is a scalper and sure it fully suit to the trading rules in exness. I found out and they told that all strategies are allowed in their company. Now I wanna try to open 2 accounts to insure my risks and profit. Exness really good broker to my suppose and my little practise here, I advise this broker to the newbies. Aslo I saw this broker in many approved lists. It seems that it's seriouse company. But I find that there are some kinds of things which they should improve — sure ther're many insturments here, but I believe that they will add something else.

s.a. hasib , Dhaka, Bangladesh

Date of Post:2014-03-06
Review: I use 15 pips sl how can I lose 37 pips. it is not one trade it happened several time. there was no market gap. at the same time i use same strategy in other broker there I lose only 15 pips . but unfortunately exness take 15 pips form some trade and take more then double form some trade. for the record I use only 15 pips sl. This kind of scam activity happens with this broker several time. I can give you more prove about exness scam activity.

2014-02-17 1 Star This broker take money form me. in gold I open trade form 1327.76 my sl was 1331.10 . I open trade with 0.03 . if I lose this trade I can lose only around 33 to 35 pips . in this case my lose will be 0.03*35=$10.5. Unfortunately exness took $38.19 form my balance. I chat with live chat they tell me that I should do a email in complain department they will handle it . I did it . I am WAITING FOR CONFORMATION . MY ACCOUNT NUMBER AND ALL OTHER INFORMATION I EMAIL TO THEM . ( PLEASE BEFORE INVEST IN EXNESS THINK IT I TRADE WITH EXNESS LONG TIME now a dayes this broker become bad )

2013-12-03 2Star I am facing execution problem. I chat with them they give good support. But still there is no improvement. They said me to reinstall mt4 I did it with another folder. I did it. I can't see an improvement. Take unusual time to open trade and close trade with normal market time. Another important factor I want to say they don’t follow Gmt+3 forex market time. They have 6 day candle in a week instead of 5.
I can’t open news tab in exness platform I informed them they said they will not face this type of problem before. They will solve this problem and they will email me about this later.

2013-08-01 4Star exness is good broker but there is big problem exness don't follow GMT+3 time frame which is follow all the largest broker. exness h4 and D1 chart is different from other brokers.

2013-06-27 4Star
I am trading with exness last 1 year. withdrawing fund is very good. Live support is good. fund security as fer as I know is good. they never do any wrong with me .

BUT ONLY THINGS I DISLIKE THEY DON'T FOLLOW 5 DAYS WEEK. we know that fx open 5 days week. we can trade 5 day in a week. but exness show 6 day . they show one small day candle for their own system .
since I am price action trader that is very important disadvantage for me . In this case I can't see the chart like other professional trader do. I recommend exness maintain new work closing system.

Added by Alexander Kovalchuk on 2013-08-04
Dear Hasib,

Our company is an international broker, so our clients trade around the world, that`s why it is more convenient to calculate the server time as GMT +0.

Some difference in quotation between brokers is possible, it is caused by the different quotes providers by different brokers. By the way we kindly ask you to pay attention to the fact, that according to the Client Agreement (p.9.9), that you have agreed by opening the trading account, the quotations given to the client by the serving server of the company are admitted by the client as only reliable.

Comment: Added by Alexander Kovalchuk on 2013-12-05
Dear Hasib,

Concerning this issue with the execution I would recommend you to give us the full information for solving this situation. The most preferable way for you is to connect trough Live chat with our technical support specialist which is speaking on Bengali (the working time is from Monday till Friday from 03:00 up to 11:00 GMT+0), by phone +64 98 890-812 or through e-mail:

Probably the reason of this situation are troubles with connection provided by your Internet-provider. Because of it our specialists will need communicating with you.

Concerning the situation with the "News" tab we also need the detailed description about this and the screenshot. You may create the ticket in the «Feedback» section in your Personal Area to control the decision. Let us remind you that you have an access to the page of economical news on the official web-site:

Every broker may set the time in the trading terminal by himself, because in this shpere there're no any standarts and rules how it should be. Our company uses the time GMT+0, because the EXNESS company works with the clients from all over the world in different kinds of time zones as the result this time is very comfortable to communicate with the clients.

Added by Alexander Kovalchuk on 2014-02-19
Dear Hasib!

It's more likely that this situation was connected with the holidays: The President's Day (on 17th of February) in the USA and The country’s Family Day in Canada (on 17th of February). To solve your situation as soon as possible, please, send me your trading account number and number of the order about what you said to my email:
Comment: Added by Alexander Kovalchuk on 2014-03-07 01:35
  Dear Hasib,

You use an Expert Advisor, which opens a lot of orders within a short perid of time. On 6 March, 2014, at 12:45 a huge amount of orders was executed for financial instrument EURUSD. At the same time there was a publishing of the important economic news: European Central Bank Rate Decision, what increased the volatility of the instrument and caused the considerable movement on the market. Thereupon a part of the orders was executed with a slippage.

Geremy,, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Date of Post:2014-02-24
Review: Exness is the best!!! I make sure in it everytime. They had changed conditions on ECN and now I opened the account. I always dreamed about it, because there're the best exectuion and I really wanted to make money on interbank/ Exness alsways gives my money very fast, I don't have any problem with getting my profit. I think it's the base of good conditions and I believe in this company.

eric st-yves, , Canada

Date of Post:2014-02-18
Review: I like this broker ,
It Is different .
Deal during news 3 stars
Spread is 4 stars
withdraw 5 stars

best thing ever ... withdraw automatic !

For me it is very important !

eric st-yves , canada

Alvaro, Bahia, Brazil

Date of Post:2014-02-16
Review: I suppose, the last changes they made, have really improved exness. I really enjoy that they cancel the commissions for the depositswidthdrawals. As a trader, who uses e- payment systems, I like, that I will pay much less now. That means, I can invest more in my trading. Talking about that, I hope they will add pamm system soon, because it's the only thing I miss here for my trading. Except that, the conditions are perfect now, and the execution is really smooth.

mahendran, tn, India

Date of Post:2014-02-07
Review: I placed BuyStop Order at price 1.63456 on GBP/USD on 5Th feb at the time 9:28 price is 1.63307 but order opened at price 1.63456, stoploss i placed 1.63406 but no respect to stop loss, order closed at price 1.63180 look at the stoploss difference and price opened.
Here 2 problem i have a proof with picture
1. Buystop Pending order is opened without price reaching 1.63456
2. Stoploss is not working big difference in stop loss . Stoploss is 1.62406 but order closed price 1.63180.
instead of 25$ loss it closed with loss 138$.

these type 4 trade can wipe out my account.

Exness always tell this reason, Spread widening and gap they also tell please read terms and conditions.

I asked refund but exness refused and telling usual reason Spread widening and gap during news. please help.
Comment: Added by Alexander Kovalchuk on 2014-02-11 12:23
  Dear mahendran,
On 5th February 2014 there were important economic news for GBP published at 9.30 GMT +0, what was the cause of the move on the market.

You have opened the Buy Stop Order with Stop Loss, they are both Stop pending orders, which can be executed with a slippage in low-liquidity and high-volatility conditions on the market.

Please, inform about your trading account number and the number of your orders for the more detailed examination of your case. You may send the information to e-mail:
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