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FxTrader, , Germany

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-10-26
Review: Mr. Vic Noble does not seem to be a trader, he looks more like a marketing expert.

I watched a video showing him making two London Close trades. On the status bar of his trading software I saw the word "Demo". Why would a successful trader bother to toy around with paper money?

Despite this, lets assume it was real money. But why did he then apply a tiny order size of only 100K? He presented a strategy which he claims has a 93% hit rate with a risk:reward of 1:1.24. Given that performance characteristic, an order size of far more than 1M would be appropriate, like 3M or even 10M. Above that, one could get bad fills because of a lack of liquidity.

So, if the strategy would be that great, why is he not able to trade it for himself? He already should be a millionaire by trading this strategy. Possibly the reason is that Mrs. Shirley Hudson who trades that strategy so successfully is a really good trader and that makes the difference. So if Mr. Vic Noble with his claimed 30 years experience of trading is not able to adopt her strategy, why should anyone else be able to do this?

Shinshiro, Cape Town, South Africa

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-09-17
Review: "...If you follow the risk management techniques that i teach in the course, you will almost certainly not blow your account up...But all the nonsense about them hunting your stops and whatever else you think they do is just not true unfortunately, i know and deal with people who work in brokerage houses, and when you understand how they operate you will understand how this kind of behaviour is just not in their interests...." This is Jarratt Davis's (I presume) "forex trader extraordinaire" response to a forum participant who raised the issue of stop hunting . Either the man is poorly educated/informed and has no business mentoring aspiring forex traders or he is deliberately spreading misinformation...why he would do so is beyond my comprehension. Read more @ The Safe trade - Page 3 And For more information on stop hunting which Mr Davis claims is not in the interest of forex brokers visit Stop Hunting With The Big Forex Players

My advice is, approach with extreme caution...I, for one, am staying well away. Successful forex trading is not easy and whoever claims it is is either lying and potentially stands to make a quick buck from these misrepresentations or simply, they have no idea of what they are talking about. In this 'game', Information is everything...but take no ones word as gospel...
Rebuttal: Added by Jarratt Davis on 2013-01-24 10:19
  Hi Everyone,
After consulting with the moderation team here at FPA we have decided to post a rebuttal to the post above by ‘Shinshiro’.

The reason for this is that this person’s understanding on the topic of stop hunting is unfortunately a little off base and they have basically posted something incorrect, which we feel requires further clarification.

There are two things that we feel need clearing up here:

1, First of all we need to clarify what our opinion is on stop hunting, which you can read at a blog that we posted here:

As you can see, the point we make is that brokers hunting your stops is false.

2, the second point is to clarify what the reality of stop hunting is, as outlined in our blog posts above. In a nut shell, stop hunting is performed by large market players like banks and hedge funds and they simply target pools of liquidity at which to execute their large orders.

So it has never been stated that stop hunting doesn’t happen, just that it isn’t carried out by brokers.

Shinshiro very conveniently provides a reference to an article that we can use to get a deeper understanding of the issue of stop hunting, and the article is called ‘Stop hunting with the big Forex players’ Which I have provided a link to for anyone interested in reading it:

The main point of this rebuttal is that this article basically says the exact same thing as the blog post, which is that it is the large players (hedge funds, banks) that hunt stops.

Therefore there is no spreading of misinformation or incorrect beliefs, as is claimed by Shinshiro, and we are actually a little confused why he believes this after reading both articles and points of view.

We hope this helps to clear up any confusion.


Chris, Cape Town, South Africa

Date of Post:2012-09-07
Review: I purchased the Recurring Forex Patterns and London Close courses and I was extremely happy with both. Out of the 7 strategies taught in these 2 courses I liked "The Figure and Noble Entry" the most and I'm having good results with it so far.

Sure you can get tons of free informaton on how to trade support and resistance, but it can take you years to sift through all the garbage out there and you can still get nowhere.

Forexmentor fan, SA, South Africa

Date of Post:2012-08-09
Review: 1 guy says got nothing out of it, mmh did you not learn about sell the rallies in downtrend buy the dips in rallies. Did you not click what that really is? Its worth a fortune and Peter (when I did course) talked about that millions of times. London close reversals are there fact, but someone else can't see it mmh. One guy wanted his money back surprise surprise he got it. One guy says Frank Paul changed tack and did something new, like he can't also grow and develop when EVERYONE says you have to in trading. Frank Paul is brilliant. Often in trading as in life lessons cost money, their lessons cost money but from each of them comes gems of knowledge you can take and run with.

Lance , Canal Winchester, USA

Date of Post:2012-07-07
Review: ForexMentor has some solid courses to teach the forex market, but they do not provide enough daily support. The live connect or fund trader academy is the closest they have to a daily analysis service but is run by a complete amateur trader Andrew. In the past it was much better with Jarratt Davis being more active and Chris Mathis who seemed to enjoy working with us all live and was very good at what he did. The live service went downhill and the main course with Peter Bain is badly outdated. Vic Noble is a very good coach for beginners, but tends to let people do their own thing and became a very confusing service with too many different strategies being shown. Frank Paul is a good talker and very smart but too much so as the average person cannot relate when he tries to sound smarter than everyone else. I have also not been impressed with the actual trading that he shows. Chris Lori is probably the most impressive of the group with his trading and financial knowledge. Overall I think they need updated content and to condense what is there so there is not so much. I was never very impressed with Peter Bain's after the fact analysis, I would have much rather had some analysis to take into my trading day, not 20/20 hindsight. I think that Chris Lori, Jarratt Davis, Chris Mathis, and Vic Noble would be a good core group to start some fresh new material. If they would do that and simplify what was once a very good course and education they would earn 5 stars from me. The course is a solid beginning education but beyond that they could use some new content.

evpatoria , Norway

Date of Post:2011-07-11
Review: On impulse, I bought London closed strategy, the main reason was to gain insight into how Shirely Hudson thinking when she trade.
 5 minutes after I had logged onto the page. WTF is this.

An hour later I sent an email where I wanted my money refunded because the course did not keep the standard that I expected and to my surprise I got refunded my money.

Why I wanted my money refunded.

 To view from Exel, Shirely Hudson trad with a short comment,

Why not send screen shoot of the day's trade with a short defrief it takes under 3 minutes while it is much more instructive.

To listen to Vic Noble's inane dialogue it took me 1 minute to realize that this man is not a trader.
I must admit to listen to Vic Noble try to explain London closed from various chart produced so much irritation that I failed to listen to ..

It's Shirely ability to read and understand the market that gives her success. Unfortunately it is not so easy to copy it.

And if that was so easy to copy Shirley success trust me you would hear different forex forum members brag over their result long time ago.!!

(Ps Shirley open a live trading room outside forexmentor that shows what you do, you will earn much more money on it.)

There is nothing wrong with making money when the product you are offering holding high quality.

Before I wrote this post I spent some time in front of you-tube where forex mentor its members show off

Short summarized, Hearing Bain and Noble analyzes forex chart. Is that listen to myself when I sing in the shower and belive I'm an opera singer.
I'm sad on behalf of the newcomers who throw away their time on this type of course.

The forex mentor milks its customers with the help of the monthly membership, no doubt,
I traded in a period with a previous forex mentor member who was left with this impression.
His spite against you find the same material as forexmentor offers free online ..

It seems to me the whole Forexmentor suspect they have opened a live trading room where they claim that they have traded in 17% gain from January- to today while and you not see a really statement.
Again exel !!
Since forexmentor claim they are pro traders
Why not link up an account to Currensee and thereby show the world that they really can trade!
Or have they something to hide !!

Chris Lori gets good grades for his teaching skills on their
2000 $ forex course, for that money I prefer to use that at Pimalai's luxury hotel on ko lanta and trade becide the pool, you will find me around January next year.

What captivates me is from Chris Lori's website is your opportunity to buy several forex courses and self bragging information that the man is an expert in the Bobsleigh down a hill that is not relevant to me.
Another important information is that Chris Lori run
a private forex funds Seaview Capital Inc.
where he manages funds on behalf of private and institutional clients worldwide.

But unfortunately I find no information about Seaview Capital Inc
over internett

only an outdated website on Seaveiw inc who is not active anymore.

Being a professional forextradere where manage money for others, contain 2 different profession .

1 trade,
2 find and be social with investors who will invest in you fund.

There is 2 main way to make money in forex.

1. to sell all sorts of humbug courses and indikartors and forex system .
2. second way trade other people's money if you are not rich from the beginning.

There amazes me that Chris Lori does not offer seawiev capital services on his website.
or other webpages on internett.

My conclusion is very simple, forexmentor people who live to market themselves online if they had had success as forextradere they would broadcast their success for a long time ago over the whole internet.


Jeffrey Munson, Reno Nv

Date of Post:2011-06-17
Review: London Close Trade. Vic Noble and Shirley Hudson from
Awesome. For the first time in my trading life I have made a consistent profit. Not hard to use, but does take time to understand what is being taught. Interesting for the first time I have been making profits is also the first time I do not use indicators!
It takes some study and patience but the daily reviews of the trades are invaluable.

Sean , Allentown, PA

Date of Post:2010-12-13
Review: His stuff if a compilation of technical analysis tools that you can get for free online. That being said, it is well packaged and professionally put together.

That being said, I don't think Peter Bain makes money off of his trades. He is one of the gurus who will go over the perfect set up, but then completely ignore the three other times where the trade did not work out.

When he discusses candle patterns, he tells you to basically just take a hammer anytime you see it. He will show you numerous examples of the times it worked out, but then completely ignore the preceding candles that looked exactly the same, but did not work out...

Its frustrating and hypocritical...

James Bogle, Perth Australia

Date of Post:2010-11-10
Review: In terms of the content of the DVD it's not usable at all. Peter Bain uses MACD and COT and that's it. Beyond amateur. And this guy has the audacity to charge money for this course.

This course will actually make you a worse trader.

vance, arizona

Date of Post:2010-05-08
Review: i purchased a few years ago. little did i know how much time would be spent learning to trade. Peter was honest in everything he taught. he has slowly brought on other traders with their own strategies to help newbys find a style of trading that works for them. I spent hard earned money on a few of them, and i was satisfied with what i learned. PEOPLE this is a major learning curve, if you dont have the patience and time and some free cash, DONT try and learn to trade. if you DO decide to learn, i couldnt point you in the direction of a better team than Peter and his guys. There is NO scam in Peters teachings, he tells you the way it is. this is a lifestyle, love it or leave it.
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