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Last Updated: 2014-09-22
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FX-Auto was a retail version of the Tradency platform.  It is no longer available as a retail product.  Tradency is now offered only by brokers, and is listed here in the FPA's reviews...

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Brent Mack, Florida

Date of Post:2006-10-10
Review: FX-Auto is the best Forex-related service in the world! First of all, it removes all of the fakery and flim-flam regarding the performance of signal providers - what a provider produces is precisely what you get - because your account is auto-traded through FXDD. Yet you can intervene in any trade at any time. And you can even turn off the signals if your provider hits a cold spell. In short, you're in complete control of your account and you never miss a trading signal. Secondly, it costs nothing for a signal provider to become integrated with FX-Auto. So no HONEST signal provider has a valid excuse for not teaming up with this perfectly transparent service. I wouldn't even consider doing business with a signal provider who wasn't associated with FX-Auto. Since FX-Auto is relatively new, the selection of good signal providers is somewhat limited, but their ranks are growing all of the time. Don't hesitate to ask a provider that you're considering to join in with this wave of the future of Forex trading. Finally, I do want to mention that it takes $2500 to start auto-trading a mini-account. So until one has that level of capital to apply to their trading - you can still rely on FX-Auto to provide perfectly accurate results of the signal providers associated with them. And you could try manually trading their signals until you reach the $2500 threshold.
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