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Last Updated: 2016-05-24
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2006-06-29
Review: We do not have any experience with this broker. If you have used them, please kindly submit your review above.
2006-12-07 update

Dear Felix,
The following reviews mention iFOREX along with as we wrote to you in the past, there is no connection between, which is a domain owned and operated by our company, to the libeled iforex/fxunigma signal provider service by from Bulgaria.

We are a 10 year old very reputable Forex trading company, based in Geneve, Switzerland. and iforex/fxunigma/ zifx.comare 2 completely separate legal entities, no connection what so ever.

I would appreciate it if you could remove from your site any link to and any other phrase mentioning in a bad light or, at least, add a comment to the relevant page at your site, clearing the difference between us and zifx.

I thank you in advance for your understanding and help.

Best Regards,

Orit Levy
Director, Marketing and Media-Acquisition

Nunzio Lino, Bacoli, Italy

Date of Post:2016-03-26
Review: I don't just recommend iForex, but my support (her name is mina) she is very helpful and I like to thank by writing here.
Deposit and withdrawal is not the fastest but no problems.(thank for her)
Trading(execution, server) is just like other good brokers.
Just so many promotions that will bring some conditions on your account, but I would recommend to use the promotions as much as you can.
You cannot find any promotions in the website, but below FYI.

Without these bonuses, I might not use iForex though, still a nice broker.

nishant, delhi, India

Date of Post:2016-01-04
Review: bulls*** people, behave like child, no idea how to talk to client, worst service ,worst co.

Neels, Centurion, South Africa

Date of Post:2015-05-29
Review: What is the use trading if you cannot withdraw your funds?

Withdrawing my money is proving to be a real problem. Despite submitting the required documentation a number of times I cannot get past the standard response of ‘You did not provide the required documentation’.

No assistance received form either the account manager or the accounts department to complete the withdrawal.

Miguel, Pereira, Colombia

Date of Post:2014-12-23
Review: I was scamed and lost initially $2500 after follow very bad advices from account manager, she take advantage of my newbie state and told me to open high risk positions without stop loss.
She waranted as succesfull signals from the best financial team of experts.
I believed and trusted her because her advices on demo account were highly profitable, but couldnt believe that my account was going to be empty in 2 weeks.
Then I phoned and she told me that I had a chance to recover all the invest if I deposited $500 extra to receive some kind of insurance bonus.
As I didn't want to lost such amount so quickly I accepted and surprise, the next day no insurance, no answer, no money, and good bye to $3000 usd.
I asked my credit card provider to cancell at least the $500 deposit because $2500 were sent via international bank wire.

It was 4 months ago and my bank said the case is in study, their regulators doesnt answer, there's a Cyprus phone number and when you call its always: "Please hold on"
Iforex didn't answer no more emails and I'm here just advicing honest people to keep as far as possible from this profitable disguised Scam. Thanks

Alaadin, Amman, Jordan

Date of Post:2014-11-27
Review: Dear All,
I know that I can only use this form only to warn others, regardless of my loss dealing with ( Which I cannot in any way to reclaim back (I suppose). I wish this would warn others.

iForex, they have this good modified, easy to use platform, which any dealer can use to trade. However, while you are trading and opening many deals, and especially when you feel the need to bump the account with extra money. You will get to notice that your money is vanishing regardless of your positive position at that time, while you’re supposed to be a winner!!!!

It’s something in the software, which can turn your profits into losses
I sent them email asking for an explanation, but with no answer, and before that, their broker used to call me every day!

So, dear reader, please don't make your self and easy target for such scammers, just like i did to my self.

thats all :(

fxjockey, , Hungary

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-11-03
Review: I had the pleasure to investigate this firm at a more detailed level.

They were recruiting sales staff to sell their services to the Indian Market. I was curious about finding out more about this company from a closer distance, so I got myself invited to the interview :-)

So, it turned out, they have not regulated whats so ever. They have been fined by the Hungarian Financial Authority as well.

Now they are trying to fool some unsuspecting indians. When I asked them whether they are regulated by any regulatory agency in India. The following was the answer:

Yes, we are - by "Virgin Island" !!!! I expressed my surprise by saying that, "I never heard about it"

By this time, their tone changed and asked me, whether I am interested in the job or not.

I knew, i had touched a "PAIN" area. Well, i was quite sure, I won't be selected by that time.... tough for me, since I should have been a lil more careful and try to get in, somehow and get to know them even better.

Anyways, I strongly suggest everyone to keep away from this broker.

Why would you go to a broker who is NOT regulated when you have several regulated brokers out there.

elizabeth_miranda, panama, Panama

Date of Post:2014-09-30
Review: this people stole from me 7,000, is true what people said in here , they start with 100.00 until asked you for 10,000 and more, i did 7,000

the first month they grew up the account to 17,000 when i asked for money they told me to risk more, then the last day of next month i lost everything cero dollar, i think they i had never 17,000 pure bullshit, they make me to risk over the whole 17,000 and the lost it, they send me an email with more deposit, and that the war with ISIS was the cause, a pure SCAM don't believe in them

Christine, , Philippines

Date of Post:2014-04-29
Review: Hi! I started with I forex last March. In the beginning, I gained 100S without losses. After I had paid my capital, it all started... As soon as i press the deal button, i start loosing, too. I think theat the platform is being controlled :(

Christobal, San Jose, Costa Rica

Date of Post:2014-01-21
Review: This company is full of crooks as well as high pressure scamming techniques. I opened my account with the minimum US$100 and began trading on my own. I did well and had very few losses. Then I was contacted ny my account rep Jordi - this guy helped me make several good trades then I made a very big mistake - I answered one of his fishing emails stating that oil would drop drastically and I could make money on this almost overnight. I then in turn received a call from him wanting US$10k right then and there. NO WAY BUDDY! I told him let's get to know each other first and he agreed. He then called me every morning faithfully to guide me through transactions until my account was almost 200% in the earnings. He began to pressure to get the account balance up so we can make more trades and I said I needed to at least withdraw funds from the account to see how the entire process works. He said ok let's build it up a little more during a month and we can withdraw then. Suddenly his top of the line trades became CRAP! The account was loosing over US$260 overnight with a US$297 balance before and he was burning up my phone begging for at least US$1000 to continue on. I denied and he said let's do a trick to block the account by placing an opposing trade and when the market turns we can fix the ordeal. Two months went past and he had me open and close US$2 winnings trades and then one day he said close all trades but the initial loosing trade and I did. That night the account went into zero and everything was gone. So what would have happened if I had sent US$10,000? He would then have wanted US$20,000 and on and on. These people are a pure lot of crooked scammers and they just want to drain your credit cards and ask for wire transfers to Barclays to an account that has a very different name. I lost US$100 plus US$230 in investment returns and I did however earn something.....a lesson learned not to trust these idiots!
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