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Last Updated: 2015-09-18
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Scam Alert!

The FPA has confirmed a scam case against InstaForex.

Click Here to read what happened.

Scam Alert!

InstaForex is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  We urge traders not to open accounts with Insta Forex. If you already have an account open with them, we urge you to withdraw all of your funds immediately. If InstaForex refuses to process your withdrawal, we recommend contacting your bank and local police to see if you can file charges for internet-based financial fraud.


NOTICE:  October 2013: InstaMarkets is no longer licensed by the Belize IFSC.  InstaForex's representative claims this was a voluntary resignation of its license.  Others have reported that Insta was thrown out of Belize.

WARNING:  January 13, 2015:  The French AMF has issued a warning about unauthorized forex brokers.  InstaForex is on that list.  CLICK HERE to verify.

WARNING:  June 9, 2014:  The Ontario Securities Commission has issued an investor warning about InstaForex.  CLICK HERE to verify.


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ID Filed Case Verdict
2008 2008-11-26 GUILTY

FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2008-04-30
Review: We don't have any experience using as a forex broker. If you have traded forex with this brokerage, please leave a review.

david rom, pt, Israel

Date of Post:2015-03-24
Review: my account number is 5316464, my name is david rom

in 8.01.2015 i had a few positions on the chy/jpy and after the shake on the
swiss franc my positions was profitble.(+~ 3700 euro)
after a few days i noticed that the profits that i was gain on the chf/jpy was deducted from my account, in a claim that according to the agreement this is not a fare profits, and i do not have the right to keep that profit
.i am a profetional trader and im trading for a living

Siti Zubaidah Mohamed Yusof, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Date of Post:2015-02-14
Review: Instaforex block permenently my account with the stupid reason..

The account was excluded from no deposit bonus campaign in accordance with the "No Deposit Bonus Agreement":

10. The client agrees that in the event the company suspects any fraud activity involving the bonus, the latter can be declared void and the trading result can be annulled.

The account was deposited using bonus funds only so it was blocked permanently

They want trader money, scam, cheating us..but when we get the profit simply their suspect trader do the fraud activity..

onaiyekan peter o., zaria, Nigeria

Date of Post:2015-01-23
Review: On the 20th of this month i placed buy orders with sell stop orders for hedging my trades but the sell stop trades were deleted at the point of execution. This led to my account losing $2227.96, leaving behind a meagre $32. I have tried to check the reason for the cancellation, and have contacted them on 3 occasions. The first time (on the 21st january 2015) I was told I didn't have enough money in the account, but after I sent them a screenshot of my transactions (the third time), they refused to reply me. When I placed the trades my equity and free margin were about $1000. Avoid trading with them, because they can manipulate your trade without blinking an eye, even if it wipes out your account.

8344534, Shah rukny alam, Pakistan

Date of Post:2015-01-19
Review: insta forex ban my account with out any reason they ban account with out any reason and told us only this mail to anit fraud and they told your account was ban beause you are forum member now tell me bonus if you give me what i not do posting there i work full month then you give us bonus fraud insta is fraud.

Hamza Najam, , Pakistan

Date of Post:2014-12-23
Review: I ready a comment stating that all account blocked are of forum and like that, i want to reply to those who state real accounts are not blocked, i havent traded with instaforex from last 2 years, but was just working as IB, last night my account has been blocked and i had around 300 active clients, making 500 dollars of commission on daily basis, last night they blocked me i had 3000 dollars in account, i challenge them to come and face me, under what clause they deactivated my account? and if they claim any of my client did wrong, then what the hell one has to do with my commission, lastly there cannot be any sort of fraud in commission earned. forex industry is almost full of scammers, havent found any good broker so far other than 1 only

2013-09-12 1Star they are scam, they took away my 352 dollars and they are not replying their live chat ask me to contact their anticheat department, which never reply after i asked them to tell me account which i used to move the bonus, and its over 5 weeks they are not replying, fake company, never deposit a penny, their site is good their support is only good till the time you dont for withdrawal

sohail anwar, lahore, Pakistan

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-10-31
Review: sir i have problem instaforex many time block my account or when i say unblock then they say you talking antifroud so when i send email to then they say sorry i cant unblock your account so plz tell me what i do even they dont tell me why they block my instaforex account,

Adeobayemi Kunle, Lagos, Nigeria

Date of Post:2014-10-21
Review: I do not need a soothsayer to tell me that instaforex is a scam before i know they are pure scam. If you are trading with little amount, you can still escape the scam of instaforex, but you can never have success with this broker. They disabled my trading account and that of my friends. And be very careful in dealing with Russia brokers now, they are having problem with that region at the moment. INSTAFOREX IS A PURE SCAM!!!

Alex Omarov, Miami, USA

Date of Post:2014-10-01
Review: Insta Forex is a SCAM !! Stay Away Traders !
I have a prove from my account , statements and journal from MT4. who interested.
Did not paid $9900 !

Ahmad Naser, Amman, Jordan

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-09-13
Review: For me instaforex is giving me prizes and i did make earn profits through this prize bonus and i did withdraw my profits and got them in the same day request my profits
instaforex is trusted broker
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