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Last Updated: 2016-05-22
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-03-17
Review: We haven't tried the forex trading system from If you've used this system in your forex trading, please leave a review.

Dave Bolt, CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand

Date of Post:2016-05-21
Review: Aproximately 2 years ago I was given a discount to do the Primer course for the Max System and after that I did the Lite course. Eusebio as an instructor and professional trader is absolutely brilliant. The knowledge and the materials will give you information overload. So much brilliant stuff.
This quote from Beethoven will tell you how good Eusebio is. "Don't only practice your art but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine"
You always pick up on something new with the scrolling parties each week, which are free. So there is work involved but it will take you to another level..
A couple of months ago there was another large earthquake here in Christchurch and my computer played up and I asked them for the recordings from the courses I had taken 2 years ago. As a gift they gave me the courses again for free. How many people do that?. These guys have heart, soul and passion for what they teach.

Margot, Canberra, Australia

Date of Post:2016-04-24
Review: I turned to the MAX system after nearly a decade of courses, mentors, scammers and outright crooks. Because the Max is very tightly structured with the main focus on risk control and money management, it's clearly the way to more consistent results.
Unlike the scammers who say you'll make millions with only 5 minutes of work a day, the Max instructors point out clearly from the beginning that trading requires work. There's homework after each session.
It's by far the best trading education I've had and I consider myself luckey to have found them.

Samwise, , Israel

Date of Post:2016-04-23
Review: Very proffessional, very informative.
They also grade homework and are very communicative.
Highly recommended.

Mitchell Lee Mednick, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2016-02-27
Review: The Max Primer course gives new traders the very most important skill they can develop, the ability to find and trade the two very highest probability trade set ups that occur almost most currency pairs. This gives you the only holy grail a trader needs - "Consistency". This course and its excellent mentors teaches a robust, straightforward and profitable approach to trading and is a must for all aspiring traders who finally want to get beyond losing or just breaking even and start to really capture regular pips in the markets. The MAX Primer is Highly recommended for all traders of all levels.

Daria Angkadiredja, Bandung, Indonesia

Date of Post:2016-02-27
Review: I am proud of Max Trading System, since I joined Max' course, I don't want to seek another system or indicator system again (I searched 5 years already) , it's the best more than 5 stars! Also the team are very kind, so respectable. Although I am not too active there by doing homework etc, because my busy time but I always watching again and again the lecture in the video. Since I learned from MAX in Primer course , now at least I know a good entry and never get drawdown too much again. Thank you so much Eusebio, Craig, Chris, you are great guys!

Marv, Rockford Illinois Area, USA

Date of Post:2016-02-04
Review: Greetings, All, 04FEB2016

By writing this, I am not claiming to be a proficient trader but rather a work in progress. I began training myself in a new career as a Forex trader about 8 years ago, I joined the Max Trading System for training/mentoring about 2 years ago. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on other methods/indicators/robots/mentoring to date but the best money I have invested came when I enrolled with the MAX Trading System in their "Primer" course ($200 at that time).

At first encounter, I sensed that the MAX personnel were men of integrity but I was reluctant to venture much to let them prove it. Fortunately, they teach their system in phases or steps. The first being their "Primer"" course. Due to its low cost, I decided to enroll. This decision was the very best one I have made regarding my new career, because it proved two important things to me:
1= They do shoot straight. In my opinion, "MAX" should refer to MAXIMUM Integrity, though, in their minds, it does not.
2= Their rule-based methodologies work, and work exceptionally well.

Since then, I have purchased three other MAX courses but, lamentably, I did not study and practice trade to the extent that was necessary for success. To be successful, the student must do the work of studying the principles and practicing the rules to the extent that the subconscious mind has them "recorded" as reflex actions. As we all know that there is no free lunch. If you are unwilling to sacrifice the time and effort to learn and become proficient in this career, please do yourself and them a favor by not enrolling.

The focused training and practicing have "turned a switch" in my mind. Three weeks ago, I finally reached the point where I was willing to risk US Dollars (again) in a live Forex trading account (I have traded 4 other sizable accounts down to unuseable levels (near zero)..... as part of my tuition :)

However, the psychological aspects that create the emotions associated with fear of losing, fear of missing out, greed, and over-trading have been very difficult to deal with in my few weeks of recent Forex trading experience:

Week #2: (the second week of 2016)
I lost 20% on my deposit in week #2 because I failed to follow what I had learned and practiced because of emotions. Also, I over-traded like a gunslinger, shooting at anything that moved, and killing my equity in the process.
Week #3:
I made back the Week #2 losses plus an additional 19% gain. The single losing day of week #2 was less than 1% (again, because of not following the rules).
Week #4:
My account balance dropped 5% (the gunslinger showed up again).
Week #5:
With one more day to go in week #5, the current week, my equity is up 29% over week #4.

So far, I have had one losing week and a total of 5 losing days and have begun to be more successful at guarding against the gunslinger (over trading, fear, and greed). I have won and lost some "battles" and am ahead financially but the outcome of the "war" will have to be determined next year about this time :)

My losing days result mostly from trading on emotions, rather than rules, passing up hundreds of profit-dollars in the process. The psychological aspects have been the MAJOR PROBLEM for me. As I am able to overcome this going forward, I will enjoy a much smoother equity curve. So far, the curve is rather choppy but shows a nice upward trend.

And, no, I do not work for MAX and MAX personnel have not given me any consideration for what I have written here (remember... MAX=Maximum Integrity!!).

If you are absolutely committed and willing to do the work, and you realize that it may take years, like becoming proficient in any other new career venture, I am confident in recommending the MAX-Primer course to you as your entry-step in learning the MAX trading methodology.... Given average intelligence, it will work for you if you are committed and do the work.

Best regards,

:) Marv

Matus Majernik, Trnava, Slovakia

Date of Post:2016-01-07
Review: Great trading system and service.
Great mentors and constant help and education,Great Forex tips and informations,Very useful forum,Many very useful trading advices,tips and webinars and trainings for Free.

Keith T, Michigan, USA

Date of Post:2015-08-09
Review: I have nothing but good things to say about the MAX Trading system and agree with the great reviews that have all ready been posted. Great support and on going training after you have taken the training classes. Thank you to the MAX staff for your hard work it is much appreciated.

David, , New Zealand

Date of Post:2015-07-11
Review: The difference to my bottom line is remarkable. From mediocre to very profitable. What impresses me most is the ongoing support. Free ongoing live webinars every month. The team behind Max is very supportive and innovative, constantly upgrading/tweaking systems. Moreover they have had the same small team consistently now for a number of years - a good sign.
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