Watanabe Test Forex Project

Watanabe Forex | Rich Forex Robot Trader

Watanabe Forex | Poor Housewife Not Aware of Forex

     Can the FPA turn an innocent housewife into a real life version of the urban legend of Mrs. Watanabe?  The story is that Mrs. Watanabe made a fortune trading forex.  Will Mrs. Li make a fortune or lose everything?

     You can follow all of Mrs. Li's statistics right here on this page.  Scroll down to see links to the individual test accounts.

     To learn more about the Watanabe Forex Test Project and to read more about what Mrs. Li is doing, click here >>

Watanabe Forex Project Cumulative Stats (updated daily)

Running Weeks: 279.6 weeks
Invested: $1350.38
Withdrawn: $753.46
Accounts Equity: $58.53
Earnings: $-538.39   |   -39.87% ROI (0.01% ROI Weekly)
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