1. M

    Problem pocketoption broker blocked my account with a balance 2032$ & they never refund

    Hello here my name is Marly. I invite pocket option broker manager to answer me & refund me my money back they blocked my account with a balance 2032$ they never answer my mails they give a false number on their website they blocked my account for no valuable reason. I had only one account they...
  2. sri1160

    Problem Pocket option manipulating results !!!

    Hey all. I wanna share my view and analysis on this platform. I have 3 years of experience in binary options and Forex. Mostly I do binary options. Before get into this platform ( Pocket options ). I trade with one of my trusted broker. In 2023 I get to know about Pocket options. I read online...
  3. Krucial1911

    Best SPAM for Options Trading (PocketOption Spam posted in a non-commercial folders)

    (ACCOUNT NUMBER REMOVED so you don't get paid for spamming) Pocket options is a great platform for beginner and pro level traders. There's a free demo account to practice your strategies before leaping into the real market. As you grow as a trader, your account grows with you. You gain...
  4. J

    Problem www.pocketoption.com changed winning sell to buy trades

    ive lost over 56k to pocket option over the last year and a half i beleive they are a scam company and advise people to stay away they changed winning sell to buy trades right in front of my eyes with big amounts they also manipulate otc markets so when u put on high amounts u will loose time...
  5. C

    Problem Pocket Option scam they manipulated the platform for OTC trading so i would loose even though the trade had clearly won

    I got scammed by pocket option they manipulated the OTC market loosing my trades when they had clearly won
  6. R

    Problem Pocket Options- Erased 1.1 Million Dollars from Account SCAM

    I made about 1.1 million using broker Pocket Options which specialized in binary options. They erased my earnings saying was using bots which is not true. I asked them to provide proof that I was using bots but of course that isn't provided either. This is the same story over and over again with...
  7. Hristo

    Problem Pocketoption.com Is scaming their clients

    Hello all, my name is Hristo Libchev, more about me you can find in LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/hristo-l-l-363a30130 Do not try to trade with pocketoptions.com Why - becouse if you lose you are more then welcome, but if you win more than few hundred $ your account will be Blocked and won't get...
  8. B

    Problem pocket option ( Gembell Limited) is scam company. i lose USD 7000

    My account number is 100031301.email is benjaminngsiu@outlook.com. I have received Pocket option (Gembell Limited) company financial department to cancel my trading result because I speculated on vulnerabilities of system on Nov 5, 2019. But it is not a fact. My investment strategy is simple...
  9. J

    Problem pocket option delay problem

    good morning, im posting here because i am having problems with pocket option.... unfortunately even if i sent a video of having delay of 10 SECONDS they don't wanna give me a refund.... and this is not the first time that im having delay ... after i sent them the video here is the answer...
  10. A

    Discuss PocketOption.com

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  11. C

    Problem Pocketoption unauthorized trade and reset balance

    Hello, sorry by errors of english, i speak portuguese. The site pocketoption declined my last withdrawal as was me. i request withdrawal in amount of 1046,20. They declined last withdrawal and make false operations in my account until reset ( zero balance) THis was all my operations in site...