thomas kralow

  1. A

    Problem My review of Thomas Kralow Hedge fund trading education

    Hi, I would like to post review for this marketing guru and probably scammer. As before lot of people has made claims about Trustpilot removing real student reviews. I have been tryin to use a Thomas Kralow trading strategy for a more a year and half, but it simply doesn't work out as you will...
  2. MPennZ


    THOMAS KRALOW TRUSTPILOT SCAM CONFIRMED Have placed a Trustpilot review for this guy but just noticed lots of negative reviews (around 20) being removed by Thomas Kralow after he paid to become a client of Trustpilot. Here is my review: “I joined the University but only after I joined I read...
  3. tcook7340

    Problem Thomas Kralow University SCAM FAKE results

    I am ashamed to admit it but I got scammed out of $2,480 by Thomas Kralow University One of the worst programmes same things repeated over and over same stuff I have seen on the most basic forex websites and I think all his trading results are photoshopped.