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Problem My review of Thomas Kralow Hedge fund trading education

I am having an issue with a company

Adam Weishaupt


I would like to post review for this marketing guru and probably scammer. As before lot of people has made claims about Trustpilot removing real student reviews.

I have been tryin to use a Thomas Kralow trading strategy for a more a year and half, but it simply doesn't work out as you will be willing in the future of your expectations in trading, even if you will follow all the rules strictly from this trading program.

I am not saying this trading course is scam, but it is garbage for trading purposes, if you are completely new to trading, you will be impressed by this program, because you don't have any information to compare. You can later blame only your self if you are fallen for this.

If you can think critically and see the bigger picture and later apply logical deduction from the information which you are processing, you can easily found out the truth about anything.

Let's start with basic logical question...

Do you think that drawing a line(like kids are drawing in kindergarten) in the chart will make you a professional trader, or when you will be looking on some MCdonnel (MACD) divergence-convergence?

Just think a little....

Thomas is claiming that he learned the trading skills from wealthy guy who manages a hedge fund. I clearly remember the picture of this person on his trading university webpage, but unfortunately the mentor picture is taken away, his name was somethin like Alfy...When I asked to some professional traders from institution banking sector about such strategy as in this so called University Degree...they were laughing and told me that they will show to people in which direction is exit doors from the trading floor, if they will try to trade using such information.

Do you think in Hedge funds funds are traded using such strategy?

Secondly-just ask yourself, if the information you possess can help you make millions in financial markets, will it be worth around only 3000?

The dark psychology trick is also very good played out in the education program first lessons, if something will wont work out in trading, you can blame your emotions...this can only be related to blind people, who cannot understand the mechanics behind information which fluctuates on projecting the candle on your screen. But using this strategy you definitely won't see.

Interesting where is the famous Thomas Kralow hedge fund...It is nowhere, fairytale, he just made a good marketing trading show...or are the top students already making billion hedge fund in the shadow, or affiliates from TELE2 stores who are trying to sell dream for 19980$ ?

Just ask using LOGIC to yourself questions after gathering information!




When I chit chat to people from behind scenes, they were telling me that a good scam starts in UAE from 1 billion...you can also you use a logic on this topic. Imagine you trust your money for example in BITGET, where the platform owners can manipulate any market data, and there is a wedge guru...inducing on your fantasies....

The so called regulated hedge fund, is nowhere to be found in registers by SEC, it is a simple firm entity, with Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola from you can read in previous links and Pyramid market scheme owner Thomas Kralow aka Tomas Krilovs.

Thomas Kralow want to reach a 1 billion, according to his strategy you can make simple calculations by yourself...you can risk 1-2% of your whole depo per trade, and according to our MR SPOT ON...30 pts per day on DAX realistic. Imagine you have 5 000 000 in your depo and apply 2% rule, it is 100 000 per trade, according to 1 to 3 ration it is 300 000 in one trade, in one month you can make 7 200 000....and you can probably become a billionaire market maker Thomas, ain't so? Or market makers are just a fancy name for things you don't know as you briefly explained it in your chapter 11 about DOM.

Basically this is a very good program for marketing purposes and to brainwash your mind if you are not aware of the psychology tricks used in marketing strategy. Thomas Kralows team...just random people from Latvia working in this pyramid marketing scheme.

They will try to refer to some silly bought publications in Forbes and other media..

I am not related to this video, but this guy also can do SOME LOGICAL and CRITICAL thinking about how this marketing looks -

I am also adding screens from Trustpilot and screens from garbage education, so you can trust me, I am a real and have experience with so called Thomas Kralow.

Now you can expect to face swarm attack by PR agency account.

Just watch PIIIIIEEERRR campaign - topmedia.lv/post/top-media-veidota-kampana-starp-labakajam-adwards-festivala


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The things you write a probably true but one thing you don't seem to understand is that you are not going to risk 1-2% of your whole depo when you are trading. It's per trade you are risking that. You usually trade 5-10 % of your depo per trade and risk 1-2% of that trade. So if you have 5.000.000 like you mentioned earlier and trade 10% that is 500.000 and then you risk say 2% which is 10.000 with stop loss.