question- what are the things that a trader should never do?

A trader should never let their emotions dictate their trading decisions. It's important to remain disciplined and patient, even in the face of market volatility or unexpected events. Fear and greed are two of the most common emotions that can derail a trader's success, so it's important to develop strategies to manage them effectively. This can include using a trading journal to track your emotions, taking breaks from trading when you feel overwhelmed, or practicing meditation or other relaxation techniques to stay calm and focused. By mastering your emotions, you'll be better equipped to make rational trading decisions and achieve your goals in the markets.
Never trade without a plan
Never risk more than you can afford to lose
Never chase losses
Never neglect proper research and analysis
Never ignore risk management
Never follow blindly
Never let emotions dictate decisions
A trader should never copy other strategies for manual trading blindly. Because what works for one trader doesn’t necessarily mean it works for you.
I don’t say that you can’t look up the strategies of other traders. You certainly can, but you always need to adjust them to your individual traits.
Traders should never operate without a clear strategy, ignore risk management principles, or let emotions dictate decisions. Overleveraging, chasing losses, and neglecting continuous learning are also pitfalls to avoid for sustained success in the dynamic world of trading.
Trader should never rush and allow emotions break out of him.
This is the most difficult part - to restrain yourself, to abstract from willing to open a position even if you are not completely convinced it will work out. Oodles of mistakes were made because of this, and I believe, only due to the experience and falling into the same trap over and over again, traders get the understanding.
So, never rush, remain inscrutable and patient. These are the most important things, I assume.
exactly, complying with wise risk management is a must especially for those who consider this adventure as kind of prospect in a long run.
over risking leads to one possible outcome - burning out, mentally. sometimes it's followed by the depo drain, ha.
but even if you manage to earn good money while risking much, burning out will anyway reach you.

I assume risk management is something that rookies should master in the first place. Tough, thorny and challenging path, but nobody promised it would be easy :)