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Searching So, are there any brokers anyone likes?

Help me find a company
If we are doing our trades with a reliable and professional ECN broker we are in the safe hands. FXOpen is my recommendation, broker gives traders access to the interbank market.
If we are promoting FXOpen by callin' it ECN with no proof while incentivized, we are a Referral Agent and should disclose the relationship accordingly.

Interbank market access? That's amazing.
I haven't been trading for many years. I'd like to get back into it but I share the same sentiments as the OP as Forex always seems to have the worst brokers around. I find it so difficult to figure out who to use and trade with. I am currently learning to trade Options and Futures but I started out with Forex and then left due to the corrupt nature of many forex brokers. Options and Futures brokers are a lot more regulated than the Fx brokers.

Anyone care to disagree? On the subject of brokers; are there any suggestions for Aussie brokers as I am an Australian citizen. I know there are a quite a few in Aus, but any honest & unbiased suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks