trading journey

In almost any trading platform you can upload a statement of any period of time you want to see the results.
I tend to do this from time to time just to make sure everything goes in the right direction for me. Cuz you can’t track all your trading results in your head. you think you can but the statement will show that you certainly can’t.
That's great advice! I will definitely take it into account.
I set profit targets and risk constraints and see how my trading fits them over time. That's it. You have your plan and you have to make as much as possible to stick to it
I set profit goals.
I track all my trades, and I try to avoid any mistakes there. I hardly try to control my emotions, and well, the most important part for me is to be better than the previous month.
How do you personally evaluate your forex trading journey and measure your progress over time? Are there any specific metrics or indicators you use to assess your growth and success as a trader?
I only evaluate my growth and progress in forex through my trading journal and compare my trades with the previous ones.
I keep a record of my trades and by them analyze my performance and identify strengths and weaknesses in my trading strategy.
haven actually started tradin yet and jus messin around with demos and seein how ma profit percentage stacks up with different brokers
I use the most common metric, profitability, as long as I am making profit and account is growing that enough for me. I actually track everything using myfxbook
A trading journal should be kept and reviewed properly for any necessary improvements in trading in my opinion.