trading journey

In general, I wouldn't have stayed in trading if I didn't manage to make a sort of progress in trading.
It's very essential and I remember those first steps in this sphere and how I was scary of the market. It's inherent to all beginners actually.

Nevertheless, after some practice, communication with acting traders who are true experts in the field, I realized that those who are fraid of the market will never have a chance to succeeed in the sphere. I gradually started to accumulate experience and to apply gained knowledge. Success was mixed, and actually I'm even now not a professional. But I'm working on it.
The focus shouldn't only be on profitability but also on honing skills, such as emotional control and risk management. These intangible aspects of growth are equally crucial in measuring progress as they prepare you for any market condition and enhance your overall trading resilience
Trading plans help to measure trading progress in the forex trading journey, however, this needs high discipline to work the trading plan. If still often violating the trading plan it is still hard to keep discipline, and this includes poor psychology trading.
Why use some other programs and websites when you can make statements right from the platform, at least from any of the MT platforms. can’t say anything about other less renowned ones.
There you will get all the required data about your progress or setbacks. and it provides all the analysis of all your deals in any given trading period.

Also I can give you one simple and reliable indicator. If your deposit is growing then you are making progress in your trading journey;-)
That makes sense.
The biggest mistake of newcomers and actually of those who don't trade for a long period - exceeded expectations about profitability and the worst mistake - setting goals like "wanna be successful and have a lot of profitable deals".
It works, but at the same time such a goal is truly blurry. Guys should be aware of how to set goals correctly, like as you have said to hoen skills at trading or to gain some valuable knowledge.
Surely, I also tend to make statements relying on the platform and I rarely use something instead.
The platform perfectly depicts the reality, what is happening on it and what can potentially happen in future. The main is to master the technique of recognizing what stands for what in these movements. That is the reason why many traders utilize tons of indicators and oscillators, to understand what is happening right now with the price and if it has the potentialy to grow or vice versa drop in future.