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    Default (Andrew Martin)

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    Default What's going on?

    I've been trying to buy ForexGalactico for two days with nothing to show for my time. The Click Bank purchase didn't go through. I called my credit card company, PayPal, and ClickBank. Nothing is wrong from my end. I just called my ISP, nothing wrong there.
    I've written three emails to [email protected] and they are all returned with the reason that the domain name or address is bad.
    There is no phone to call, so, there is no way to contact anyone. I wonder how many others have experienced the same frustration?

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    Default Very Suspicious

    Maybe Andrew Martin is a fake name to entice English speaking earthlings to part with their money ? I tried responding to the emails that appeared to be sent by this Andrew Martin but they kept bouncing back as undeliverable . He used the email address of [email protected] which I guessed should not have had the second "e" between the "x" and the "g" . I told him he was using a wrong email address with just one letter in error and to fix it but all the numbskull's replied was : We can receive your email. Kindly email us at [email protected] . Then the next email is sent from the same incorrect email address . When I checked the properties the original address is : [email protected] so maybe they are trying to hide something . I have not given whoever it is, any of my money.:hissyfit:

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    Default Only Losses!

    I have tested Galactico for several weeks in which it started lots of trades!
    Unfortuntely it never showed a profit, so I requested a refund!

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