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premieretrade.com (James Dicks) Review

Updated: Dec 28, 2015
2.25 · 57 REVIEWS
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premieretrade.com (James Dicks)

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2.25 · 57 REVIEWS
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Singapore, Singapore
Apr 11, 2014

Thank you Mr Dicks. I love your software PremiereTrade. I am a long way from America but I have had Mr. Dicks’ software many years now. I found his book Forex Made Easy in a book store here and was surprised to see it was published in my native language. The book lead me to download the software.

As many of the other post here have pointed out the software is unlike anything that I have used in the past. I find it very easy and perfect for my trading styles. I am looking forward to the new version and I have heard that Mr. Dicks will be traveling international this year. I hope to meet with him when he does.

When I first got the software, I as well used the scanner tool which I loved. It is not available to my knowledge but I hope the features make the new version of the software. It is an amazing difference in trading forex here vs abroad in the US. My feedback on the PremiereTrade software is easy, love it and recommend you try it if you can get your hands on it. I would like more direct access choices for over seas brokers.

Las Vegas, USA
Apr 4, 2014

Glad to provide some feedback on James Dicks’ PremiereTrade software. I received an email from Mr. Dicks asking if I would post on this web site a review of the software. I have owned the software for nearly 6 years now. After reading thru the various feedback on this site you can clearly see who has used the software and who has not.

I do not have the new 7.0 version as of yet but I do expect to be using it hopefully by end of this month. I regularly speak with their customer support and I am a subscriber to their forex alerts and coaching. I figured I would just mention that the software is unlike any other software in the world. No need to take my word for it, simply try it yourself and you will quickly see that. It really doesn’t matter about all the opinions, what matters is if you try it and see for yourself.

I know that the software had not been available for sale for many years and from what I was told the good news is that the new 7.0 version will be free. That will be better than what I paid but I am the first to know things change, is what it is. But for those that have never tried the software or do not have the software this will be a good chance to try it. I am an old timer, been trading for a long time. Prior to the PremiereTrade software I was using the Wizetrade platform which I liked the concept but didn’t like giving up all the charting functionality of traditional type trading softwares. I pretty much got everything i wanted in PremiereTrade.

My primary method of trading is using the Wizard. The Wizard is a one of a kind to PremiereTrade. I like the wizard because of the ease of use and ability to quickly identify trading opportunities. The best part is that I can still include traditional charting capabilities into the wizard so I get the best of both worlds so to speak. I use a custom setting on the Wizard that will allow me to see 4 wizard screens at one time. I like using the 4 time frames and it really doesn’t matter which 4 times frames you use, but they will be selected based on the amount of time you want to stay in a trade, so for me a few days max in a trade is all I want.

So for this example I will use a long term of 120 minutes, that way when I look at the individual data points I know each one is 2 hrs long and that on average I may be looking to be in a particular trade 1-2 days max. Then I have to select the next three time frames. I will select usually half the long term for the next time frame so 60 minutes, then my entry time frame 30 minutes, and then the final time frame say 15 minutes. Once I do that, I look for momentum of the trade. This is easily done using the Wizard, I want to see the colors of the charts lining up and all on the same page as far as direction goes. I like the analogy of a wave, the stronger the wave the more it will affect the next time frame. The wizard shows me that wave of momentum by identifying the long term in this example, the 120 minute braking into the green buy zone or red sell zone depends on which direction you are going.

As I review the different time frames I move down to the next time frame the 60, I want to see the momentum building in the green on the 60 and the 30. every trend has trends within trends on the smaller time frames within them and so in this example the stronger the 30 minute time frame is in the green the better for the 60, the stronger the 60 is in the green the better for the 120 and so on. Here is what you have to understand, the smaller time frames will go from red to green and affect the longer time frames, that is the retracement of the moves in this case to the upside.

What you want to do is catch all the time frames going in the right direction, with enough momentum the long term will continue to to move to the upside. I know this may sound a little confusing but I have to say for me, I love this method of trading. I know that they have a video out there on trading the wave or something like that so that may clear up what I am saying here. Bottom line is if you can get your hands on the software I think you will agree with me.

Sacramento, Ca, USA
Mar 14, 2014

I love the software. I use it everyday, and I just got my hands on the new version. FXDD is no longer a direct access broker and they now have FXCM as a choice. YEA! I have my accounts there already and look forward to using the software with my FXCM accounts. I have no idea how you get the new version, I got a call from the company asking me if I wanted the new version. They said they were still soft launching it but wanted existing customers that had FXCM accounts to start using it. I love the new look, blue was not my favorite, the navigation hasn’t changed much but I was told the new technology will allow the company to roll out many of the new upgrades quickly. I agree with some of the other post that this is an interesting site for sure, and glad James Dicks sent me the email asking me to rate my software. I am looking forward to some of the live training coming back out to my area, or hoping that it does. My suggestion is give it a try, make your own decision if it works for you. I know they don’t sell it anymore and that you cant buy it anymore but if you can get your hands on it do it.

Tampa, USA
Feb 22, 2014

I guess James wanted to get some feedback on his software, thus the email I got about posting on this site. I see some others have made their way to here as well. Seems that for the most point my opinion is already captured here, I love the software and use it everyday. I would like to mention a few things that I use that is not really talked about on this forum in any of the PremiereTrade users posting here. First I am an active day trader in the forex and I have been for many years.

I first got James Dicks software about 6 years ago. I am not using his new beta version (I would like to if anyone sees this) however pretty sure that the current features will be in the new version. I like looking at as many time frames as I can when I am trading. I have several trading accounts running at one time. I use the direct access broker in PremiereTrade as well, but I am certainly interested in some of the new brokers I hear are coming on line as well. I have used many of the other software platforms out there including metatrader, e-signal and many of the forex brokers proprietary platforms. I am sort of a technology buff myself and have written numerous EA's for metatrader. I read some where on this forum that the new version of PremiereTrade may have auto trading in it. I am looking forward to that and would like to have the opportunity in writing some of the robots or what ever they use.

So the feature I am wanting to sure with you is not available on any other platform that I have used out there, or I have not seen it. On the charting and wizard screens in the top right PremiereTrade has a small triangle/arrow facing to the right that you can click on. This will allow you to break out another chart, not just a chart but a fully functional feature almost like another software at the same time. Anything you can do on the PremiereTrade software chart you can do on the break out chart.

I run a full trading station with 8 monitors. With the PremiereTrade software open I can click on the charting tab and open a chart. The charts originally open as quad charts with 4 time frames to see. I then can click the arrow on top right and break out another set of quad charts. I can either view the quad charts or double click on any of those charts to see one large chart. So technically I can have unlimited break out charts. For my purposes I have 8 monitors. I use one for the primary PremiereTrade software where I leave my trade desk open and then I use one monitor for my news and basic PC functions and the other 6 monitors I use break out charts each with quad charts so I have 24 charts running from one software, Amazing! Each chart is fully functional.

I think that feature alone is worth what I paid many years ago. They are pushing so much data it is crazy. Oh and their data is more than anyone else out there. Check it and see.

Anaheim, USA
Feb 19, 2014

Thanks James Dicks, I like this site. I can look up other companies doing business in the Forex and see reviews from other traders like myself. As to the PremiereTrade AI Software, I love it. I am using the new beta version and have for about 2 months. I like the new look of some of the buttons on the bottom, better than the old ones. The new broker choice is a plus for me. I was not a fan of the first broker you used. The wizard indicator is certainly diffrent from anything else out their, but I am a chart trader so I love your charts, let me say it again, I love the charts in PremiereTrade.

The charts are very clear very easy to use and easy to add indicators on them. Pretty simple to see, all you have to do is put a metatrader chart next to the AI chart and you will see what I am talking about. Then start moving the chart around and see how reactive it is. I personally like to use Fibonacci's and on meta trader and most other charts out there it can be a real pain moving them around on the chart as you lay them on. With PremiereTrade charts I can drag the chart around with ease to see my Fibonacci's easily. As a beta tester for the new version I have not experienced any problems worth writing about. I am looking forward to the new releases upcoming. As a beta tester I get release updates. I won't share them as I am not allowed, I certainly don't want to lose my ability to use the software but what I can say is some great things are coming. Hopefully I can share them with you as soon as they are out.

Ontario, Ca, USA
Feb 18, 2014

I guess part of the new process to use the software is to post experiences on this web site. Seems strange to me although I am not opposed to sharing. I can say that as of right now you cannot buy the software, I tried. I was able to speak with someone at the company about the software and was pleasantly surprised when they asked me if I would like to join the beta group. So that is what I did.

My perspective is not from a long time user but from a new user of the PremiereTrade software. Downloading the software was easy. I was up and running fairly quickly. I am not paying anything to be part of the beta group or to use the software. My understanding is that there will be no upfront cost for the software and as long as you have some sort of funded live account there will be no monthly fees. The person I spoke to said that there is going to be some sort of trade volume monthly minimum to use the software or something like that. I don't have a problem with that really. Obviously from what I see it certainly cost money to build the software platform.

I have been using the software for about a month. I have had no problems with the exception of a few minor issues which were easily solved. I was actually surprised not to see more problems as this is a beta version. I am no professional trader by any means, however I have traded the forex for a few years and like most new traders I think I have jumped around trying different things. This is not the first forex trading platform I have tried. The PremiereTrade Platform does seem to be unique as I have not seen anything like it. The technical indicators seem to be similar to those in other software's and the charting I agree with many of the other post here is pretty easy to use, looks much better than any others I have used in the past and certainly allows the user to move freely around the chart.

Drawing on the charts and putting technical indicators on the chart is easy and that too looks way better than other charts I have used in the past. Actually I am surprised at how great these charts are. They have two tabs in the software that I have not used and I am not very family with what they do. The first one is their Chart Entry charts and the other is the Wizard chart. The chart entry charts seem to be some sort of algorithm that generates two lines on the chart. When I asked PremiereTrade what they were, I was told that there are several strategies to choose from and that they were a mix of moving averages with some mathematical calculations to smooth the lines out. I am not opposed to that, interesting way to confirm a trade. I was yet again surprised that PremiereTrade didn't give me some big explanation of how great the entry signals are and some big secret mathematical algorithm that no one else has. The guy said it was just a way to add some color arrows to a chart for new traders to get more comfortable with trading. He did say that if you use the chart entry signals to make sure you are using other tools to confirm your trade before you execute

The staff seemed confidant and knowledgeable. Now the Wizard charts were defiantly different. I even had to call and ask about that. I was told that they are using standard technical indicators that have been around for ever. All PremiereTrade did again was add color to the charts to help traders quickly identify trade opportunities. What was neat on the chart was that there are 4 different indicators using these colors at one time, that made it easy to confirm my trade multiple ways. I plan on testing this more over the months to come and will report back. After working with the software, I will say that they really have something here. There is room for improvement but from where I sit they seem to be doing that. Hope this helps, my suggestion is if you get a chance give it a try.

Philadelphia , USA
Feb 11, 2014

Glad to see PremiereTrade Software gaining some ground again. I was a fan when it first came out and I am still a fan. No question, if you are looking for something unique and different this is the software for you. It is true they do not sell the software anymore. Not even sure How you get it.

The reason I am posting is that I just got one of their most recent emails asking for customers to rate the software and provide some feed back they may have had or are having, no problem. I would say that I think they need to work on a little more redesign in my opinion. If that is not going to be in the new version they should consider it.

By the way, you may have remembered when the PremiereTrade software had stocks and Options. I liked having the ability to trade multiple classes on one platform and I am looking forward to them adding that back soon. I will post back if I hear how you can get the software.

Virginia Beach, USA
Feb 7, 2014

I saw this forum on the James Dicks website. Figured I would share some of my experiences with the software. I purchased this software thru PremiereTrade's Hurricane Katrina Relief effort. That caught my attention, I had been contemplating on wether to jump in and give the software a try. When the company said that they would give a 100% of anything they raise during the 30 days after the Hurricane, I said why not. They ended up I think donating nearly $400,000 to the red cross. So that got me the software and I was new to the Forex market place. I was such a newbie, but very enthusiastic and wanted to learn the market. I had never traded anything prior to using the PremiereTrade AI.

I think the most prevalent tool/indicator that I used was the Wizard. Since purchasing the PremiereTrade software in 2005, I have looked at other platforms. None of them have the wizard or the chart entry signals. I started off using the Wizard very easy to use and learn. It is made up of 4 indicators, with the primary indicator using moving averages. Don't get me wrong. When I first started using the software I had know idea what a moving average was. Now I do. The other indicators are the Volatility, Momentum and Buying and Selling Indicator. I used them as I was taught.

Each indicator confirming the other and when you follow the trend your can see the opportunities. I say used as over the years, I realized the genius behind the software. They actually taught me how to be a technical trader now using traditional charting which is also in the software. The wizard allows customers to learn from an easy to use interface only to progress the trader to charting at their connivence, for me that was about a year of demo trading with some live trading in between before I was comfortable to go live and stay there.

I am so excited to know that they are finally about to release a new version and from what I hear it will be free. Cant wait to try it out. I will be the first one to say that they like other companies I have had relations with have had there ups and downs. But the product is great. I do have to give props to this forum for allowing people like myself to openly discuss related topics without fear of being sold something. So thank you for that. As for PremiereTrade when you get a chance to try it, do it.

Thanks Julie

Arlington, VA, USA
Feb 5, 2014

Seen this site a few times. I am familiar with the software as a user. I have had it for little more than 4 years now. I got the software directly from the company before they quit selling it. The postings here seem a little odd or shall I say inconsistent. In my spare time I am an attorney and pretty much now just have too much time on my hands. That was one of the reason that I became interested in the forex to begin with. I knew that I would need something to do with my time. So I got the AI software. What seems strange to me is that I have seen some of the same word for word postings listed on this site on other sites. Either the authors are posting on multiple sites the exact same thing or this site, in some way pulls the postings off the other sites. Even stranger the identical post have different dates. None the-less the software is great, works great for me and I enjoy using it. I have tried others out there in the market place but I like this one. I have recently become aware that the company intends to launch the software internationally now and that many new users are already downloading the software, I believe free now. That doesn't make me too happy, I paid for it years back. But arguing that would be pointless unless you plan on arguing with car dealers about change their pricing on a daily basis. I think we will see alot more activity from new users on this forum in the months to come. I for one will check back and chime in. For now I am focused on trading the forex and becoming much more active.

Dallas, TX, USA
Dec 22, 2013

It's been nearly 8 years that I have owned the PremiereTrade software. I personally love it. Yes, that is my opinion. But clearly the software is one of a kind, nothing like it on the market. I will be the first to say that I have tried em all. When I first got the software I was new to trading. What I liked was the ease of use and the confidence I felt while learning to trade. Now I use their Wizard to look for trades quickly and the charting to drill down. I would not be frank if I didn't say I had some problems along the way. The training options have changed since I first purchased the software, but the support is still there. Use what you want I say, but as charting goes nothing compares. This company, based on the reviews here looks like it has seen its ups and downs, but bottom line I called the other day spoke to the same guy that was there 8 years ago, that says allot to me. Any business surviving the last 3 years must have some longevity.