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Updated: Nov 3, 2015
2.765 · 17 REVIEWS
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2.765 · 17 REVIEWS
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London, United Kingdom
Nov 2, 2015

System only works in a very strong up trend or down trend the triangles mimic moving averages 40..80,and 180. I use 50,100 and 200 SMA and this is all you need if the price stays above or below these moving averages you have a strong trend and you can buy when the price pulls back to 50sma

Virginia, USA
Apr 18, 2015

A great resource of trading information. I have been a subscriber for two years, and the MarketClub signals have improved the direction of my trades. Scanning tools and new triangles are the best part.

new york city, USA
Nov 3, 2014

I only trade Forex. Hence the review is limited to that exclusively. I joined because of the audio valuation of each of the trending pairs... Only to find that all recordings are identical and based on a numerical values the propitiatory software places on the strength of trending pairs. Unfortunately the numerical count/valuations all audio files are identical. When triangles change color/direction, you are expected to get out... but the audio recordings continue to promote dollar cost averaging by telling you to use the draw down opportunity to add to your existing position in the direction of the trend "with tight stops and appropriate money management" instead to telling you to get out! Essentially the service for Forex trades is useless. You are better off going to http://www.livecharts.co.uk/currency-strength.php where the service is absolutely free and no confusing triangles. (BUT this service is exclusively for Forex traders). When the market drops it is difficult to contact them as all lines get busy... i assume clients need reassurances of sorts including myself... I had to keep calling to clarify that even though the weekly and monthly trends were intact and the audio recording was contradictory/conflicting with the triangles. My subscription was cancelled in a timely manner and the staff is very professional and courteous. I brought the above to their attention.

Buffalo, USA
Mar 15, 2012

I've found marketclub to be tremendous help to me and my portfolio. It's helped me quiet the noise in the market and find the best potential trades. I also love the wealth of educational material that they provide. Review Moderation Team Note: This review was left from inside Ino's offices. Per FPA policy, the rating on this review is being changed from 4 stars to Zero stars. The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.

Omaha, USA
Mar 14, 2012

I have had a lot of trading services over the years, and MarketClub has been the best for long-term trading. I use it as a backup to my personal trading system, and the Trade Triangles filter out a lot of junk. Saves me a lot of time and puts me into good trades.

usa, USA
Feb 15, 2012

don't be fools. don't listen to pseudo-profits. i've been listening to him for awhile and even though the "system" he has come up with is nothing new and should work, his personal opinions will mess you up. he is very bias and will go against his own indicators. for example he would advise you to not short anything that's got a positive trend and yet when S&P was +75 (his trend strength measurement) he still insisted that people should be staying short the market, because of the Euro dept Armageddon and the market "being so overbought" - sounds like a dangerous amateur to me... BTW he has completely dismissed his ideas and advises since market kept climbing up and now he says "don't fight the market";))... if i were one of his subscribers who paid him $450 for this rubbish, I'd wanna b****-slap him.

Texas, USA
Dec 27, 2011

Wow, so glad I read these reviews before signing up for this service. I think it is great advice to do your own homework. I like to pay particular attention to the PEG ratio, which takes into account both P/E and EPS trending. Of course many other factors are important as well. Thanks guys.

Oct 3, 2011

MarketClub is a great second opinion to my trading platform. I like to scan using their tools in the morning to find new trades. Their charting application is extremely nice for a web-based product.

Jul 18, 2011

The trade triangles are very good. Many people like mic29 think that just because you pay for something, you should get perfect trades. The fact is that you can not get into trending trades too early unless you are wiling to gamble your money away. The trade triangles are very useful, and even if you do not use them as entry exits, you can still see their overall reading of long term and medium term trends.

Middle East
Apr 30, 2011

Their indicator Trade Triangle is a very lagging indicator. Shows trend direction after most of the big moves have already taken place. Unfortunately the day I joined one of the commodities, that I trade, had a fall and their long term trade triangle changed from long to short. And I took short. Unfortunately that was the day prices hit the bottom and went up form that day. I had to close out for a loss. Therefore trade at your own risk with their trade triangles. Only thing good is that they have a huge collection of currencies pairs, stocks, indices , commodities. Very huge collection. Since I only trade forex not much of help. Education on the site is also average. No user interface to change profile information. Password cannot be changed and they provide with password which is difficult to remember. To cancel subscription you have to write to them manually to cancel subscription.