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AdventForexCourse.com (Cecil Robles) Review

Updated: Sep 12, 2017
2.71 · 27 REVIEWS
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Websites are down.  Company either moved to new site is is out of business.

AdventForexCourse.com (Cecil Robles)

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2.71 · 27 REVIEWS
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Montreal, Canada
Sep 11, 2017
Registered user

Cecil Robles a total scam , changing websites and products every single year.
A very expensive rip-off, stay away from this guy, he will never honor a warranty , I am suprised he can still do business in this industry.

Michigan, USA
Mar 25, 2016

Rip Off. I joined yourforexmentor.com and the signals currency club.
They never returned any emails from the start. The club only provided two signals the first month and both were losers. I ask for my money back guaranteed that they offered and have not received any response at all from them. Stay away from cecil Robles it is a rip off. I have seen others have learned from him. Not me.

Illinois, USA
Nov 24, 2015

We purchased this program and have contacted Cecil every week for 4 weeks asking for a refund. He has not responded to 1 email.
This is a Scam, he is a fraud. no customer support. no mentoring. no true leadership skills.
Do not purchase

Melbourne, Australia
Feb 6, 2013

Save your time and money, and stay away from any product offered by the low-life scumbag. I was never issued a refund for my Forex Dominator membership (or response to my request). I hope this POS gets smashed by the Karma bus one day!

Bern, Switzerland
Aug 4, 2012

do not get any answer from Cecil nor refund for Forex-Dominator.
It is fraud, stay away!

Vienna, Austria
Nov 22, 2011

This is an update to my previous review : I now received the refund, 40 days after requesting it. Based on my suboptimal customer support experience with them, I wouldn't recommend working with EthosTraders.

2011-11-12 1Star I have subscribed to Cecil Robles "Safe Currency" signal, and was not happy with the trades. I therefore asked for a refund. More than 30 days after my request, the refund is not there yet.

Jul 21, 2011

I purchased the FX swing trader pro last year. I attended a seminar by Cicil in texas. I have to agree with the others on his lack of mentorship. I am a new trader and it seems as thogh the system could work but if you need someone to really mentor you, then you are waisting your time and money with these guys.

Nov 14, 2010

Be careful. This course does have a few positive traits, and maybe you could even make money with it. The support you receive and integrity of the people running the company are questionable. I have identified two "five star" people on this thread that have worked, or still work, for Cecil Robles. And then there is the long winded 10 paragraph technical explanations of why this system is the best and why Ethos Traders is the best company by some random persons who happened to buy the program...yah right. How about this, he was charging 2000.00 for this program earlier this year, now apparently you can get it for free. Whats up with that? He is very good at promoting and has several other systems from other guru's that he is promoting on his websites. Again, what's up with that? Basically I believe that this company makes money selling systems, any system, whether they are their own, or others, and whether they actually work or not. If you do decide to send any of your money to this guy, don't plan on any refunds or responses to any inquiries, and then you won't be disappointed.

Oct 15, 2010

I have tried contacting Cecil Robles (Ethos Traders Inc or Advent Forex Course), and or his support department/members area about 6 times for a refund and have not had one reply to any of my emails. At this stage I have to assume I have been scammed, does anyone have any idea if they are still in business?

Ontario, Canada
Aug 23, 2010

Advent is a recent version of a course offered since about 2006, AKA the Premier and the SniperFX systems. It uses moving averages with reversal & swing point candles, longer term resistance points, oscillators and fibs together with very tight risk control rules The early versions applied the same rules with slight variations to all time frames. Advent focuses on longer term swing trading only using daily charts. Separate iterations of Advent for smaller time frames have since been released for intraday trading (FX DayTrader) and shorter swing trading (FXST). As to performance, the principles are most reliable on the 4 HR and Daily Time frames. They are most unreliable on the smaller time frames.

While the course is professionally taught and performs reasonably well on the higher time frames, it is mis-billed as a mentorship program. In reality support and communication do not last much beyond the 4-6 weeks it takes to teach the course by webinar, by which point the course is being changed again and ready to be re-marketed in another few months under a new name with a new URL at another price. Run by two partners operating between Idaho, Texas and Central America, the spnsoring company, Ethos Traders, is on a whole unstable and office support is skeletal to non-existent. Several live intraday trade rooms have failed. The company also frequently markets other trading programs to its clients, including a highly unsupported Introducing Broker (IB) program.

Recommendations: This course is recommended only for seasoned traders who are already practiced in standard trading indicators and who do not require handholding support. It is also only recommended for higher time frame use. It will produce good results under these conditions. The course is not recommended for newbies or for anyone who requires mentorship level support beyond the 4-6 weeks it takes to learn the course.