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Updated: Jul 18, 2016
2.935 · 92 REVIEWS
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2.935 · 92 REVIEWS
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essex, United Kingdom
Jul 17, 2016

Andy Shearman dont trust him with your money
He promised to repay me but never did

Liverpool, United Kingdom
Mar 29, 2016

Year now is 2016.....I did the course...twice....Andy and the setup was good, the system works, but requires tight money management. Sadly that is where I met a Forex Place account Manager on one of the courses...whom I trusted because he knew a close friend of mine in Liverpool., end of story...4xp as it became known as became infamous and closed down...As for Andy he persuaded me in 2012 to invest in his 12 month Business Expansion Scheme, a sum of money which he guaranteed to return , along with paying interest of 10% per month. He just about paid the interest and never returned the investment despite three promised milestones...end of 1 year,, divorce settlement and then House Sale. Presently bad health prevents him paying the 5k as its going towards his health billl.......apparently I am not his first victim.....initially great service but in view of this sting no better than Forex Place/4xp.com.....My word is my bond, springs to mind....what I don't understand is why he did not trade the FX to make the money using his FX Money Map.strategy....and the answer is probably too much outside pressure to keep his private life separate from his business life.

London, United Kingdom
May 18, 2015

Cracking product. Cuts down analytical time tremendously. Hard to imagine not using it now.

Wembley, United Kingdom
Apr 17, 2015

went on Andy's 2 days course recently ..the FXMM product makes a lot of sense and makes my spotting trades much easier and more importantly I trade for less time and do better...Thanks Andy

London, United Kingdom
Apr 9, 2015

I took the course earlier this year on Andy's yacht in Canary Wharf, and without giving too much information, let's just say my time was educational, and I've learned to make way more money with FX trading than I would have without the course and the FX Money Map software & feed. Bearing in mind I was almost a newbie before. Made some pretty good contacts too. I would definitely recommend others give it a try.

hampsire, United Kingdom
Mar 30, 2015

Andy Shearman complete con artist and a money grabbing bastard, don't hand your hard earned cash over to him, to make him more wealthy

santa clara, USA
Aug 4, 2014

The Fxmm grid concept works! I've been using mt4 indicator version.
Thanks Andy

SYDNEY, Australia
Feb 23, 2014

Very good course with Andy Shearman at the helm - informative and direct to the point !
Well worth the trip over now looking to make some serious coin !!!!

This is an independent review with no affiliation to the above !!!!

London, United Kingdom
Feb 16, 2014

I went on Andy Sherman's course in November.2013. Since then I have trashed a demo account, looked at loads of his training videos, and have been learning how to use his Money Map software. I am now on a new demo account and currently on a $400 profit.
My experience of Andy Sherman, is that he is a genuine guy who speaks from a wealth of experience. Also the video's are excellent. He teaches Bounce trades, Vanilla, reverse Vanilla, ( I have not got my head around this one yet) and 60-60 trades ( this another difficult one for me. I have experimented with Bounce Trades on a live account, and every trade bounce trade has been successful. The Bounce Trades are obvious from the Grids ( that have 1 -5-15-60-240 lanes) , as well as the other setups. And actually, the set ups that he shows seem to work most of the time. Also invaluable to me, was the importance of looking at the Currency crosses. Eg Eur-Yen USD Yen GBP - Yen etc. It is very obvious from the grids how the currencies are performing against each other, and how inter-related they are, and how this can effect your trades. Now I admit I am a newbie. However, the biggest problem I have had in making profits from this, is MY LACK OF DISCIPLINE. I am prone to get out of winning trades too soon, for fear they will reverse, and stay in loosing trades to long, in the hope they will reverse. However I am watching the trading video's, keeping a written diary of my trades ( as Andy recommends) and I seem to be getting better. I guess people do not need the grids to get the same information, however as a Newbie I am increasingly finding the grids easier to understand, and on my Demo account at least, am making progress. I am happy to keep you posted on this. I have also booked for 21 days more training with Andy. Only time will tell if this is a good investment. . Best wishes John T

Essex, United Kingdom
Oct 22, 2013

I did the FXMM course in Feb 2013. From the initial outset I had mixed feelings about what I was getting into with all the posts on various forums, but I thought that I would go on the course and if I didn’t like it then all I have lost is the initial cost for the course. Besides, I was at the point where I was trading and just managing to break even so there was nothing spectacular going on there. Anyway I went on the course and found that what Andy had to say made sense although I knew most of it as I had been trading demo and live accounts for 5 years. What I really wanted to do was get into the software and find out everything I needed to know about the “Grids” as they looked a bit puzzling. As Andy got to that point, he started to go through all the different patterns that form on a day to day basis by visualisation on a presentation. This was good to see, but being selfish and not thinking about the other people on the course, I was dying to get a few trades on to see if It would be any good for me.
We finally got to the Friday afternoon. Lunchtime had arrived. I popped out to grab a sandwich and went straight back to the course venue to eat it. That afternoon we had the chance to look at the grids on the live markets. I called out a few and even placed them on my live account via the APP on my phone.
Since the course I have been using the grids amongst a couple of other indicators as I use MT4. I have to say from my own opinion that the grids are a good tool…….. BUT, They will never ever work for you on their own you need to have masses amount of self discipline and a very good money management plan (which I have and even shared with Tom who is an occasional attendee of the FXMM trade room). The grids are not the holy grail by any means but they really really do help. Since attending the course as I said I still use them and in fact, the money I have made by using them and my other bits has paid for that holiday and paid for my wedding at the end of November.