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Updated: Mar 8, 2016
3.279 · 61 REVIEWS
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Formerly at ForexEASystems.com

Forex21 develops automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform. Forex21's MT4 EAs include ProFx 3.0, Fx Pulse 3.0, Forex Kinetics, EA Shark Ultimate for online currency trading. One of the forex robots from Forex21 have been forward tested on demo accounts by the Forex Peace Army™


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StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
EA Shark Ultimate-1.5312.1-16.989

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3.279 · 61 REVIEWS
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Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Apr 23, 2015

Very bad customer service. I sent to Mr. Andrew an email asking him if they accept Skrill payment as I can't pay using PayPal, he replied in few hours. This is ok at this point. But after they received the payment, I wait for 2 days and no response from them. Talk to them online on Skype, they are online as well but no answer at all. Sent them emails, again no response. After 9th day, I sent them skype message telling them I will write a bad review for them at FPA, then I got their reply in few hours.

According to my bad experience, I have no trust to use their EA or rely on their customer service in case if I need their urgent help during my live trading. This makes me to ask for refunding me what I have had pay, they told me Skrill payments are not refundable.

All proofs are available is anyone want to see they.

I believe they are not reliable at all, very bad customer service that you can't trust, and as I noticed that many of traders here are not happy at all. I wounder how they got 3.5/5 stars ...

New Mexico, USA
Jan 21, 2015

you can never love martingales. As with most martingales, it gives good results until it does not and when it does not it hearts an account. Ran for two months and was up 37%. Cad news came out and took that out and more. I think over all it will lose money.

Batumi, Georgia
Aug 18, 2014

I had a good experience with the previous version of their profx manual system. Waiting for the automated version.

Katowice, Poland
Jun 23, 2014

After the rebranding they became more solid - imho, especially with their product line of automated and semi automated systems

Berkeley , USA
Apr 22, 2013

I bought Shark 7 after reviewing the product and being suckered in by the profit or money back guarantee. After using the system I've noticed it's far less productive then other systems I have used and made few trades most of them barely break even. I expressed my dissatisfaction with the results to the support an sales emails given on the website and still have yet to receive response. At this point I just want a refund and I have emailed them 5 times in the last two weeks with no response. I refuse to be duped so I will find a way to recover what I invested in their trading software.

Aug 20, 2012

EA Shark has done nothing but lose me money, when it operates! Constantly down due to license recognition problems with the EA software, customer service no help....all they can say is reboot. Nothing but losing and breakeven trades. It has yet to make a winning trade!

Massachusetts, USA
Aug 1, 2012

Shark 7 - Simply NOT as Promised or Advertised.
The good - reasonably quick replies to my several tech support requests, with attempts to be helpful. Several issues surfaced after install.

The website could not be more clear in it's absolute statements of guaranteed performance:
"...Returns high and stable profits during any kind of trading conditions.
That's why EVERY user of the EA Shark 7.0 has achieved constant and high profits while risking never more than 2 tiny pips per trade.
Constant profits during ALL market conditions!
Successful automated trading , every second of every day..."

I experienced the OPPOSITE of these performance guarantees - resulting in of course, net loss.
I requested a refund.

A key issue here is that when such solid promises are made - we all WANT to believe. The reality is - we should all wake up - and simply move away from our addiction to get rich via these websites - and trade manually, properly and profitably - on our own.
This is all just my opinion from my personal experience as a non-professional. I could be all wrong. Do your own research and form your own opinion.

Twincities, MN, USA
Jul 30, 2012

Purchased this about 2 months ago. It trades very infrequent and so it has not even made a dent in towards recovering the costs... Then their licensing server went down over the weekend. I sent them an email over 24 hours ago but no reply. My recommendation is to stay away.

2011-03-16 1Star
Review: After 30 days of running EA SIGMA using defaults live on AAAFx I am turing this EA off. More losing trades and winners. The losers are bigger than the winners. And you cannot trust their marketing as the live trades don't even come close to matching what they advertise.

I attempled to get a refund but was refused. Note that www.forexessystems.com has a policy of 25% handling fee if they ever provide a refund.... but it does not appear that they honor their short warrantee period.

Stay away!

2011-02-16 2 StarsUpdate to my previous review:

Asked for refund. Now the fun begins... The website offers a "no questions asked 100% guaranteed satisfaction" refund policy. Of course they did not really mean that. When I asked, they immediately stated that I must have the settings wrong and that I should contact support.... Already did that. They were fast but not helpful.

Then I noticed that they have updated the refund policy to charge a 10% processing fee for refund requests on products that cost over $200. THIS IS A WARNING SIGN - they may be getting a large number of refund requests.... and so much for the 100% Satisfaction guarantee!

Regarding the EA's performance: Since starting this EA, I have had 2 trades. They show 6 trades. I assume that I am missing trades because of spread or slippage issues. However, the first trade on my account cannot be correlated to any trade on their results page. So I am getting trades that they are not and missing trades that they are getting.

This means that I can only evaluate this product based on actual performance....and so far, it's a loser. You can see my results at: http://www.mt4i.com/users/forexgus_aaa and filter on EA magic # 369963 (http://www.mt4i.com/users/forexgus_aaa/stats?magic=369963).

2011-02-13 2 Stars
Review: ForexEASystems sells multiple products. This review is specific to "EA Sigma 4.0"

I have been running the EA on a live account for 1 week. In that week it made 1 profitable trade and captured 5 pips. This DOES not match the ForexEASystems web site which shows that they made 3 trades.

I asked support for an explanation. Their response was very quick but of little value. They suggested that I run their EA on a demo account to see if I can match their performance. Since they only offer a refund for the 1st 14 days and the EA does not trade that frequently, this is not practical.

I am going to let the EA trade for another 3 days and most likely ask for a refund.

Tennessee, USA
Mar 17, 2012

I use EA Shark every day and I am very satisfied with its performance. It makes very few but very good trades on Eur/USD. It is more expensive than other EA's but sometimes you get what you pay for.

Augsburg, Germany
Feb 8, 2012

I'm using EA Shark 6.0.8 on a FxPro-Liveaccount. I'm very satisfied with EA's performance. For example, from 10.1.2012 up to now I had 10 trades with 10 winners, no losses. I use some strict spread-settings and therefore got less trades than ForexEASystems. But the trades i had are all correlated to their trades. Perfect EA

2010-11-14 4Star I bought this EA and I'm using it at my Alpar UK, Micro Account since about 3 Weeks. I just got the same trades and result as they published at their website. I believe in Shark 6.0 and in forexeasystems, they are serious people and the help with questions and problems within hours !! Thanks, Alex