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Updated: Jan 3, 2017
2.951 · 111 REVIEWS
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FX Primus are forex brokers. FXPrimus offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile online forex trading top platforms. FXPrimus.com offers over 30 currency pairs, metals, cfds, indices, and equities for your personal investment and trading options.


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2.951 · 111 REVIEWS
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Oct 19, 2016
Registed user

Reliable Trusted Broker

Reliable Trusted Broker

I've been trading with FxPrimus for almost 2 months, spread are good, 100% is real credit bonus. withdrawal takes almost 24 hours even for profit made not just the initial capital. good customer service, fast executions.
All in all, best broker I've ever used as a trader since I start trading early 2015

Sep 15, 2016
Registed user

Weird NZDUSD data feed as of late

I am on the live3 server

I trade on m15 charts and only their NZDUSD pair updates their 15min charts some days on the 06th , 21st , 36th and 51st minute of every hour

You can literally see the off timing on the horizontal scale on the platform and in the history centre too

A broker has to give accurate feeds and timing for accurate candles

Reply by FXPRIMUS submitted Sep 26, 2016:
Hello Maruicetjw,

Please note that due to some LP outages, session times were abnormal however the issue has already been resolved. You should not face any further issues.

relizane, Algeria
Sep 3, 2016

it's really honest broker ........best chat ............fast withdrawal ............quick implementation to the position

Milan, Italy
Jun 13, 2016

I submitted a ticket support by email for Camille Murphy.
The ticket was closed without any reply.
FxPrimus continue to be unethical.

2016-05-31 1Star Yes unethical.
I'm customer and IB of FxPrimus from March 2011.
I've carried a lot of customers to FxPrimus and hundreds of new accounts were opened thanks to my work introducing FxPrimus.
One month ago I saw that withdrawal options disappeared from my customer area.
I submitted a request in order to know the reason.
After more than a week they replied that I had to refund FxPrimus of 10K of a chargeback that I did on a trading account.
I didn't any chargeback with any broker in the world, I don't have from years an active trading account with FxPrimus, so obviously was a fake accusation.
They wrote me about an account number that I never opened and about an email address not mine.
I asked to FxPrimus to let me know all details of that fake registration (if EXIST) but they refuse to let me know that registration details (documents received, IP address used to register, credit card number) in order to in order to initiate proceedings to a law court. Because in Italy the identity theft (if happened) is a crime.
But they refused to give me any info about the fake account that obtained (if it's true) the cargeback.
The chargeback happened on November 2015, and they blocked my withdrawal on May 2016, very strange behaviour.
In other words for FxPrimus I'm guilty of chargeback, but they don't want show me any data about the customer that obtained chargeback. But if for FxPrimus I'm the customer I don't know why don't let me know all details about that account.
I think only that if they admit to have accepted a fake customer they would admit that their comply office was fooled by someone.

2011-03-31 No Rating I've opened an ECN account from a month.
All is absolutely perfect.
Commission are not cheap, 10$ lot, but execution, spread, deposit, website, all is excellent.
I want note that ECN variable spread did not went at impossible values the night of 17 March, when USDJPY had big spike down (compared with others ECN brokers...).

Added by FXPRIMUS on 2016-06-10
Content: Dear Carlo Colombo,

Please note that your account and dispute was placed under careful consideration and investigation. Please contact support@fxprimus.com and ask for Camille Murphy to further discuss the events of your accounts.

Reply by FXPRIMUS submitted Jun 15, 2016:
Hi Carlo Colombo, I can confirm that your ticket was not closed and in fact was responded to with mulitple queries at your attention, to which you responded to as well. We have finalized the audit and included a copy of your KYC documents and the CC history displaying each chargeback transaction. Please refer to ticket SNJ-735-69983. Warm regards, Camille Murphy, FXPRIMUS
, Malaysia
May 17, 2016

One of the worst brokers I have traded with. I did only 4 trades with them during news and all of them had huge slippage and when I say huge, I am talking about 160 pips. Worst broker for a news trader. Wrote them a long email explaining my slippage and slow execution experience with video and proof. They emailed me back that my position was filled at the best possible price. Slippage every single time. I am happy that I started with a tiny amount with them which I took it out immediately. And their sales person before opening my account used to call me twice a week, asking me to deposit. At one point he said if i do not deposit by Friday, he will not be able to give me bonus. hahaha. This broker is a joke, worst liquidity ever when you simply experience slippage every damn time.
However, my withdrawal was completed within 3 days.

Reply by FXPRIMUS submitted May 23, 2016:
Dear Behzad Bazian Please note that slippage can and will occur during volatile market periods or news times. During volatile market periods and news times, there are times when the inter-bank becomes illiquid. This means that if you?re trying to execute a trade at specified price, and there is no bank that is willing to deal at that price, you will receive the next best possible price. This is expounded within our ORDER EXECUTION POLICY agreed to upon registration. Per managements review, we can appeal to our liquidity provider for a special arrangement in regards to your slipped trades. Please email support@fxprimus.com ( or respond to ticket SFP-436-66838) and ask for Camille Murphy to further discuss your appeal and a more favorable outcome. FXPRIMUS representative
Lahore, Pakistan
May 5, 2016

Primus Fx is very good broker. fast withdrwal short spread.and help full support. thanks primus fx.

JB, Malaysia
Mar 24, 2016

Fast Withdrawal, as promised
Good and helpful staff (support)
good spread!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mar 13, 2016

I have requested for withdrawal since 2/2/16 till now, but my withdrawal has been rejected by my bank 3 times in total. FX PRIMUS has been blacklisted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Thus my fund was rejected. On 19/2/16, FX PRIMUS advised me to withdraw back into my funding bank account. And as I did so, the fund was rejected as well. I asked for a solution as I need to withdraw the money. Fx PRIMUS gave me a solution to withdraw the fund using YuuPayout. And before I use it, I have enquired whether will FX PRIMUS name appear in the TT. And as I was told by them, it will NOT appear. But to my disappointment, the fund was rejected again due to FX PRIMUS name was mentioned in the payment details and the sender MONEYNET is also blacklisted. Every time my fund is rejected, I have to pay for the return fees and mind you, the return fees is not cheap. It is not fair for me to be bearing the return fees cost as the fund rejection is not due to my fault. It is FX PRIMUS fault for being blacklisted and I did as advised by them.

I requested for FX PRIMUS to bear the return fees cost but they have been avoiding my request. There was no answer from them regarding this. And I am asking for a solution to withdraw my money. How can I trust and continue to trade with FX PRIMUS when my money withdrawal problem cannot be solved ?

I seriously urge FX PRIMUS to take this matter seriously and solve my problem. It has been more than 1 month.

My MT4 ID : 547802

Reply by FXPRIMUS submitted Mar 24, 2016:
Hello Yap, We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused; this is the first time we have experienced any such issues regarding clients withdrawing funds using Singapore Bank and via YuuPayOut. We would like to compensate you for the Bank wire fees applied when the your bank returned the withdrawal funds. Compensation will apply to Witdrawal: reference EWW00361004, EWW00418628. You will note the total compensation credited to your MT4 547802. We note you have another withdrawal request through YuuPayout: reference EWW00447428, that has now been received, and withdrawal reference EWW00508667 was processed yesterday. You should receive this amount within 2?5 working days. With this case, the bank have more than likely picked up the fact, the client is Malaysian and due to the fact Forex is prohibited in this Country, have returned the funds back to us. We will indeed keep our Malaysian clients into consideration for future withdrawals and allow for further methods to withdraw funds. i.e e-wallets: Skrill and Neteller. We hope this completely resolves the matter. Please feel free to reach out to support@fxprimus.com with any further questions. We have also already responded to your ticket UQM-167-50708 with the above information and included more details regarding your withdrawals and compensated amount. Warm Regards, FXPRIMUS representative
somerville, USA
Feb 16, 2016

They have instant execution with deviation on platform but do not observer this at all. The execute OUTSIDE of the limits and when you ask them why they give absurd explanations that the market was not there. When you ask them why they don't reject when they cannot execute a limit order properly they give a stupid explanation that STOP orders become market orders. When I explain to them that this is not a stop order but a LIMIT order they become silent.
Bad service and they fool people with their platform.

Reply by FXPRIMUS Support submitted Feb 19, 2016:
Thank you for your feedback. If you would like to, please notify us in this forum of the ticket number in reference to your audit so that we can take a second look and post the results of the audit into this forum (excluding any information such as your MT4 ID and Full Name). In the mean time, please note that our execution policy is located in the following link: http://download.fxprimus.com/nfiles/doc/FXPCyp_Order_Execution_Policy.pdf#_ga=1.149647350.1183746032.1455625030 Orders are executed as they are elected and the execution may vary from one order to another based on a number of factors including available liquidity at price, volume and time. Therefore, orders will be filled at the best available market price. As a policy, FXPrimus offers our clients an STP trading environment where each client order is offset at a valid market price set by our multiple liquidity providers in an aggregated manner. As a provider of premier trading technologies surrounding our multiple MT4 servers, we offer our clients different pricing options such as our ECN spreads and our Variable spreads. We take pride in our industry-leading execution technologies and liquidity provider relationships that provide tight spreads and fast, reliable executions to our clients.
India, India
Feb 10, 2016

Dear All,

For my comment posted on 8th of feb 2016, FX primus have helped me to get my amount back and have done each and every possibility to help me for my issue, however they also stated that their deposit portal was down so they were not able to verify the third party deposit.

However Now everything is fine and they helped me a lot for my issue.

Thank you fxprimus.

2016-02-08 2Star I was trading with fxprimus since long time however I stopped trading with them since last october.
As their was a fraud employee of fxprimus working here in india and use to misuse clients documents when the trades were open, one day that employee when my trade was going on at mid night requested on live chat to close my positions on loss and fxprimus not asking for an email also and closed my position i tried to explain them my issue but they did not agree to me i being a client. NOT EVEN REVERSED ME THE AMOUNT NOT EVEN HELPED ME TO SOLVE THE ISSUE. I think they do not understand client issue.

The second major issue happened on 2nd february 2016.
Some body deposited from my neteller account to fxprimus, (this email id was not even registered with them) still FXprimus accepted the DEPOSIT WHICH IS THE THIRD PARTY DEPOSIT, that also without asking for an secure id and gave withdrawal to an another neteller account, how is this possible.??

My question to fxprimus is how did they accepted 3rd party deposit being and regulated broker and if accepted how can you give withdrawal to an another email id.

I asked them to co-operate with neteller as well to get the transaction reversed, the withdrawal team is not ready, so I want fxprimus to return my 2579 USD as early as possible. I will also write this to the regulations department if this is not sorted out. my previous issue is also pending however I want you to solve my current issue as early as possible. I have the print screen of my neteller account where funds have gone to fxprimus and not returned to me.

Look into this matter at the earliest.

2015-09-11 No Rating I received my funds and fx primus helped me for the same.

Thank you fx primus.

2015-09-09 3Star For Fx primus,

I would like to highlight certain problems which I am facing since last one week about the withdrawals issue, I am following up the company support and withdrawals team but I am not getting any help from them, I have sent several emails to FX primus support and withdrawl team but I only get some copy and pasted reply.

My issue is as I have funded with neteller to FX primus and and wants the withdrawal through neteller only and now company changes the rules in between for withdrawal ,in this case I only decide to stop trading with fx primus any more and request company to pay me my withdrawal VIA neteller only as my funding was with neteller and cannot take in any other method due to regulations issue in INDIA, and nore company informed clients before changing their withdrawal method.

Now I expect the company to help me in my withdrawals fast as its very late and no one is replying me properly, I was not expecting this type of service from FX primus.
my mt account no are: 916444, 919967, 919957, I want all this account withdrawals very urgently VIA neteller.

Now I expect very fast and proper reply from company to help me to get my funds.

Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2016-02-09
Dear Neena Shah,

I advise that you contact the funding department at funding@fxprimus.com for a timely resolution.

In the mean time, here are a few facts regarding your case:

1) Unfortunately your Neteller account was indeed hacked and we strongly advise that you contact Neteller ASAP to prevent any future fraudulent transactions.

2) Yes, unfortunately the transaction, in reference, was a 3rd party transaction due the fact that Neteller's Merchant portal was down and unavailable for several days. Therefore the sending Neteller account could not be verified.

3) We have attempted to send funds back to your Neteller account however your Neteller account is currently frozen (put on hold) by Neteller due to the investigation. Therefore, no funds can go in or out of your Neteller account. Please contact Neteller and have them unfreeze the account; we can then return the funds to your Neteller account.

4) Neteller did not contact us regarding this client. We initiated contact with Neteller and they were not able to assist.

Again, please contact funding@fxprimus.com for further details; we will be happy to assist you further in conjunction with Neteller's co-operation. Please reach out to Neteller to also assist us in assisting you.