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Updated: Aug 1, 2017
4.245 · 35 REVIEWS
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September 12, 2012:  Website is down.  Company is out of business.


Performance tests

StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
DAMORE EA-0.153-0.453
EAgle EA-0.4413.6-5.861
Pure Managed Fx+7.156.1+52.355
Prime Eagle Funds Elite Signals+0.3117.2+5.499
Pure FX Signals+5.065.8+33.148
Prime Eagle Funds Managed Account-19.0928.4-99.756

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PrimeEagleFunds.com profile provided by Prime Eagle Funds, May 29, 2012

Prime Eagle Funds provides accurate automated elite Forex signals, Professional Managed Forex accounts, Gap trading EA and Live trading room services for all News trading trading traders and scalpers our services a best suited for all traders, investors and Fund managers. We also provide 1-1 Forex coaching and mentored programs


Our Goal is to be the the number one Forex service in the world and ensuring our family of clients are growing with us.


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4.245 · 35 REVIEWS
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National City, USA
Oct 2, 2012

It just really disturbing reading the denials on Stavro's part on this review section and the other blog on this site as well. Lest anyone think PrimeEagle was ever a good system for any length of time, all the while Stavro WAS a part of it OR when he claimed to leave to be a "consultant" as if anyone believes this, a brief history is discussed here:


As said, beware Stavro as he tried many times to "give it a go" as they say and not one system worked past a few months and I question how he ever was at one time a respected "consultant" of FPA.

Again, it is particularly disturbing reading his denials despite all the history regarding his failed run at this endeavor but all too happy to collect his monthly fee the entire time.

It would have been far better if he would just admit is extreme failings and apologize and leave it at that but he simply refuses to do so and that is what is particularly disappointing and disturbing despite the proven history.

Cranleigh, United Kingdom
Sep 17, 2012

Allright Stavro you are saying you haven't been at PEF for close to 3 months (just a note: some days ago you said 2 months...) and sold it 5 months ago. What is this post then: "We have been extremely busy. We are monitoring the markets, we are confident that our open positions will be turned around." You posted it on the 28th of July, a bit more than 1.5 months ago on the forum, anyone can check it. I do NOT believe you, it is clear that there is some confusion in your story but let's just say I do. In that case instead of promising things and writing bulls*** would it not have been more correct to write down in a mass email and on the forum: "Sorry guys, I am planning to sell the business, it is going to happen on this and this date, the new owner is this and that, I just wanted to inform you as we are managing your savings and it seems to be correct to me that way."
You didn't do that. In fact, it is not surprising because clearly you did not sell anything...
I agree with Todd, whoever he is that the real problem is that you are fighting back instead of feeling ashamed. If you wrote down "Sorry guys, I f***ed up because I have nothing to do with the markets and I was just lying to you." we'd be still frustrated but not this "amazed" of your audacity.
Now you will say again that you are not here to argue. I'm sure you are not. It is hard to argue with this. In fact, you never answered with facts. Always promises, mysterious tales about the future, and, after each failure of yours, excuses came from you.
We should have known it earlier... :((

, Australia
Sep 15, 2012

The funny thing that you Todd know a lot about me but really don't no much and your not even a PEF client?? Also is this the only post you have posted on at FPA... Well done champ keep up the good work

, Australia
Sep 15, 2012

Todd, Read the POST!! i said I haven't been there for close to 3 months and SOLD The business 5 Months ago to new owners!!!

Stop trash talking... that all you have done I don't know from what hole you came from...and you have no right to finger point at me and no its not a lie because 90% of clients knew this information! Its not new! I will not take insults from you or anyone trying to finger point on me or have someone to blame when clearly I was not there!! I will not bother to waist me time with you or anyone who tries to finger point out of frustration.

National City, USA
Sep 14, 2012

Obviously could see this coming. What makes matters even worse, is to have Stavro post here and lie about not being a part of PrimeEagle for 5 months.

Best to stay clear of this guy as he has clearly shown many times over of failed trading systems and strategies, with the latest crashing and burning like all the others, and now him lying about his involvement, that he is nothing but another scammer in the business and obviously FPA stopped their involvement with him some time ago for a reason. This is not unlike my earlier posted observations and unfortunately, my intution of where this would end up, as it did.

He should be ashamed of himself and apologizing for his ineptitude, but instead, he is in denial. This makes him even more dangerous as he will not doubt resurface soon with another scam as he feels no remorse for doing what he has done over and over again.

Cranleigh, United Kingdom
Sep 13, 2012

Stavro has sent me an email but I can see he pasted it in here as well. He says he sold the business 5 months ago and he's not been there for about 3.
On the forum he posted comments in the name of PEF on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 12th, 16th, 17th, 19th, 23rd, and 28th of July. And there is much more from the last 3 or 5 months or whatever.
When is he lzing? Now, or those dates, when he wrote those comments...? Or both...? This scammer should be in prison. Or I say better: in the middle of the crowd of his clients... :/

2012-09-12 2StarThey finally have lost everything on my account. Everything in some months. They kept promising things continuously and I wanted to believe them so I stayed. For example, last week they promised me a brand new, marvellous, holy grail strategy which would be activated in some weeks (and I can prove it as I saved all their emails) and just right after that they lost everything on my account. I`ve sent them a mail. The reply is this: "We are terribly sorry for your loss, We really are.
Please manage your positions at this stage. (WHAT STAGE?!)
Market has gone against us and we decided to cancel all the subscriptions and will no longer be providing signals as we are terminating our business.
Thanks for your support."
So the good thing is that they are sorry. They really are. But now, thanks, they just guit like nothing happened.
I`m just telling you one thing: whenever and wherever you see the name STAVRO D`AMORE - RUN. Run from there as fast as you can.
And I will spread this everywhere I can.

2012-05-03 5 Stars 2012-05-03 02:42
Review: I have to update my previous review. It turned out that the 8 opened trades were partly my broker's fault and mine because I did not know I shouldn't have attached their copier to six charts (I did not know that and how would I have known - earlier I was working with robots and you have to attach your robots to every single chart you want to trade on).
So misunderstandings cleared, their support was very kind but what is more important: helpful and professional. They offered me to help recovering my losses and getting my money back which is very kind because my losses weren't their fault and they are not guilty in it.
If there is one thing I should warn you guys: always keep a tight contact with them. There are some details which were not clear to me for the first time and might not clear to others so ask- and they will reply happily.
For these reasons I give them a five for now and if they manage to trade my money back - what, I say again, is not their duty, only a favour from them - I'll give them an other five.

2012-04-29 3 Stars It was good so far but their strategy is extremely dangerous if you don't have at least more than a half amount of money on your account as they have. On my 7500 GBP account it is -4771 pounds now thanks to their 8(!) opened short positions on GBPUSD and I think I'll have to close all of them with that deficit tonight when the market opens. :((( About 3000 pounds is enough for re-start and better than nothing.
Overall, they are a bit too self-confident and when thinking about joining consider the measure of your account because they won't - as they are trading with their...
The biggest fail of my trading life... :((

, Canada
Sep 12, 2012

They lost all of my money. That's my review.

, Australia
Sep 12, 2012

HI all,

I no longer work at Prime Eagle Funds I haven't been there for 3 months now and sold the business about 5 Months ago when the pure Fx signals started.

I sold my stake in the business a while ago, as it was too much for me and I went into separate venture away from forex signals.

I was only notified yesterday that the new owners where closing the business and revamping to a more conservative signal.

I think the company is going through a restructure and this is why they terminating these signals.

If this was me i would not have been so blunt and let you dangle like that. I cherished every client like there where my own family when I was there.

I sent this email to many however should any one need to contact me I can be contact on stavro.damore@hotmail.co.uk



National City, USA
Aug 13, 2012

I am responding to the rebuttal. I am not sure what is being rebuttaled however as I did not make any false statements. I never said I was a client. I came here to express my opinion based on results I have seen both here on FPA and the primeeaglefunds website just as you stated.

These are my observations of details available to anyone. I thank FPA for allowing me to express my opinion. I stand by it. I realize PrimeEagle is still trying to get things figured out by trying many strategies over time and that is what I was trying to express here. I am sure it was understood by all who it was intended. Thank you

National City, USA
Aug 8, 2012

Today is 2 days later. DD is 56% on their account on their site.

Equity is down over 14%

Again, seem like nice people. The lead trader, Stavro, used to be active with FPA but I expect credibility has been lacking with performance so that is why no longer perhaps. Just an observation.

I don't think Prime Eagle is ready for "Prime Time". They need time to establish a system that works, not experimenting on your dime like 98% of systems out there. Again, my opinion only. Be careful

2012-08-06 No Rating I have been watching this company for some time now and I have seen them start and stop and start and stop several times over with several different systems now and they have all eventually crashed and burned. I mean, you can see it on the live tests here and on their own site so it is not like it is some sort of revelation. Now, this LATEST one, you can see it is down around 7% after 2 months with some pretty substantial drawdowns along the way. I don't doubt they are trying their best and want to try to have good customer service etc but as far as being a "proven" signal provider, I must admit, I am a little surprised at all the positive reviews on here. Seems a little odd to me that's all

Reply by Client Services submitted Aug 12, 2012:
1)Todd, You are not our client we have no clients named Todd, and you have commented 2 times?.. seems like you are either a competitor or simply a very concerned person either way we are not fazed by barking dogs, or you could be sent from an unethical competitor we are currently dealing with. Our live results can be located on FPA test and also on our website www.primeeaglefunds.com we are a signal company, if people want to be millionaires overnight you come to the wrong provider we go for long term gain so far we are up. 2)AND Stavro is still a special consultant for FPA, Stavro is a consultant to Prime Eagle Funds and many other large companies he is independent adn has no relation with none of these companies, He stoped writing signals as he is preparing an educational section in replacement for news signals, a matter of fact his NEWS signals were excellent and are much missed by the masses in the forums