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FxProSignalAlert.com Review

Updated: Feb 8, 2015
2.458 · 5 REVIEWS
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Website is down.  Company seems to be out of business.


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Fx Pro Signal Alert-2.2161.9-124.982

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2.458 · 5 REVIEWS
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Ahmadi, Kuwait
Apr 25, 2012


Very Bad Experience with http://fxprosignalalert.com, Thier software work with some specific brokers. They will not refund your money they will tell they would not.


Oct 3, 2011

It looks like they are trying to sell the website...


Sep 8, 2011

Hello people,

I would just like to share my experience with fx pro signal alert, they are an total scam artists i gave them my account of 10k to manage and they almost have blown my account, so i decided to exit all orders and take what ever equity, i have left, which is not much, to convince me they started in the demo account and they were showing positive results, ad when they started my live account they could not recoup my losses, i had 5 margin calls, and even then they keep assuring me they will be able to recover my funds, what a load off rubbish, after i was down 8K they said they were sorry as this never had happened before what bunch of lies, i would advise anyone who is thinking about letting them manage their account please be aware, as i would not like to see you to loose your hard earned cash through these scam artists, they should be banned for misleading innocent people, i think there results they post on their website is all bunch of lies,
if they are so good, why do not they give you an guarantee that if they blow your account they will refund you the money which they have lost which i don't think they will agree to this, so once again please be aware of these scam artisit

London UK
Jan 18, 2011


After the negative reviews and comments of myself and f-man / George, FxproSignalAlert have changed their system and from now on they will send an update on every signal. They did appear to be scammers but obviously they are not.

I gave them 4 stars because there is still room for improvement i.e. by the time the signals are received the price is either too close to Entry point or is already running. If they sort out this issue - it is an issue for me - I'll give them 5 stars.

2011-01-05 1star This is the biggest scam of signal alert service I have ever used and you can say from my posts that I have used quite a few. They recommend 15 - 20pips initial tp and 40 - 50pips maximum tp but they record anything from +3pips to 39 pips. Even if the price turns around before it hits the tp and hits the sl they would still record profit!! That's why they show such an amazing performance, which of course it is, a scam. And just in case you wonder, NO they don't send signals to exit prematurely.

One last thing: They claim to be regarded as the top signal service in the world! The question is: Regarded by whom?? Websites, which they pay to say so??

Keep away from those scam artists at all costs.

Jan 11, 2011

I don't agree with you Black bird. How can you say a company that don't even accept +14 pips movement a scam and they use 30 pips stop loss.I know of some signal providers that records even 1 pip movement as a result on their website and this ppl use 30 pips sl yet they don't records even less than 15 pips as a results on their website since June, 2010. Don't be bias.

Jan 7, 2011

Well, I have been using fxprosignal for the past two months and so far i am satisfied with their services, only had a couple of losses in December, but so far i they are doing great, i received their alerts on my mobile phone , email and through the member area of their website.

South Europe
Jan 6, 2011

After 1 month of trying this service, I can not recommend it and I have stopped using it.
They are showing great solid results on their website, but you as their customer can never achieve them. They give you the following instructions:

1. Once a signal is +15 pips, move your SL to BE
2. TP is usually at + 40 pips.

If the trade moves +20 pips and you have moved your SL to BE and the market turns against you, your trade is killed and your result is zero. If the trade turns again immidiately and goes in profit, then they will show + 50, but your result is 0!!!

In general they calculate the highest result that a signal hat achieved, before going back to BE.

Of course there are some of their signals that really achieve +40 pips (Not +50 as they show), but you will never have such an amount of pips as they report at the end of each month.