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Updated: Mar 16, 2018
3.865 · 297 REVIEWS
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HonestForexSignals.com (Ken Dempsey, Robbie Newton)

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3.865 · 297 REVIEWS
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Indianapolis, USA,
Feb 11, 2017,

This service averages about 400-600 pips a month. Some months closer to 1000. VERY good though an FX service sine the market vol did slow down a couple years ago. I hope they stick around as it seems every US FX company is going away!
Washington, USA,
Nov 23, 2016,

The device delivers a reliable 30-50 Pips most trying days. I am a trade myself but use this service because it hedges my trades and diversifies my risk around. Their claims are true of real live Customer Support and 5 years in the business. Not many companies in Forex can say that so it justifies the $177 bucks a month.
Manila, Philippines,
Nov 22, 2016,
Registered user

The HFS service has been very good to my account because of the risk management settings used by Mr Robbie, the trader.
The average winning month = +500-700 pips.
Mostly medium sized intra day trades.
Average win is about 30-50 pips.
Average loss is about 20-40 pips.
Trades usually closed within 24 hour.
Custom support is very responsive.
No chat support. Only phone.
Overall very good service ran by honest people.
Spring Texas, USA,
Oct 14, 2016,

Good signals, amazing customer support as well.

These Signals are about 82% accurate by my calculation. They have been very impressive. You have to take all the trades though. Robbie limits most losses to about 30-50 pips and wins are about 40-80 on average. Overall +3,016 pips in 5 months. Not complaining. Strong service! I do recommend them.
Bucharest, Romania,
Sep 23, 2016,

Great signal service, very easy to use, and flexible with all MT4 brokers.
I have been up 200-800 pips over the course of 7 months trading the Honest Fx signals.
I am a fan of this service. Recommended.
Columbus, Ohio, USA,
Sep 21, 2016,
Registered user

No recomendation for using this service... Actual results do not come near what they project on their web sit...

After 1 1/2 months of testing their service I had a total of +13 pips... I have the trading account results to prove it... Not sure where the people are coming from that said they got 400 pips in July but these are the results I got... Appeared that Robbie is attempting to scalp retracements and will never get those kind of pips with that strategy... If they attempt to discredit my review because of my email being different I live in Columbus Ohio and use two emails...

Sep 15, 2016 - 2 Stars I am going to give an HONEST review of Honest Forex Signals... I signed up the last week of July 2016 through Click Bank which gave me a 60 day window to test their signals... The first two days there were +65 pips positive and going into August it reached a high of +104 pips.. After that there was a steady decline of negative trades... On the 23rd of August I got renewed at $177 for the second month so I had until Sept 22 to cancel if I was not satisfied... Two days after the renewal I got a message that I was unsubscribed for lack of payment and after sending an email to Ken they corrected that... However, the steady decline continued.. Some of the gains were as little as +3 pips with -20 and -40 pip losses... Using my MT4 charts it appeared that their "professional trader Robbie" was simply trading retracements attempting to pick up a small number of pips... I emailed and asked about this but got no response to my email... Mid way through August I started getting marketing emails from them to sign up for webinars presented by other companies for Forex training... I thought this kind of strange and sent an email suggesting that "Robbie" might want to sit in on some of these webinars but obviously go no reply... I actually had been conversing with one of the companies (MTI) and actually bought a package from them directly since I was in touch with them prior to the HFS email... August came and went with more negative results... In the first week of Sept. I got another disconnect from them because I had not renewed which I was paid until 9/22.... By this time I had made a trip to Orlando to attend a training session... Because of the trip I did not leave the HFS ea running but got one other negative trade emailed on 9/5/2016... Although I did not have the ea running I archived the emails so I am attaching a pdf of the closed positions so you can see that I am being HONEST... I am attempting to get a record from my broker to make sure of my accuracy and will post that on a follow up....Bottom line is from 6/27/2016 until 9/5/2016 I collected a net of approximately +13.9 pips which is certainly not near the +700 pips a month that they claim to deliver... If my Robbie is attempting to trade retracements there is no way he can get those type of results from it....I have discontinued the HFS ea and contacted Click Bank to request and received a refund for the two $177 payments made...
Sep 11, 2016,
Registered user

poor service, no return to my mails, almost called them every day with their 3 different numbers given in contact info but nobody responses the phones, almost impossible to contact with them. promises and actual trade results seems incompatible. they are very far away from professionalism. can not recommend that service at all
Murray UT, USA,
Sep 10, 2016,

The signals here are what they say they are and I am surprised more people arent happy with 400-700 pips a month. I have been profitable on my FX account for many years because I only trade the news and now with HFS I have been profitable on intradaytrades making 50-70 pips a day consistently, easily and I love it.
Good software, good support, overall good experience. Current member and happy. Thank you team.
Vienna, Austria,
Sep 9, 2016,
Registered user

Last results, not very good!

I know that trading in Summer can be fickle but I'm wondering if it's still Robbie who is trading because since i've joined at the end of july, i've noticed too many bad trades. I don't want to draw too fast conclusion so i keep watching.
United Kingdom,
Sep 8, 2016,

I dont see how this service can make the 500 pips plus each month that it says.

I'm still a member of HFS but not for much longer.

A terrible july and august have seen losing trades deleted from both the master and slave accounts.Also i have tried to post several times on here with no luck which says to me maybe Honest forex signals are not so honest.

One trade so far in september which was also a loss and again it has been deleted from any of the logs.

Sep 6, 2016 - 2 Stars So a terrible August for HFS we will see how September goes This is the 3rd time I have tried to leave a review hopefully this one doesn't go missing.I will say I have not seen evidence of them changing results in the master account trading log.

Sep 1, 2016 - 3 Stars Ok so August was not a good month for HFS , but I have seen no evidence of them deleting bad results in the member area, I will continue with them for a while see how they go.

Aug 15, 2016 - 3 Stars I started with HFS at the end of July, I know summer trading is tricky for making money so will not post a full review yet. I have given 3 stars so far because of how easy it was to get started with the trade copier also even though it is the middle of the holiday period i'm still in a little profit. So at the moment i'm very happy and hope to see better results as we move out of the holidays