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Updated: Jul 7, 2017
2.733 · 21 REVIEWS
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January 2016:  A series of recent articles in the Israeli press indicate that Aviv Talmor is under investigation for operating a Ponzi scheme.  Companies believed to be associated with him include SkyFx, Capital Option, FXTG, One Binary, Algo Plus, Plus FN, and Algo Banque.  CLICK HERE and start reading at post #103 for more information.


Website is down.  Company appears to be out of business.

FXTG is a forex broker. FXTG offers the MT4 fx trading top platform. FXTG.com offers over 40 currency pairs, and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.


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2.733 · 21 REVIEWS
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, United Kingdom
Jun 22, 2016

Can anyone advise if there is any chance of recovering funds From FXTG I have deposited a substantial amount & was advised it would be withdrawn in January which then never was returned then advised they were bankrupt a broker advised they could assist for a fee now I am unable to make contact with them after they contacted me to advise it was approved? Any help would be appreciated? Can regulator ASIC assist in this matter?

Review Moderation Team Note: We suggest you open a thread in the Scam Alerts folder of the FPA's forums.

, Australia
Apr 11, 2016

FXTG are shonks. They have disappeared with our money and ASIC are not interested. How do they get away with such blatant unlawful gain.

grafton, Australia
Mar 28, 2016

their website doesnt even exist anymore it has disappeared into thin air .My managers name was Daniel Kirby .Starting to doubt if i`ll ever see my money again.They claimed that client money is held in segragated accounts at commonwealth Bank and ANZ .I`ll will start ringing around the government authorities tomorrow to see what can be done ,WIsh me luck.I think I`ll need it.I have over 9000 USD to retrieve.Those Bastards just when I started doing really well.

Sydney, Australia
Mar 7, 2016

This is my response to FXTG:


I wonder if you can help me.

I opened an account with FXTG via Plus Financials. I put in $250. as I had an existing account with FXTG with a remainder of $16, I asked for the transfer.

The guy from Plus Financials -James Klein- stopped answering emails after a while.

I tried to withdraw funds but FXTG customer support was unable to guide me through FTXG website to action the withdrawal.

Now I cannot access the account not even to trade it myself. Why? My account number is XXXXXX.

I dispute you had no knowledge of the issue for two reasons:

1. It as possible for you to transfer funds for one account to the other.
2. When I lost contact with James Klein I called FXTG support and they confirmed FXTG had -then- a relationship with Plus Financials. In fact, I could leave a message for James Klein with FXTG and he called me back.

So, could you please action my withdrawal request or allow me to trade the account. Thank you.

I will open a review in www.forexpeacearmy.com. I am happy to give an honest account of my dealings with FXTG, either negative or positive.


Marcelo Jaraba

I will keep you posted of new developments.

2016-03-07 2Star I received the following email from FXTG. I dispute its veracity. More details in my next review.

Important Announcement

We are aware and have been informed of overseas companies such as Plus Financial, Forex Prime and few other Binary companies contacting you regarding your FXTG Australia trading account.
They will try to provide you with advice and misleading/false trading information that is unrealistic.
We would like to also bring to your attention that these individuals and companies are unregulated and are NOT authorised or permitted to contact you.
We have also been informed that they have even contacted our clients asking them to deposit with them so they can get your money back and all types of excuses.
If you have made any credit Card deposit we ask you to do a charge back with your bank, if you need assistance please contact us below for guidance.

1. If they contact you please refrain from talking to them.
2. They are un-licensed and NOT regulated and are not correctly Qualified to talk to you
3. They use fake names such as John Klein, or Sean Bloomberg and other that we are aware of.
4. They are NOT associated with FXTG nor do we know them we ask you to be aware.
5. Normally call outside of Australian business times 9:00 am 5:30 pm
6. Will use hard sales tactics to make you deposit with them with wild promises of high returns that are unrealistic and too good to be true.

Previous Media Release can be found here: http://berndalecapital.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=ba779de83c1455e0a16e442d5&id=d97f991883&e=d8be9df27c

We are fully aware of their intentions and they have been reported to local and overseas authorities and they are investigating the matter.

They will call with Overseas numbers, and Skype numbers, they will attempt to login and make deposits from your account, they will also provide you with false trading accounts. However we have recently been informed that they also been calling from Australian numbers as well.

Once again please refrain from discussing your accounts and personal information with anyone.
We also ask if you are in contact to STOP and to contact us immediately
support@fxtgaustralia.com or on
(03) 9653 9576

Do Not listen or abide by anything they say as it will require financial payment and cost that you will not have a return on.
Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Forex TG Support Team

FXTG Trading Account

Our mailing address is:
Forex TG Pty Ltd
Level 10, 379 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

melbourne, Australia
Feb 18, 2016

i deposit and after one month my account bounce to zero
no phone and email is answered i went to the physical building it does not exist ,
my account manager says they have fallen
i dont know whether i have been scammed or the company have fallen

but becareful when choosing brokers

NSW, Australia
Feb 3, 2016

The Brokers at Plus Financials are more interested in their commissions than trading safely or within peoples means. I deposited my money with one of their brokers, FXTG. Robert is extremely manipulative in co-ercing more and more money out of you and talking you out of safety procedure or capital preservation techniques. Incredibly unethical, unprofessional and even when addressed dismisses your valid concerns.

Mandurah, Australia
Nov 5, 2015

You should not deal with FXTG they are not a reputable company almost impossible to contact as their phones are no longer connected and their emails are never answered that is if they are even delivered they usually bounce back and undeliverable and the brokers that use FXTG are scammers from overseas.

Melbourne, Australia
Oct 20, 2015

Very hard to contact them as phones seem to be dead!Will be going to the registered office to check.

Australia, Australia
Sep 28, 2015

I have submitted request with fxtg but they haven't processed my request. i have tried calling all company phone no but it hangs up automatically. send few emails but no reply and some of them failed to deliver on company emails.This Company is Scam please do not invest in this company. i have filed case with now Fos to recover my money.

, Singapore
Aug 27, 2015

Got back my withdrawal. Really frustrated with the withdrawal system. However, Stavro is still a man of his words.

2015-08-24 4Star My withdrawal is being processed. Hope that I would get the money back into my bank account soon.

2015-08-21 2 Stars Hi, I have been trying to withdraw my money from FXTG since March 2015. I have called and emailed their customer support as well as my account manager. I even called the CEO of FXTG, Stavro d'amore regarding the withdrawal. Despite doing so, I still did not get my money back. I do not know how many times more I have to email and call FXTG. It all seems futile. Is there anyone in FPA that can help me with this issue